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So, I made a small chocolate cake for a colleague, who is a very nice young woman (half my age, actually), to celebrate the fact that she's successfully faced a complicated (work-related) situation. I hope she'll like it. As she's allergic to lactose, I had to make a cake that had no dairy products in it and still tastes good.

Here it is, waiting in its box to be taken to school tomorrow:

On a side note: where is everyone? Granted, I mostly keep this journal to follow the events of my own life - and those of my online friends - but where have said friends gone? In these days Linda is the only one still around. :(

Also, I began to post my Tolkien fic to AO3. Very few people over there seem to be interested in Tolkienfic anymore. And even those seem to be completely uninterested in the stories I personally think are my best ones. Like "The Face of the Enemy", "The Last Stand" or the Halabor-related ones. Are people only interested in formulaic fic in these days?

I find that the most grateful readers are still in the Torchwood fandom. Go figure. They even comment in every leap year, unlike the others.
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I've finalized the list of Dwarves who would go to Moria with Balin, adding all the personal details I have figured out so far. With a list of 57, it took me several years, to be honest, and some of them still don't have anything beyond their name, gender and Clan. But I'm getting there.

So, go to [livejournal.com profile] edhellondawards, take a look and have fun!
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Chapter 13 - A Congregation of Wizards has been posted to FF.Net.

In which we meet Gandalf, Radagast, the wise-woman of the Petty-Dwarves, the Fire-mage and the Rune-smith in one epic chapter.

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No, really! It only took me two years or so, but Chapter 12 - Dark Legacy has finally been posted to FF.Net.

In which Balin summons the BlackLocks of Erebor to an important Clan meeting, Dori's wife wields her due power as Clan matriarch and Ori reveals his young spouse Flói some dark events in Clan history.

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After a long hiatus that lasted more than a decade, I decided to abandon "A Tale of Never-Ending Love" for good. I no longer can stand up for the original concept, which, in hindsight I find stupid, especially after working out a much better one concerning Glorfindel in "Elvenhome". It is possible that I'll write a different Glorfindel story eventually, using the new concept, but that's uncertain at the moment.

I want to say thank you to [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch, [livejournal.com profile] ithilwen and all the others who've commented on the story and ecouraged me, most of whom have left the fandom Ages ago. I've marked the story as complete and will keep it up, just so that I won't lose all the lovely reviews that were definitely undeserved. But I was very new to fanfic back then, and all that support helped me a great deal to become a lot better at it. I'm the kind of person who gets discouraged by criticism very easily, so yeah, thank you, folks, and I hope you're not angry with me.
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I"ve finally gotten around to post NSHR to [livejournal.com profile] edhellondawards. Many heartfelt thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland for teaching me the trick how to avoid the dratted hand-coding by copy&pasting stuff from FF.Net's Preview page. The whole Advent calendar is up now, with only a month or so delay. Better than nothing, I guess.
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I've just learned from the SoA Yahoo Group that Arthur Boccaccio aka Fiondil died, most likely during the weekend, of natural causes. He was the same age as I am - not that old yet, or so I like to think. Events like this make one appreciate one's own mortality.

He was such a fixture on SoA, one of the writers who always updated regularly like a clockwork, and many of us loved his writings. I only had sporadic private contact with him via e-mail when we discussed some linguistic or canonical aspect, so I cannot pretend that we'd have been actual friends. But he was always unfailingly helpful and friendly, and a great inspiration for me. Without his stories I'd never have finished "Elvenhome" or written "Not So Happy Returns".

Rest in peace, Fiondil. Mondays and Fridays will be empty without you. But it's some confort that you, too, believed in a life beyond death, and I'm sure you're in good hands and know only joy.
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Chapter 06 - First Encounter has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

In which Ivriniel and Caliondo meet for the first time and Caliondo realises he might have acquired more than he could deal with.

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Chapter 05 - The Journey of the Sea-Conqueror has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

In which there is a storm in the Bay of Belfalas and Princess Ivriniel shows some fortitude.

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No, seriously! Chapter 10 - The Unexpected Party has been posted to FF.Net and to SoA.

It's been a spectacularly hard chapter to write, combining book canon - including earlier versions of it - and film dialogues (because some of them were just too good to leave out) and still trying to make everything different, as seen from female!Bifur's POV, but I hope it's more or less enjoyable.

I'm afraid the next chapter will be even harder, not only because I'll have more older stuff to fit in but because the romance part of the whole is supposed to start there, so the next update might take a while. Unless the muse goes on a killing spree, but that's rather unlikely.

In any case, enjoy!
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The last two chapters of Emissary of the Mark have been posted to Stories of Arda and to Fanfiction.Net, whichever you prefer. This story is now complete.

Also, Chapter 07 - Negotiations of Sleeping Dragons 00 - The Unexpected Rise of Director Jones has been posted to FF.Net.

Enjoy my early Christmas prezzies to my faithful readers! You know who you are and how much I love and cherish you!
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Because there are days when things actually go well! They are rare, granted, but they do exist. Sometimes.

In this spirit, I'm happy to tell you that not only have I managed to get a Christmas tree a full 3 days before Christmas Eve, but our annual Christmas concert was beautiful, too. I managed to get right all 3 tiny solo parts, Mum loved the whole thing, and we won't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

But the most important news is that - after almost a decade - I've actually finished Emissary of the Mark! No, really! I can hardly believe it myself, but the sucker is in fact done! Granted, the last two chapters are still in a rough, hand-written version, with which I'll have to do a lot of cosmetic corrections while typing them up, but they're done, done, DONE! God, I really feel like Christmas had come early this year!
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Thanks to my gracious betas, Borys and [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, I was able to upodate two stories at once last night. A good thing before work would swallow me in the whole for another week.

Chapter 6 - The First Call of my Miss Marple/Sherlock BBC x-over, Precious Like Rubies, has been posted to FF.Net.

Furthermore, Chapter 15 - Stowburg of Emissary of the Mark has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

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Chapter 14 - Return to Rohan has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

Gosh, writing this chapter was like pulling teeth, but it's finally done - and so will be, hopefully, in 2 more chapters and after 7 years the whole epic. *crosses fingers*

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Chapter 09 - We Are Going to See the Hobbit! of If You Wish Upon a Dwobbit has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

Yes, I know it's inexcusably late, and I'm sorry. Dratted Dwarves were not very cooperative. But they're in the Green Dragon now, listening to the local gossip, Gandalf is back, and the unexpected party will take place in the next chapter.

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Chapter 13 - The Hallowing of the Bride has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

In its infinite wisdom, FF.Net chose to remove the break lines in the posted version, while they clearly show up in the Document Manager, where I put them in the place of the rows of asterisks that are always removed, for some reason. I'll have to think of something else. *sigh*

Anyway, enjoy Imogen and Elfhelm's betrothal feast!
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Chapter 12 - Helôic of Emissary of the Mark has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

Chapter 12 - Recovery and Battle Plans of Sherlock & the Illustrious Client has been posted to FF.Net and will soon be posted to the soledad_writes DW comm.

(I'll wait with that one until the chapter comes back from the beta, as I don't want to do all the hand-coding twice. Unless I happen to get too much free time, which is unlikely to happen.)

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No, really! After more than a year, I've actually managed to update "Emissary of the Mark"! And if things go as they're supposed to go, in 2 or 3 more chapters the story will finally be done.

Anyway, Chapter 11 - The Purchase of the Bride has been posted to FF.Net and to Stories of Arda.

In which Elfhelm finally makes his move and Aragorn can show some real class. (I hope, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, that you'll like it - I don't often write Aragorn-friendly stuff, but this one is an exception. *g*)

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Now that I managed to stay away from anything school-related during the weekend, inspiration finally hit again. I bit the bullet and worked myself through the next chapter of "The Neutral Zone". It turned out surprisingly good, if I may say so myself; I've started Chapter 4, as long as I could go with the roll.

I've made some headway with "Emissary of the Mark", too, which resulted in an almost-finished chapter and in a half-written one. I hope I can finish the almost-ready one during next weekend.

Thank God I decided not to go to that godforsaken school reunion my old schoolmates tried to lure me to. The last thing my battered self-esteem needs would be listen to how they've all become successful and lead great lives while I'm still the nobody I've always been, working myself crooked for "an apple and an egg", as the Germans say, under steadily worsening circumstances.

Yahell keeps messing up. Now I can't even access my stuff in the Files section, which I saved there for the eventuality that my computer crashed. Fat lot of good it is for me now. The Database is also messed up. The data tables were excellent for ordering everything alphabetically by default, which is why I used them for character lists and the likes.

Now that's messed up, too. Records now appear chronologically, meaning the most recently added ones come first - which makes all data tables completely useless for me. A good thing that I've printed out at least the character list for "Beautiful Minds" - but everything else is as good as lost. I've put years of work into those list, and they're useless.

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I wrote two different versions for the Éowyn AU plotbunny hicced on me by my good friend Borys. We have both taken a definite liking to one of them, but I'd be interested what others thin.

Version #1, an early spring beginning )


Version #2, when things start on May Day )

So, opinions?


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