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Birthdate:Oct 9
Website:My AO3 page
I am a soon-to-be retired school teacher whose hobbies include reading, writing, crafts, cooking and baking.

I write fanfic and original fantasy and science fiction stories, mostly. As I don't have the necessary web skills to manage my own website(s), new stuff goes to LJ communities first. My fandom-related science fiction stories are posted to otherworlds_lib. My original writing as well as my fantasy and horror stories are posted to hiddenrealms. Some of my Tolkien fanfic is posted to edhellondawards, which is also the place of the great Tolkien Quiz Game.

Note: in the light of the current problems with LJ and Blogline, I want to state that I hold every unpermitted publishing of my material as a copyright infringement.

You're also welcome to visit telekis_vendiak, my fanfic recommendation site. You can find story recs to many different fandoms there, from action to fantasy and from horror to science fiction. New fandoms are being added as I go.

Interests (131):

13th warrior, alien nation, ancient egypt, ancient history, ancient mesopotamia, andrahar, andromeda, angel, arthur/merlin, atlantis, babylon 5, bach, baking, battlestar galactica (original), benedictines, books, boromir, bradbury, brother cadfael, buck rogers, buffy, cadfael chronicles, chocolate, coffee, cooking, criminal minds, crossovers, crusade, csi, deep space nine, desert warriors, doctor who, dr. who, dragons, dwarves, earth 2, earth final conflict, earthsea, edhellond, elladan, elladan/boromir, ellis peters, elves, erestor, erestor/lindir, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy art, feminism, folk art, folk music, gaheris rhade, gildor inglorion, gondor, gregorian music, halabor chronicles, heian period, hungarian folk music, hungarian folk tales, hungarian folklore, ianto jones, ivanhoe, jack/ianto, kavanagh, kindred - the embraced, kingdom of heaven, lindir, lord of the rings, markham/stackhouse, medieval art, medieval clothing, medieval history, medieval japan, medieval music, merlin, minamoto yoshitsune, minbari, mohinder suresh, murdoch mysteries, native american history, nietzscheans, original fantasy, original fiction, orthodox liturgy, poltergeist the legacy, prey, prydain chronicles, queer_as_folk, radek zelenka, reading, red dwarf, research, robin hood, rohan, rudy ransom/max burke, rule of st. benedict, salvador garcia, sci-fi, science fiction, seamus harper, seamus zelazny harper, seaquest dsv, sherlock bbc, slash, space above and beyond, spencer reid, star trek, star trek 2, star trek: ds9, star trek: tng, star trek: tos, star trek: voyager, stargate, stargate - atlantis, stargate sg-1, the martian chronicles, theology, tng, tolkien, torchwood, tyr anasazi, uhura, underworld, ursula k le guin, vampires, vangelis, voyager, vulcans, werewolves, world building, writing
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