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Yeah, the American version of Sherlock. God, it was dull. And while they apparently thought that female!Watson was a strike of genius, well, it wasn't. Not to mention that Lucy Liu didn't age gracefully, the fact that neither actor has more than one single expression doesn't make it a captivating programme.
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...if you are interested in the Crusades. It's a reconstruction of the siege and destruction of the Templar fortress at Jacob's Ford in 1179. Here is the complete episode of 45 minutes.

Warning: some really brutal fighting scenes. Still, it's highly interesting how they reconstruct entire fights from the injuries of the skeleton 900 years later.
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Habe Das Römer-Experiment auf 3sat heute Abend gesehen. Es war sehr interessant. Experimente Archeologie ist etwas das mich schon immer fasziniert hat, obwohl ich es ernsthaft bezweifle ob ich je an solch einem Experiment teilnehmen würde. Ich mag mein Komfort viel zu sehr.

Na jedenfalls, die Sendung war sehr lehrreich. Ich habe mich schon mein ganzes Leben lang - na ja, sagen wir seit dem fünften Schuljahr - mit der römischen Antike beschäftigt, aber mir ist gerade klar geworden welche Wissenslücken ich noch immer habe. Auch wenn sich die Wissenschaft in der Zwischenzeit erheblich weiterentwickelt hat, ich kam mir for als eine blutige Anfängerin. *g*

Über die inhaltlichen Interessen hinaus, es war wirklich schön endlich einmal etwas Handfestes zu sehen, etwas was diese Leute eigenhändig gebaut haben, anstatt der üblichen Filmtricks. Diese zwei Stunden waren sehr gewinnbringend verbracht.
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My Internet provider is acting up. My mailing programme keeps breaking down, and I can't even access their homepage. Not only from my own PC, but from the one at school, either. Which is strange, considering that I have, at least, undisturbed Internet access, even if some pages are slow to load. Will wait for a day or two, but if things don't change, I'll give UPC a very annoyed call. Brrrr!

DW is actin up, too. It doesn't import my comments, for the third time within a short time span (a month or so). Last time, waiting a few days and trying it again helped. This time, it did not. I'm very annoyed. DW is supposed to be the security copy of my journal, but if it refuses to work, what's the point?

Other than that, I've watched "Terra Nova" tonight. It was very boring. I didn't even manage to watch the episode to its end. *sighs* I also planned to watch "The Day of the Triffids" afterwards, but TN made me so annoyed that I no longer was in the right mood for it. Too bad, I was actually interested in that film. But my attention span has been very short lately, being so overworked and all that.
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Elvenhome update:

Chapter 18 - The Secret of the Queen has been posted to FF.Net and Stories of Arda... from the school this morning, because the Internet died on me yesterday.

Internet recovery:

Fortunately, service guy was here just ten minutes ago and healed it. Phew! I'm soooo relieved! It shows clearly what a horrible addict I've become! At least the two days offline hindered me to post a very whiny entry I was actually planning to post - so everything has its two sides, right?

More Silmfics:

To my own very gret surprise, I found myself writing a Maedhros-centered one-shot. It's practically done, save for the last couple of paragraphs. Those who know me from the Silmfics list, few as they are in these days, would remember how utterly I despise Fëanor's get - I'd never have thought that I'd ever write anything even remotely sympathetic about either of them... and here I am, doing exactly that. Granted, it's a side product to "Elvenhome", but still... "Maitimo's Awakening" will be posted during this weekend, or so I hope.

Telly news:

The other team of service guys was here and fixed my satellite dish. Now I can watch all the usual channels, unless the current stormy wind breaks the dratted thing again. The tone is a bit low, granted, but that's not so bad. In case anything proves worth recording, I can always turn on the voice level when rewatching it.

Dead Christmas tree:

It decided to go on strike and keeled over five times in a single day. So with sorrowed hearts (it was sooo pretty!) we took it down today. This never happened before; usually we keep the tree well into February, but this one just didn't want to... :(

Other than that, school has restarted and I'm suitably dead. But that's the way things are: if you have a job, it kills you, if you don't, that kills you even more. Having a job at least gets the bills paid.
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On the telly...

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On PC woes

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Also, I wanted to make some headway with the Epic Merlin Fic during Christmas break. Guess what? So far nothing. Instead, I wrote some 19 pages of very disturbing Merlinfic, an AU version of some parts of the Season 4 opener. It's almost done, and I really, really hate it. I don't write this kind of stuff, as a reason, but I just couldn't stop myself.
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I was baking today. Yeah, surprising, innit? I tried out the gingerbread cookie recipe I wanted to bake with the kids before Xmas. Guess what? We won't be baking it. I could not get the dough to a consistence that would have enable me to roll it out in the first place. Of course, what can you expect from a recipe that requires 4 tablespoons of butter? Not melted butter, mind you, just regular butter. Now, how on Earth am I supposed to measure butter with a tablespoon? (A colleague of mine suggested using a bomb, but that was too radical for my taste.)

Clearly, I couldn't get the amounts right. The dough fell apart like Hungarian economy, and let me tell you, that's a spectacular fall! So I made little buttons and baked them, and then painted them with eggwhite and rolled them in coloured sugar. Even so, they are slighlty bitter. 3 teaspoons of ginger were too much. I never listen to the recipe again.

OTOH, I also baked the honeycake house from the Dr.Oetker package, and it turned out great. Even the sugar icing from the tube worked. It's a lovely little thing, my Knusperhäuschen, Mum is happy with it.

Other than that, I wrote a lot of Merlin stuff (4 pages of Chapter 11) and watched some TV. "Richterin Barbara Salesch" und "Panda, Gorilla & Co". I need to nurture my German a bit, too.
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Unless some drastic programm change happens in the next *checks watch* fifty minutes, German TV is gonna start showing "White Collar"! *is happy*

I've wanted to watch this show for so long, and as I'm completely inept at watching such things online, I was about to give up hope altogether. But now, video recorder loaded and ready, I'm sitting on the edge of my chair with anticipation.

It won't be the same as watching in original (preferably with English subtitles, too), but it will be great nonetheless. Now I'll have something to look forward to every Tuesday.
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... has played me a cruel joke. Dratted story started to develop a life of its own, going in a direction where I never intended it to do. So I had to cut four pages from Chapter 3 (still hoping I'll be able to use it in some later adventure, when the boys are already on the Quest) and rewrite the second half of the chapter. Now it is, hopefully, back on the right track.

I've also discovered some continuity errors in the already existing few parts - oh, joy! Fortunately, it only means small modifications. I'm actually glad I've realized the errors right now, before I'd have to go back and rewrite, say, sixteen chapters or so.

Due to the Royal Wedding (TM), the only programme I usually watch in the afternoon (once a week out of five times, as in other times I'm usually at work) were cancelled today. Instead, it was Kate and William all day. Now, I have nothing against them, but I was so looking forward to see my favourite, carrot-headed lady judge... :(

Choir qualification went well yesterday. I hope we get the golden qualification again. We worked so damn hard on those pieces. Now the annual concert on the end of the term will be a piece of cake.
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Well - four days are very short if you're having a good time...

My not-so-little Silvan girl was here on Saturday, and we had an awesome time. I cooked fake Chinese (without all the weird spices, just a good, honest garlick chicken with sweet corn and soy sprouts and rice), and we talked a lot.

On Sunday, we did basically nothing, except sleeping in reeeeeally late. Mum went to church, I did some writing, and we ate the rests from the previous day. I made too much rice (again), and so we ate the frigging rice for three days. We don't even like rice very much. Ah, well.

Yesterday, we went to the supermarket easy, because Hungarians live in constant fear of starving (you wouldn't think by the sight of the average population, though), and so between Sunday and a bank holiday, the places where you can buy food are practically attacked. We did the shopping for food routine, so that's settled till the weekend. Then I watched lotsa German TV, since they don't have any holidays and so brought all the programmes I usually miss because being at work. In the meantime, I cooked a chicken and mushroom casserole and we ate the rest of the rice. Thank goodness, no more left of that. And I did some writing.

Today, the same routine. Sleeping, German TV, eating the rests from yesterday and writing. I ACTUALLY FINISHED "EVERYTHING CHANGES"!!! *is proud* Work restarts tomorrow, and we'll have to work on Saturday for the free Monday we got, but there are worse things in life.

Now I'm attacking "Eye Witness" and "A Visitor from Avalon". No rest for the wicked.
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Certain colours have simply vanished from the screen since yesterday, the blues have become greens and all that shit. I hope I won't have to buy a new one - that certainly would spring the family budget for this trimester!

Now I can't watch me shinies... :(

On other news, I'm going to have my neck ultrasound tomorrow. And then will have to go to the neurologist. And then to the rheumatologist. All in order to find out where my tinnitus comes from.

Well, crap, I can tell them half-gods in white lab coats where it comes from. It comes from stress and from working in a *very* noisy environment. Otherwise known as primary school. So there.

I'm willing to do these three things, but when they get other fabulous ideas, I'll just quit. I've had my tinnitus for five years by now, got used to it, don't want their poking around make it any worse. 'Nuff said!
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Alagos icon today, because I'm seriously working on finishing The Web of Darkness. The fact that I've finally figured out how the story is gonna end helps enormously. *g*
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I've decided not to post any work-related stuff for a while, unless I'm in real need of moral support. I'm dealing with that shit all the time in reality, why should I sacrifice cyberlife to it as well?

So, in a sudden attack of squandering I decided to waste quite some money on DVDs today. To waste, because I don't have the time to watch them - my backlog is already as long as Gandalf's beard, and there's little hope to change that before summer holidays.

Anyway, I've bought four of the Sharpe movies - alas, I'm completely uninterested in that historical era, but they have mucho Beany goodness in them. I hope one day [livejournal.com profile] makamu will find the time to visit me, and then we can salivate over the movies together. I always take a look when I buy DVDs, to see if they start off at all, and laughed my head off hearing people say "Leftenent" instead of Lieutenant all the time. I know it's historically sound, it just sounds sooo funny to my foreigner's ears.

Also, I bought 5 DVDs with the first 13 episodes of Torchwood on them. As I know Hungarian entertainment industry, I'll never get the rest of the series - it's their little hobby to offer random parts of series out of connection, which is probably the reason why I can't find more than the first 3 episodes of Andromeda, either.

The rest is behind a tag to spare the feelings of the British, because I'm being a bit mean to Torchwood. So, if you think it would bother you, just don't look, okay? ;o))
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Okay, I've been mean enough. I still like Torchwood. My love for British series isn't obsessive enough to spend money on Primeval DVDs, too, but I find it a good sign that we at last do have a certain offer to chose from in the sci-fi/mystery genre. Hey, they even brought out Angel - alas, I already have bought most of Seasons 1 and 2 on VCR, and the further seasons are of no interest for me. In my eyes, Angel ended before they went to Pylea (the stupid demon dimension Lorne is from).

Heh. Enough of the verbal rubbish. Back to the regularly scheduled RL chaos. If I survive until Easter break, I'll try to catch up with flist's journals, honestly.
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Sorry, I have to make this entry in half-German... the key phrase simply can't be translated. At least not for me.

In any case, I was watching "Niedrig and Kuhnt", one of the daily German cop shows. The victim of the day was killed by a heavy blow to his head. Documents from the pathologist come in, and the lady detective reads out loud:

"Das Opfer war durch einen mit dem Leben nicht zu vereinbarenden Schlag auf den Kopf getötet."

I was screaming for minutes after that. *g*

Telly woes

Jan. 22nd, 2008 12:33 am
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Well, either I'm getting progressively stupid at my old age, or today's offer in sci-fi and/or fantasy television are utter tripe. Not that the two would be mutually exclusive, mind you. But I find that there's barely anything I could really enjoy.
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Yep, I watched the second Blade on German TV yesterday. I'm of two minds about it.
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Well, I readily admit that I've got genre preferences regular TV-channels don't often take into consideration. Like sci-fi that actually makes *sense* - which I haven't encountered for *years*.

Behind the tag, there be lengthy and ranting review about tonight's TV entertainment.

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Hey, British folks, does anyone of you watch "Primeval"? (Warning: there be spoilers behind the cut!)

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Also, I've finished The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It was one big, fat disappointment. I'll probably write a long (and angry) review of it for the Otherworlds board when I can bring up the energy. Let's just say so much that for me the fact that the author obviously enjoys describing in loving detail how female characters get raped nullifies every good thing the novel otherwise might have. Even obvious extensive research, which I usually value.

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Aside from that, it's still hot like hell here. It will be cooler on Saturday, apparently - the very day when the annual carpet washing is scheduled to take place. And I really mean washing. After such a séance we usually walk on a wet floor for two or three days, even if it's very hot outside. Wall-to-wall carpets can be such joy sometimes.
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Now that Eldest is out of my hair for good, I've started reading The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis. I read two or three volumes of the Chronicles of Narnia back in the Elder Days, in German and/or Hungarian translation, and liked them well enough. So, I was eager to read the original, especially as I'd found out in the meantime that Lewis and Prof. Tolkien were old buddies.
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Fanfiction seems to be deteriorating lately, too. I mostly read Atlantis stuff nowadays, and everyone seems to write absurd 'shipper fics of the length of double-drabbles, tops. After the first dozen or two, I just can't care. I prefer long, involved, slowly building stories, and you just can't get those. Well, considering that barely anyone seems to care to read them, as my own review board proves, I can't really blame the authors. But it's still a pity.
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Bought some Ages-old Hungarian TV-series on DVD, still filmed in black-and-white. I used to watch it religiously when I was, oh, ten year old or so, but you know what? It still has its charm. Mum and I will have lazy TV matinees on some weekend, that I can foresee. The series takes place in the 18th century, when our people fought another freedom fight against the Austrians, and is very funny.

I wanted to write some Tolkienfic-related things but I think I'd better friends-lock that for my own safety in a future post.
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I've meant to write someting about it for a long time - and essay, perhaps, for the Otherworlds board - but my thoughts never seemed to form a coherent whole for that. So I'll just write down my woes as they come to my mind.

Woe #1 - The Changing Profile of Doom (TM)
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Woe #2 - Character Rape
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Let's Bring in the Boobs
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The "Everybody is American" effect
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Okay, babbled enough. I just wanted to add that I won't be watching Atlantis in Season 4. I've read spoliers and transcripts about how Season 3 will end, and it's not the show I've grown fond of after a rather bumpy start anymore.


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