Mar. 12th, 2017

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Yeah, it was one of those weekends...

Yesterday, I typed up the rest of "Turn Left". Then I translated some stuff from German for a colleague who needed some literature for her exam. Then I baked a small cake for Mum, one that she actually can eat, despite her current digestive problems. It's a dark sponge cake (due to cocoa powder), filled with fresh, sliced bananas and lemon jelly.

Here it is:


Then I rearranged the pantry in the hope that I'll find my baking ingredients easier that way. We'll see. So far, it worked, even though - of course - today I needed the very things that have been put waaaaay in the back of the second-highest shelf. Ah, well.

Today, I did some test baking for the Rabbit Cup, which is a fun day at school right before Easter. I usually get the baking assignment (because few others would be able to bake with twenty-some kids without the whole thing ending in epic disaster), so I decided that we would bake carrot muffins this year because, well, Rabbit Cup, right? But one sort of carrot muffin would be boring, so I test-baked three different recipes, all of which turned out quite nice.

So, there were Carrot muffins with ground walnuts and pistachios:

Carrot muffins with lemon flavour and lemon icing:

and Carrot muffins with apples, coconuts and cinnamon:

They all taste delicious, and now I have half a cake and 34 muffins in the house (we already tested 2, Mum and I), so I'll have to take a lot of them to school with me tomorrow or else we'll keel over from sugar shock. *g*


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