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As compared with the usual, incredibly busy weeks that I have as a rule. Ever since we've returned from St.Pölten, I haven't managed to catch my breath. There was always something to turn my carefully laid plans upside down. *sigh*

The main events were the meeting of retired colleagues on Wednesday (our school holds such a meeting every year), the rest of the Easter baking, some headway with the baby journal, the realization that I'll have to go to the retirement office again (some more documents needed to be handed in - why the official places can't do this between them I fail to understand) and another guy taking a look at the flat for the possible paint job.

Still, I managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of writing time, posted the next chapter of "Kansas 2" to AO3 and indulged in some narcissism by re-reading old stories of mine. What can I say? I still enjoy them, even though I seem to be in the minority.

Anyway, here are some photos from the baby journal headway. I'll take one of the new biscuits when they're properly draped over a pretty tray. *g*

More behind the tag )

These pages aren't very original, I just combined various sorts of scrapbook, origami and designer paper to make them look pretty. My creativity is pretty much down the drain at the moment.
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] sallymn

Soledad's Dewey Decimal Section:

497 North American native languages

Soledad = 9525414 = 952+541+4 = 1497

400 Language

Linguistics and language books.

What it says about you:
You value communication, even with people who are different from you. You like trying new things don't mind being exposed to unfamiliar territory. You get bored with routines that never change.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at Spacefem.com

They offer you three possibilities, but the first was the one most fitting. Not completely, though, but still - languages and books? For the win!
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I've made two double pages, based on a hilarious card I saw in St. Pölten.

Number One, where the parents are congratulated to owning "Baby" now:

Number Two, where the parameters of "Baby" are given:

The text is absolutely hilarious but I can't even try to translate into English. Basically it describes the "working" of a baby in computer terms. H, my cousin's wife and herself a mother of two and soon the grandmother of two, says it's deadly accurate. *g*
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Das große Frühjahrsputz aka big Spring cleaning is done and survived. Our cleaning ladies came today for the last time, and the whole thing lasted unreasonably long. Of course, the cleaning of windows was included, and they aren't getting any younger, either, but seven hours truly are beyond reason, IMO. Especially as we can't do anything while they are at it because they manage to be in every single room at the same time and besides, we had to put everything on top of the tables and cupboards and my desk and so on, so that they could finish in those mere seven hours.
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My story, Sleeping Dragons 00 - The Unexpected Rise of Director Jones has been translated into Russian by Igrain. I am very proud! So far, the only work of me ever translated into another language had been Of Elflings and Mice, a short two-chapter story of 4590 words altogether, which Cuthalion translated into German several Ages ago.

"Director Jones" is a monstrosity of 20 chapters! I'm very honoured that someone found it good enough to make the enormous effort and made it available for the Russian Torchwood fandom.
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And I promised you a few photos, haven't I? I didn't take many, as we've been to this town several times by now, just a little bit of Easter feeling here:

The shop window of Vom Fass an oil, vinegar and spirits' shop:

Easter egg and bunny-shaped eggnog bottles inside the shop:

There actually were bottles that were really shaped like bunnies, but I couldn't get a good angle on those.

And this is our spread from the trip:

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Off to Austria for the day; it is Mum's early Easter present. Wish us a safe trip.

Update: we had a wonderful day indeed, admiring the Easter decoration and all the chocolate bunnies and stuff. Pictures later, I promise. We bought a few sweets as gifts for friends and family, and I got two fine cotton undershirts from Mum as my Easter present. Palmers underwear is not cheap, but they are just about the best quality, and they were on sale, so we got them 20 per cent cheaper, so it was cool.

In the end, we got home only half an hour later than originally expected, and we are happy to be back.
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Now, this was an insane project: making a box - or, in this case an Easter basket - out of postcards. I wanted to try it for Christmas already, but I had too many other projects running then, with the charity fair and all. So I decided to take a break from the baby journal and other stuff and gave it a try.

The results-3 different angles for your viewing pleasure )

I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, but it was really hard work. First, you have to cut out all 6 panels and the bottom - twice. Then you have to glue two pieces together, so that it would have pictures on both sides. Then you have to punch the stitching holes individually because the double postcard panels are simply too hard to drive a needle through them. (That is the worst part. My fingertips still haven't recovered. If I were into crime, I should go and rob a bank, now; I'm sure my fingerprints are totally unrecognizable.) Then you have to sew around each piece with blanket stitch. And finally, you have to link the sides and pull them tight.

It took me the whole Sunday to make it, and that only because I'm practiced with both stitching and paper work. It is pretty, but I doubt I'd ever make another one. It's too exhausting.
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My student cancelled today's lesson because she caught a cold, so I thought I'd use the unexpected free time and gave my coconut lambs a try. This is another recipe I've made countless times, but after last time I wasn't so sure about anything anymore.

Fortunately, this time was a better one:

The lambets are cute; my only regret was that both my red and pink icing has dried into the tube beyond help, so I had to give them brown mouths. Ah, well, let's assume they had cocoa for breakfast. *g*
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... but honestly, I don't care. I'm relieved that I've brought up the willpower to start the dratted Easter baking at all.

Black sheep this year because I had some cocoa icing left and wanted to use it up:

And the totally screwed-up Nutella bunnies with royal flair.

They are shapeless, uneven and for some reason blowed up in the oven. It never happened before. I can't help it. At least they are extremely delicious. We'll just have to eat them all ourselves, instead of giving them away.
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I've posted them early, in the hope that they will arrive in time. Please, drop me a line when they do, just so that I know they didn't get lost.
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Originally, I wanted to use the cardboard from my gift box set for the baby journal. But the size just didn't fit; it would have been too much fiddling, with no guarantee that it would actually work. So I decided to make the journal cover from a cereal box, as before, and make of the remaining pre-cut cardboard sheet the two larger gift boxes as they were supposed to be used.

Here is the result:

The sides of the blue box are decorated with self-adhesive acrylic stones that I once bought for no other reason than that they were relatively cheap. I used some of them for the Japanese paper dolls, and now most of what was left for the box.

There will be pictures of the insides of all five boxes, once I've filled them with paper grass and cotton wool, respectively, and put the homemade little marzipan, coconut and nougat eggs in them. The inner sides of the lids are decorated, too, so I'll make sure that they'll be visible then.
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I wasn't really planning to make another one, but we had tomato soup at the beginning of the week and the can the peeled and chopped Italian tomatoes came in was so pretty that I didn't have the heart to throw it out. I'm recycling these cans in ungodly numbers, it seems.

Anyway, I thought it wood look well to try something in shades of purple. Well, save for the corrugated paper and the lace, that is, but too much purple would have been... errr too much?

Fortunately, I've got dozens of ex-colleagues whom I like a lot, so for a while I'll find a nice place for my pencil holders to go. *g*
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I've finished the double page with the waterfall card - well, the other side of it, that is. I'm quite pleased with the results. On the left: the original picture. On the right: the doctored one. *g*

I also tried a new recipe from my trusted book "Backvergnügen wie noch nie". It is a Mokka cake, with hazelnuts, coffee, chocolate chunks and cinnamon - very yummy.

Recipe behind the tag for those who understand German )

I've also uploaded it to my Pinterest board "Kuchenrezepte" under "Torten".

Oh, and I went to choir practice, too, so it was an active day.
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I've created a new double page. This is what it looks with a translucent flip closed:

And when it's opened. I had to pin it back, so that the actual page become visible. The glitter doesn't look as good as I hoped it would, but, well, that's how it turned out:

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I got a Gift Box Craft Set by crelando from my goddaughter and her mother as a (very) belated Christmas present. According to the cover, it is High quality craft material for 2 large and 3 small boxes, with appliqués for crative decorating and contents 5 pre-cut sheets of cardboard, 1 sheet of cardboard with decorative pattern, 5 m string and 1 sheet of adhesive pads. All the other decorations are from my own stock.

As a rule, I don't work with such pre-cut stuff as you probably know. I prefer to make my boxes myself. But since it was a gift, and since the smaller boxes are really small (7cmx11xm), so that I can't really use the nice, sturdy cardboard for anything else, I gave it a try. The results can be viewed below:

And a different angle:

I still haven't given up on the two larger boxes; I need some sturdy cardboard for the baby journal, perhaps they'll be large enough to serve as filling material. We'll see.

I also tried to reconstruct one of Grandma's old recipes, one called Kleingehacktes. It was basically minced meet with some sort of garlic sauce but neither Mum nor I know how exactly it was made. My version was a little different, but we still found it yummy enough, and at least it was something different. It's so hard to come up with things to cook; we usually end up making the same dishes over and over again.
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I had to block another idiot on FF.Net. They started reading my very AU "Enterprise" story and picking out nonexistent mistakes and things they disagreed with in every chapter. I answered them twice, in a fairly civil manner, then decided not to put up with their shit any longer.

I have zero interest in what they would have done in my place. They have no stories whatsoever posted and are clearly mostls interested in Harry Potter - with very strong opinions about what should and what shouldn't happen in Potterfic. Without having written anything so far, obviously. I suggested them that they should perhaps write their own story, for their full satisfaction.

I wish one could delete signed reviews on FF.Net, too. I'm sick and tired of people who only read to have something to complain about.
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Because I could use a few right now. I'm hesitating between actual baking (save for a few biscuits for ourselves) and making little candy eggs, which I then can pack in decorative paper boxes and give away as gifts.

The ones I found online usually demand ingredients like marshmallow cream or peanut butter, which I can't get here, and give the measures in the American system without adding the equivalents in grams, etc. Now I do have a sheet the help of which I can calculate the measures, but it's just too much bother. So, if anyone could point me in the direction of recipes an European baker could follow without applying higher mathematics, I'd be extremely grateful.

If nothing else helps, I'll simply use the Christmas candy recipes for my little eggs, but I'd like to give something new a try.

Thanks in advance, folks!
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In case you haven't had enough yet. *g* Two more double pages finished, many more to come yet, I'm afraid.

This one is called "Little Sunshine":

And this is a related one, called "The Sweetest Smile":
(I'm running out of lines, honestly...)

This time even the photos turned out acceptable enough, so I'm well content. As always, you can click on them to enlarge and see all the little details.

I also wrote several pages for the 2nd chapter of "The Legend Continues"; this was a good day.
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] gevr!

I hope you had a wonderful day, with good friends, good food and in the circle of your loving family. Many happy returnings!


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