Apr. 2nd, 2017

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I had a weekend without pre-scheduled activities for a change (it won't happen again, soon), so I decided to prepare my wondrous Easter ham in advance. You know, the one I always make, with cumin and garlic. I cooked and baked it yesterday, sliced it thinly today and froze it for the actual holiday to come.

Unfortunately, it was a rather fat piece of ham, which one doesn't see until it is cut. I cut away all the fat, cubed it and fried it in a pan; we'll eat it with toast, and the cubes I'll use to bake spicy buns later. So, one ham, three different ways to utilize it - I think it was very economic of me. *g*

I also managed to de-scale the washing machine by the simple method of running a washing gang with a litre of vinegar instead of actual clothes. Now it doesn't stink any longer and you can enter the bathroom without a gas mask. Hoorray!

The bad news is that the very harsh sunshine really hurt my eyes last Friday. They are somewhat better now, thank to the eye mask we bought in London some 20 years ago (it has been sitting in the fridge peacefully ever since, waiting for its time to come), but my left I still feels as if I had cotton wool in it - although much less so than yesterday - and I'm having a mild but recurring headache all the time. *sigh*

I never liked being in the sun, but my work requires that I suffer daily at least one hour on the school yard. Really, retirement keeps getting more appealing with each passing day.


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