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So, Mum and I made a quick day trip to Vienna yesterday. It was somewhat turbulent, as international trains now arrive at the new central railway station, which is a lot less practical for us than the old Westbahnhof was, but we managed. We were both deadly tired upon returning home - me, too, as it is not easy to stroll across town with an elderly person who can only walk very slowly due to her legs, and you have to support her, too - but happy. We saw amazing things in Vienna.

For those without a Pinterest registration, here are a few pics:
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I've uploaded more photos to Pinterest but wanted to give an appetizer those who aren't registered. Have fun! :)
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Actually for one day only. We'll go to Vienna tomorrow 'cause we need all the pre-Christmas kitsch only the Austrian capital can offer to make us feel better about the world, the shithole that is my workplace and about ourselves.

Wish us a safe trip. There might be pickspam on my Pinterest page when we get back.
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I'm off to Vienna with Mum tomorrow. Will be back late in the evening.
Wish us a safe journey. :)

Back again

May. 3rd, 2014 11:55 am
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So, back from Vienna. Thanks for the good wishes. We had a beautiful, lazy day, warm and sunny but not overly so. We did a great deal of window shopping, some real shopping - I got me the second Hobbit film and the 50-year Dr Who anniversary show and a few silly little things, just for fun. We had breakfast at Anker's and Coffee in some nice places... all around a grand time. And the best part is that we still have the weekend for resting and recovering.
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Yeah, loooong title, but not (only) because I've got little to say. In fact, I've got a few thing to tell right now.

So, we were to Vienna. It was great. Nice weather, smooth trip, good founds and all. Mum's legs aren't what they used to be, but she soldiered on bravely, the poor thing. She loves Vienna as much as I do.
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Speaking of different interpretations, I had an interesting realization lately. I watched the two versions of "The Murder at the Vicarage", with Joan Hickson and Geraldine McEwan in the role of Miss Marple, respectively. Now, the McEwan version is supposed to be a modernised one, pushing the event into the 1950, instead of the 1930s, as the original supposedly took place. And yet it smelled a great deal more of mothballs to me than the one with Joan Hickson.
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The only good aspects of the newer adaptation of "The Murder at the Vicarage" were the guy who played Lawrence Redding (he definitely had more personality), Derek Jacobi as Col. Protheroe and, of course, Mark Gatiss as the Vicar's nervous assistant. Having met him first as the omnipotent and slightly sinister Mycroft Holmes, seeing him in such a vasty different role was great fun.
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The Carpenter's Workshop at Schloss Hof:

Carpenter 01

The Hearbalist's Cottage, also at Schloss Hof:

Herbalist cottage 01

Herbalist cottage 02

The Distillery:


And the Basket-maker's Workshop:

Basket maker 01
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... is a place that all Dwarves would love, I'm sure. It will also serve as a great inspiration to go on with my Dwarf stories (or so I hope *crosses fingers*)

There are a few photos behind the tag, to give you a general impression.

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Mum and I are off to Vienna for a few days. Wish us a safe trip and take care!
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So, here I am again, just in time for LJ's big fail #8-billion-and-some. We had a wonderful time, the weather cooperated, I bought lots of DVDs, and we went to the Heindl chocolate museum, too. I'll try to make a more coherent entry later, I just wanted to say hello.
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As we've got autumn break, Mum and I decided to go to Vienna for a couple of days. We wanted to spend three days, but the B&B where we usually stay didn't have room for tonight, so tomorrow and the day after it is. Still better than a one-day-trip, I'd say.

Weather forecast is actually promising: 4-5°C for tomorrow, 8-9°C for the day after, cloudy but hopefully no rain or snow. I'm so looking forward to go - Vienna is the place I never go tired of.

Since we're staying two days, we plan to go to the Marzipan Museum of Demel, as it's in the city and we won't have to look for it long. Also, I intend to buy a few ingredients for the annual baking orgy before Christmas; ingredients I either don't get here or only outrageously expensively.

And perhaps, just perhaps, some DVDs. I stillh aven't watched half of those I'd bought in Hamburg, but having someting to look forward to is always good. Sadly, I seriously doubt that they'd have any Classic!Who, but perhaps I'll give that new series with Amanda Tapping a try ("Sanctuary" it's called, if I'm not mistaken).

In any case, it's very exciting to go to Vienna again. And as school won't restart until next Monday, I'll have 4 more days to recover. *g*
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I was in Vienna yesterday - school trip with the eight-grade German class. Granted, I came home half-dead, but it was a fantastic trip nonetheless. We had beautiful weather - cool, but with brilliant sunshine and little to no wind - and Vienna in its pre-Christmas glory is a sight to behold. All larger streets are decorated and illuminated, a great number of small Christmas markets can be found in all popular places: in parks, in front of churches, etc.

Of course, we went to THE Christmas market, in front of the City Hall, and while it is always amazing, I found this year it was even more so. I really have no words to describe it: you'll have to see it for yourself to even imagine what it's like.

Some of the trams - not all, of course - have been redecorated as Christmas trains, with Santas driving them and angels waving from each wagon, there's Christmas music on the streets and spiced, mulled wine at every second corner, and small, iron ovens where potatoes and maronis are grilled, and almonds and hazelnuts iced in sugar and caramel and cinnamon, and the scent of the whole thing is beyond imagination.

Oh, and my baking progress (check pinned entry above) has reached 16 different sorts. Go me!
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Thank you all, friends, for the good thoughts - Mum and I had a very nice trip. The weather was fine, aside from the fact that we were clad a bit too warm for it (especially the shoes), but that was truly the only sour drop in the whole thing.
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All in all, it was a very nice day, and we brough home a few things we like, including Laugenbrezeln and Almdudler, which are very Austrian things, so I can't really explain them. Now everything is ready for the Big Baking Orgy(TM), which will start at the weekend with the producing of a honeycake house (Knusperhäuschen for the Germans among us). Which I'll make of a Dr. Oetker Backmischung - that might be blasphemy, but it makes things a lot easier. *g*
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In other words: autumn break has finally arrived yesterday. Time for all things I had no time for during work.

We went to the cemetery in advance, and as I've already mentioned, I've made orange peel preserves for the Christmas baking in the afternoon. The big baking orgy can begin, soon, as I've - hopefully - hoarded all necessary ingredients.

Tomorrow we're going to Vienna for one day. I hope to find Johannisbeergelee (=red currant jam) at Hofer's - this is the only kind of jam you won't get in this whole country, and most baking recepies demand it. If I get it, I'm gonna buy four pounds or so. Also, a big flask of Kirschwasser - another thing we don't get here, although they might not have it in Vienna, either. It's a very German product. *sighs* Sometimes I feel like I'm looking for the British crown jewels or the Philosopher's Stone or the lost land of Atlantis while trying to shop for simple baking ingredients.

I also hope to find some DVDs of intrest on sale. Gerngross usually has a good selection, and so do the Müller drogeries, interestingly enough. We'll see.

Send us good weather and prayers for a safe trip. I'll see you folks tomorrow, if the guardian angels do their job properly. *waves*
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Went to Vienna with Mum and a few colleagues yesterday - it has been the best fun for a long time.
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Oh, and I got Swedish chocolate from [livejournal.com profile] disthrainsdotte. I'm pleased that she, too, got my little prezzie. Now I only have to worry about two of the seven small parcels I sent on their way. Christmas is fun, folks!
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... or, in other words, Christmas is approaching seriously. I've baked the last batch of cookies last night - now I've 12 different sorts and done with baking for Christmas. It's a really handy thing, these German recepies: you can do your cooking weeks before the actual feast and have time for the more pressing tasks right before Christmas.

Also, Christmas prezzies are snowing in (pardon the pun; looks out of the window warily at the steady snowfall). First came Merlin's Series Three, Part one, courtesy of the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris. Followed by [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch's present, a movie titled The Discovery of Heaven. I never heard of it before, but the summary sounds intriguing. Will watch it when I'm a tiny bit less brain-dead. Then, in this very morning, shiny-sparkly SF magazines arrived, sent by my good friend [livejournal.com profile] lhun_dweller. Since I have nothing domestic more to do for the rest of the day, I'll spread out on the sofa and indulge myself. *g*

Tomorrow, we're going to Vienna with a few colleagues. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate, at least to a certain extent, as Mum is coming with us, of course. We haven't seen the Vienna Christmas Markets for many days, I hope it will be fun. Weather-wise, I mean. It will be fun in any other aspect.

Oh, and have I mentioned that it's snowing? I hope atmospheric disturbances won't hinder me in watching Sherlock Holmes on Tele5 tonight. It would be the first time that I'd see Gareth David-Lloyd in any other role than Torchwood's enigmatic Ianto Jones; I'm very curious what he's like as Dr. Watson.

Edit: I gave up on the Sherlock Holmes movie after the first hour. It was boring; plus, the background music was so loud I could only understand every tenth word of whatever dialogue was doing on. Very crappy dubbing, I'd say.

GDL has an interesting look with wavy, collar-length hair. But a moustache isn't really his thing, IMO.
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One more day at school, and then I'll have five days in a row, in which I won't have to see anything and anyone work-related. Yay!

I've already baked litle bunny-shaped biscuits - yum! - that are supposed to last at least a week. Tomorrow, I'm going to prepare the Easter ham (with lots of garlic and cumin), and boil and colour the Easter eggs, as we're going to Vienna on Friday.

I really hope that I'll find the boxed edition of SGA's fifth season in Vienna. The series has finally run its circle on German TV, so they ought to have brought out the DVDs as well. I don't care what the price will be; I actually preferred Season 5 to Season 4, despite the fact that I love Carter and hate Woolsey. IMO, Season 5 had only one completely idiotic episode, and that's a good thing.

I'll never waste a single cent on SGU, though. Today's episode was extremely irritating again. While this time nobody stalked his or her loved ones in other people's bodies, and there was even a faint hint of actual sci-fi in the episode, for the greatest part, there didn't actually happen anything. More than half of the episode was wasted on people watching their alternate selves moralize on a video recording. I was very happy when Chloe Sue finally died - she should have died in the pilot already - but I'm sure they'll hit the reset button in the next ep, and he'll be back annoying us to death.

Anyway, on Saturday I'm going to bake my Ischler and give Russischen Zupfkuchen a try. Perhaps I'll bake a little lamb of almond dough, too, but I'm not entirely sure about that part. And then, I'll do the lazy act. Writing, reading, watching TV for 3 entire days - it'll be heaven!
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Okay, looong weekend - hey five days! - has come, I'm back from Vienna (just a one-day-trip, no need to get overly envious, although the city's lovely as always), so it's time to return to cyberlife.

Fannish rambling behind the cut.
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Okay, some more Merlin to watch today.
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It was nice, it was relaxing - despite the running to and fro, just for the heck of it - and we managed to spend an indecent amount of cash on relatively unnecessary things. Yay!
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The day before our departure I also brought an outrageously expensive book: The History of the Hobbit by JRRT, by John D. Rateliff. It's interesting, what I've seen of it so far. Spending money unnecessarily always helps with frustration. Too bad you can't always use the method, eh?
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For exactly three workdays, because the rest of it is weekend, Easter and related holidays. But no school for the next six days, which is a blessing.

I'm off to Vienna tomorrow - God, sounds that wonderful! - but I'll be back on Friday again, unless I decide to join the great LJ strike. I don't know yet. Too exhausted to make any decisions. It also depends on whether I got any shiny new DVD'S in Vienna, 'cuz in that case long TV sessions will be on the programme.

I'll also have to make my famous Easter ham with cumin (and remember not to rub it with pepper instead like last year, hah!), and colour the Easter eggs, and my private student will also be coming, so perhaps I'll stay away from LJ for very different reasons. Will have to finish the next chapter of "Web of Darkness", too, and type it up.
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I need to go to Vienna. I need it on a level that's almost physical. That city has something magical, just being there makes me feel twenty years younger. It's so much like home - the two places were built as the twin capitals of the good old Monarchy, after all - and yet everything seems easier, friendlier, more... cultured there.

Of course, the fact that their local problems don't really concern me on a personal level does add to the feeling of easines. But beyond that, it's still the source of good sci-fi DVDs, even though a lot less so than earlier. Still a hundred per cent more to get there than back here.

Thank God spring break will come relatively early this year. I'm ready to go on the first available day.


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