Feb. 6th, 2017

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Poor Mum took a heavy fall yesterday. She stumbled in church and fell onto her left side. Which would be, in theory, fortunate, as both her bad shoulder (the result of a mugging ten or so years ago and the following incompetent, brutal treatment at hospital) and her rheumatic knee are on the right side. Two guys of the helpful, religious sort hurried to her aid before I could have reached her and warn them to be careful with her right arm. They somehow got her onto her feet again, and we thought nothing of it.

She stayed for Mass, kneeling down and getting up in her bench like always, then we walked home (the church is right at the end of our street). Admittedly, she was in a bit of pain, but we still thought nothing of it. Then she cooked a soup and washed the dishes and took the washing down and folded the clean clothes and everything still seemed fairly all right.

Until she sat down to watch some telly. Her wrenched right knee - we still can't understand how exactly did it get wrenched - began to hurt with vengeance. A full day later, it hasn't gotten any better, in spite of the salves and the compresses and whatever we tried. She's in so much pain she needs a walking aid inside the flat, the poor thing. So far, today she managed once to the kitchen and three times to the toilet, and that's it.

I brought in the Grandma armchair from the balcony - its seat is much higher, so it's easier to get up from it (Mum needed 4 tries to get up from the other armchair, falling back thrice, every time hurting his bad knee even more), but it's not a comfortable one for sitting in it all day. Getting up from the bed is every bit as complicated, so she doesn't dare to lie down (which is a painful process itself), unless she keels over from exhaustion.

Today, I was able to be at home a lot - had free hours between lessons and stuff. Tomorrow, we won't be so fortunate. I have no idea how she'll manage from 9 am to 5 pm on her own. Send us good thoughts, please!


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