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It's way too hot for anything like that. My apologies for the long absence, but temperatures went up to 40°C and I wasn't capable of much.

I did a bit of writing, posted the first couple of parts of my new Primeval/Sherlock/Torchwood crossover to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib, put up the last finished chapter of The Immunity Syndrome, my latest canon-compliant TNG story, to AO3 and FF.Net, and watched a lot of athletics. We even earned two medals, which is about as much as Hungary ever achieved on an athletics world championship, so we are proud.

To those who're still around and willing to read weird sci-fi crossovers, title suggestions to the new story are welcome. It's unusual for me to start a story without a title, but this time I just can't come up with a good one. The story takes place during Series 4 and 5 of Primeval, as a 'what if', with Jack, Tosh and Ianto being present and interacting with the ARC team. Owen is a zombie, but CoE never happened, and "Exit Wounds" ended differently.
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Aka: A new story was really the last thing I needed.

Yesterday I indulged in a Primeval marathon, watching half of Series 4 in one go. Mostly because I wanted to see whether the German distributors were really idiotic enough to bring out Series 5 as the 2nd part of Series 4 before I would start hunting down Series 5. It turns out, they were. Why they did it is beyond me, but at least I can rest assured that I really have the entire series.

And then I sat down and typed up the 3-page-start of a new Primeval/Torchwood/Sherlock crossover, in which Mycroft Holmes is James Lester's superior, Tosh and Owen are still alive, Matt Anderson (the last team leader of Primeval) is a Time Agent, like Jack Harkness, and Ianto goes undercover within the ARC to find out what Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig's character) is up to.

There is a bit more to it, like the Rift having temporarily closed up, Andy Dadvidson and Mickey Smith being hired as field agents and Gwen being pregnant, but these are the basic settings. This morning I worked out a rough plot, decided which canon events from Primeval can be kept and which ones have to be changed and how the TW3 gang (well, Jack, Ianto and Tosh) can fit in with the ARC without blowing their cover.

Yes, I'm officially insane, I know.
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In the morning Mum and I went to do some long overdue shopping; mostly groceries and cleaning stuff and so on. But at Deichmann's I got lucky: I finally found a pair of sandals/slippers/whatever that I can actually wear. Even if they are about 5 centimetres longer than my foot.

For those who don't know: I've got an inherited circulatory problem, meaning that I get swollen feet very easily, and having stood around on the school yard for the last decade didn't help. It doesn't hurt or anything, Granny lived 96 years with the same problem and it wasn't the thing that killed her, so I have hopes that it won't kill me, either. But finding shoes is a thing of near impossibility. When I'm extraordinary lucky, I might find shoes that are wide enough, but then they are several sizes larger than what I'd wear if my feet wouldn't swell up every day. At least these are fairly comfortable ones - meant for men, originally. Figures.

In any case, we went to one of the fancy cafés in the shopping centre to celebrate. Two Wiener Kapuziner cost almost 25% of what my new shoes did, but who cares? We decided that we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time, since nobody else ever does.

Coming home, I finished Chapter 17 of Enterprise - The Maiden Voyage, and made decent headway into Chapter 18. Now if I only could bring up the strength tomorrow to type up the whole thing! *fingers crossed* I also continued putting up the previous chapters of the same story to AO3. Currently, I'm at Chapter 9. So far the interest is underwhelming. *sigh*

Afterwards, I tried out a new recipe. Behold my amazing cherry pie:

It isn't just pretty, it tasted fantastic, too. And it's very easy to make, except of getting out all the kernels or stones or whatever they're called in English of the cherries. In the end I looked like some mass murderer, with my hands dark red from cherry juice, up to the elbows. I still haven't managed to get it out from under my fingernails. *g*

And then I had some decent entertainment, watching the 5th episode of Star Trek Continues. If you're a fan of the one and only Original Series and haven't seen it yet, go and watch it! You'll be delighted.
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... but if it continues to be this hot, I can't guarantee anything!

Anyhow, I'm still around, just over at [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo most of the time. School's out - another hard proof for the existence of God - and I even managed to write a little today.

I did some crafting as well, this morning, commandeering the dining table in the kitchen, because I needed a lot of room for trying out stenciling - a technique I'm not likely to do much in the future. At least not with these self-adhesive flexible stencil strips. They don't keep their shape, don't last long (I made borders for 20 pages of a future journal and the thing already died on me) and cause an ungodly mess. I used acrylic paint, but I seriously doubt that I'd have had more luck with tempera or any other type of paint.

*le sigh* I so hoped to have found a quick and easy way to make lots of similarly decorated pages - well, this isn't it. I'll have to invest into some stamping equipment, but they are so frigging expensive, I always chicken out in the last minute.

Not much else to report. We are suffering from the heat and I'm missing my online friends. So many of them have vanished from cyberspace or wandered off to different sites and forums or are simply busy with Real Life. It is lonely out here.
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As the subject line above says, I had a very busy weekend, spent with baking, crafting and writing.
Yes, WRITING! Something I haven't been able to do for a very long time! Yay!

Details of baking disaster under the cut... )

Then I did some more crafting, working on the third wedding journal. Thank God the other two are already done, but those were envelope journals and therefore easy to make... well, once I've figured out which side is which and what the right direction is to put the dratted envelopes into each other. The third one, though, is a vintage journal, with proper binding, a brown felt cover and metal applications. The clasp I bought has screws, so it's probably meant for wooden boxes, but it has holes, so I'll simply sew onto the cover, once it's done. The pages are mostly finished, due about three weeks of very detailed work, decorations all made free hand and all that. Now if I don't screw up the binding completely, it will be stunning - or so I hope.

Yes, there will be pictures of the journals. Mum volunteered to hold them open at various places, so that I can take photographs. Have I already mentioned that she's a saint?

But the best piece of news is: I've actually finished "An Excellent Mystery"! Yeah! Took me only three years which, considering that some of my WIPs are over a decade and a half old, is fairly quick for me.

Of course, there are parts of the last chapter and the short epilogue that need to be cleaned up and rephrased, but I can do that while typing up the stuff. And if the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland is still willing to clean up my creative grammar, I might be able to post the rest of the story before [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo starts in earnest.

In spite of the baking disaster, I find this a successful weekend.
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Finishing "Turn Left" apparently worked wonders for me. Yesterday I've managed to finish the long-ongoing latest chapter of "An Excellent Mystery", my Victorian Sherlock fic - even though it cost me a lot of research and I had to re-read certain parts of "The Count of Monte Cristo". In English. I last read that book in Hungarian translation some 40+ years ago. Heh.

Anyway, I needed Sherlock, Dr Sawyer and Molly to find Alice Spice and her partner-in-crime, Lord Adair, in Paris, and I thought that Auteuil would be just the right place for them to hide. I also introduced a French detective, Inspecteur Lescaut, modelled after a secondary character in the French police series "Julie Lescaut". Of course, in the 19th century there were no female detectives at the Sureté, so I had to take the husband instead of the wife, but, well, I hope it will work out.

I've also been watching "The Murdoch Mysteries", being on re-run in Hungarian TV, even though their methods are most likely not authentic. However, the atmosphere of the series is very helpful for this story. I hope that in two more chapters - three at the most - I'll be able to finish this sucker. If only I could make up my mind about what should happen to the guilty party...
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... is posted to FF.Net, since AO3 won't let me post any new stories since today's maintenance.

For those who have a phobia against the Pit of Voles, I also posted the story to [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms. At least I'll only have to copy&paste my chapters once AO3 deigns to allow me to put them up there. *fingers crossed, as it refuses to let my import from anywhere lately*

As the story has been completely written, I can promise one new chapter a week. Enjoy, and feel free to praise it shamelessly. Comments - especially positive ones - encourage me to finally go on with the rest of my never-ending WIPs. Or so I hope. *g*


Mar. 11th, 2017 07:15 pm
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People, I've actually finished "Turn Left - The Veteran's House"!

No, really, I have!

It ended up with 11 chapters altogether, including the Epilogue, 9 of which have already beta read by the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, the noblest lady of the British Isles and a great benefactor of cats and non-native English speaker authors.

I'm planning on resting on my laurels for a day or two, and then I'll start posting the story to FF.Net, AO3 and [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms, simultaneously. A chapter, max. two a week will be fast enough, I think.

Just a reminder: this is the Sherlock AU based on an online game, in which John doesn't run into Mike Stamford at the beginning of the tale. Instead, he goes into a little village to try fixing a half-ruined house he'd inherited from a distant uncle years previously. But, as Miss Marple would tell us, you can find the most shocking things in a little English village. Including dubious archaeologists, construction workers that look like South American drug barons and zombies. *evil cackle*
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Butterfly motif (alas, the illumination isn't the best, so the paillets don't show properly sparkly, but, well, I'm not a good photographer):

And a simple one with a flower:

Aaaand I'm half a page from finishing "Turn Left - The Veteran's House"! Yay!
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Three beaded candidates in contrasting colours:

And one that is perhaps less artistic but at least very cute. Well, I find it very cute, but see for yourselves:

Also, I've finished Chapter 9 of "Turn Left - The Veteran's House" and have written 4 pages of Chapter 10. My tentative goal is to finish the whole thing with Chapter 11 - or at least with 11 and but a short epilogue. We'll see. *all available appendages crossed*
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So, I've made another retro paper bag, for another colleague I want to gift Christmas candy upon. Again, black-and-white, but this time striped. I think I liked the other paper better, but it's nice enough, too, IMO:

Also, I've nearly finished Chapter 08 of "Turn Left" and uploaded to FF.Net the first three chapters the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland has beta read for me. I won't start actually posting them until I'm done - then the chapters will go up, one a week, so that people can enjoy and appreciate them. [/sarcasm]

Other than that, it's cold and tomorrow I'll have to work again. Ah, well, there are much worse things in life.
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This stupid cold has been going on for a week and a half by now and shows no attempts to go away. It I'm still not better next Monday, I'll see my doctor and get me an attest that I'm ill. I certainly won't be standing around on the icy school yard with no voice and a cough bad enough that the dogs in the neighbourhood think they need to answer me.

I had the most miserable Christmas in years! I mean, I'm often ill over the holidays, the body seems to take advantage on the fact that I don't have to work and chooses to collapse at the precise moment when the holidays start, but this is definitely the worst I had in the last decade or so. Coughing, no sleep, cold shivers, hot shivers, no voice... I hate it!

The only positive aspect is that I finally got back to writing, as there's little else I can do right now. I'm well into Chapter 5 of "Turn Left - The Veteran's House", and I've begun posting "The Web of Darkness" to AO3, one chapter a day. I've also got my act together to write up "Captain, My Captain", a short story about how in the BM-verse Jack Harkness became the bodyguard of Mycroft Holmes. 4 short chapters only, and probably not the best ones I've ever written, but the draft has been sitting on my HD for years, and I'm glad to have it out of my hair. It's posted to both AO3 and the Pit of Voles.
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This is a brand new story idea of mine, inspired by this game. It's a Sherlock AU, in which John misses Mike Stamford and such doesn't get introduced to Sherlock. So, what will happen? How will he find his footing after getting invalided home? Will he ever meet Sherlock?

Story layout )

I've already figured out the case - it is based on the ACD story "The Three Garridebs", but with a mighty twist. There won't be any Garridebs, for starters. And the whole thing will have an Agatha Christie-like touch, although Miss Marple wouldn't actually be part of it.

I'll post the case and the character list later, just for my own amusement. If this will actually become a story has to be seen.
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Today the balcony renovation started and it turned out that it won't be finished tomorrow - the workers won't even come during the entire weekend - and the whole thing will need at least three turns, altogether. Mum is beyond pissed, and that weighs down the atmosphere in the flat somewhat.

Nonetheless, I did some more typing up, and I also wrote a cast list for the insane plotbunny and figured out who The Zombie Worker actually is and how he fits into the whole story. It promises to be a very Miss Marple-like tale, only with Sherlock, and Mrs Hudson's sister and her friends in the background. Now I'm looking up descriptions of old houses in Agatha Christie novels to get an impression what John Watson's inherited haunted ruin might look like. Also, to steal the necessary vocabulary. *g*

I still don't have the right actress to cast Harriet Watson's divorced wife. I need a face, at least in my head, and it needs to be a British actress, as this is going to be a very British show. Suggestions are welcome.

A busy day

Nov. 2nd, 2016 05:24 pm
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Me, I had a busy day. First and foremost, I've finally made the corrections of Chapter 15 of "Enterprise - the Maiden Voyage", which my poor, long-suffering beta has sent me weeks ago. If anybody is interested, it's here. I also wrote about two pages for Chapter 16, half of which I'll have to tear up, as I've just realised some continuity errors while making the corrections. *sighs* And that when I was actually able to write, also the first time for weeks.

I also made marzipan-flavoured Christmas candy, which decorate our tree with its differently flavoured siblings. So far I made rum-walnut-, raisin-chocolate- and coconut-flavoured ones. These are today's candidates:

And then I went on to try my hand on angel-shaped paper balls, also for the Christmas tree. I find the result pretty enough, perhaps I'll make some more.

As for the new, inane plotbunny, I've put together a tentative plot for the first couple of chapters. If anything will ever come out of it is questionable, but at least my conscience is clear. *g*
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As if I needed any more plotbunnies...
Read more... )
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Work is still incredibly stressful - or I'm getting older and more unable to deal with useless shit. Nonetheless, for the first time in over a month, this week I got a teeny little bit written. Not very much, nor is it particularly original, but it is writing, which is a relief. I was getting worried that I'd never find my way back to the pen again.

Also, below the felt Santa I've made during the virtual party. I did promise a pic, didn't I?

Not a very good picture, as I took it in a hurry, with insufficient light in the room, but for now it will do. Perhaps I'll try to take a better one.

Oh, and Baby Theo's Advent calendar is finished, too. These are the final Christmas Elves, with their backpacks still empty and they aren't properly arranged yet, but they do look funny, I think. Judge for yourselves:

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For the first time in three weeks or so, I finally managed to write a little yesterday. Not very much, only a few paragraphs for "An Excellent Mystery", but at least the dry spell seems to have ended... or is running out anyway. Now that I've finally got my new "Brother" printer/scanner/photocopier thingy - which takes up an entire corner of my small study - I can print out research results at home again, which I wasn't be able to do in the last two years, so the story might move on again.

Wish me luck. It is supposed to be done in two or three more chapters, and I'd really like to see it finished.

Other than that, I'm still steadily posting old stuff to AO3, including stories that were only available on LJ previously, so the last three weeks weren't entirely wasted, either.
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Drat, is it July again? Where has all the time gone?
Well, at least it was well spent. I wore a lot, posted to new chapters to FF.Net (and forgot to put up an update alert here, due to my heat-addled brain), almost finished the little figures for both Advent calendars, so I'm not complaining... much.

The only thing I truly regret that it is too hot to do any baking, now that I'd have time to do more complicated things than just your basic Kastenkuchen. Since I'm religiously watching the Big British Bake Off on Hungarian TV (reruns from previous years), I had this mad urge to bake huge, beautiful, complicated things. Or small, beautiful, complicated things, for that matter, as I've fallen in undying love with petits-fours. But with temperatures over 32°C, in a concrete flat that swallows the heat during daytime and breathes it out during nighttime, it would be suicidal. *is crushed*

Other than that, I'm mostly over at [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo in these days, since I've accepted the responsibility for putting up the daily posts in the July session. Folks, if you haven't tried Pico yet, hop over and give it a chance, it's a great place.
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No, I'm still here, but mostly spending my LJ time over at [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo, where we're in summer session for the next two months. Or winter session, if you're from Australia or New Zealand. In any case, pico session is fun time, there are wonderful story snippets to read - come over and take a look, even if you don't want to participate.

I actually might finish An Excellent Mystery during pico time- *fingers crossed*


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