Jul. 4th, 2017

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Again, we had a lovely day. In the morning, we saw some sights, during which my szandált died on me. Fortunately, this is a country where the shoe industry takes people with swollen feet under consideration, so I actually found some lovely new ones on sale.

Around mid-day, we returned to the hotel, ate some soup and slept about three hours. After that, we went back to the shops, trying - and failing - to find little presents for Mum's oldest friend, had coffee in a street café and made an epic bus tour. Not quite as long as the one we made with [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000 in Hamburg a few years ago, but it was a lot faster, with the bus going up and down steep, crooked little streets at a suicidal speed, so it was quite adventurous.

I took some photos, but I need to upload them to my laptop first, as it used my camera instead the tablet, so you'll have to wait for them a little longer.


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