Apr. 15th, 2017

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Sorry for the long absence. Stupid shingles - they are so redundant and so unpleasant. The only thing I can still do as I always do is baking, strangely enough. Why kneading the dough doesn't cause any pain I can't imagine, but I'm counting my small blessings.

Anyway, here are a few pictures about our Easter table. Some of you already got them via e-mail, but I'm so proud of it that I wanted to share. Let's start with the general view:

Now let's take a closer look at the edible parts. There are carrot and Nutella bunnies, traditional, hard-boiled red eggs, cumin-and-garlic ham, home-made buns that are for some nebulous reason, called "molnárka" (=little millers) and, of course, chocolate bunnies and chickens and ducks and lambs and whatnots:

Even closer to the chocolate folk (and let me tell you that we were very modest; there is an insane amount of variations of this stuff over here, in all sizes, shapes and qualities, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate to white chocolate, flavoured with dozens of spices, so... yeah, we were modest):

And finally, my hand-painted egg-shells I display every Easter, despite the fact that they are over 30 years old. I still find them beautiful. Well, the sideboard in the background is well over 200 and still beautiful, so...:

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