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It's way too hot for anything like that. My apologies for the long absence, but temperatures went up to 40°C and I wasn't capable of much.

I did a bit of writing, posted the first couple of parts of my new Primeval/Sherlock/Torchwood crossover to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib, put up the last finished chapter of The Immunity Syndrome, my latest canon-compliant TNG story, to AO3 and FF.Net, and watched a lot of athletics. We even earned two medals, which is about as much as Hungary ever achieved on an athletics world championship, so we are proud.

To those who're still around and willing to read weird sci-fi crossovers, title suggestions to the new story are welcome. It's unusual for me to start a story without a title, but this time I just can't come up with a good one. The story takes place during Series 4 and 5 of Primeval, as a 'what if', with Jack, Tosh and Ianto being present and interacting with the ARC team. Owen is a zombie, but CoE never happened, and "Exit Wounds" ended differently.
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Chapter 09 - The Monster Bait and the Epilogue have been posted to FF.Net. My heartfelt thanks to my lovely and generous beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, who's waded through ten chapters of, er, creative grammar to make the story enjoyable for native speakers.

As this is one of those stories that have more chapters than reviews, feel free to be supportive. *g*
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Chapter 08 - Data Who? has been posted to FF.Net, thanks to my wonderful beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland.

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Chapter 07 - The Twin Dilemma has been posted to FF.Net, thanks to my wonderful beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland.


She's actually beta read Chapter 8 already, which will also be posted in a day or two. And I've finished the story today. The last two parts are still a bit rough, but I hope to iron out the glitches when I type them up.

Phew! this was one tough piece of work! I'm so glad it's done. Next project: pushing "Brothers-in-Arms" forward a little. The last update was over 2 years ago, it's high time for me to finish this sucker.

Oh, and I've tried my hand on felt work today, for the first time. My first piece turned out a bit uneven, but Mum likes it and so do I. I'll upload a photo to my Pinterest account as soon as I've made one. You'll be free to grin. *g*
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Chapter 6 - With the Weapons of a... Bridrani has been posted to FF.Net. My heartfelt thanks to my generous beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland.

The plot thickens! Enjoy!
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Thanks to my wonderful beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, Chapter 05 - Switchback has just been posted to FF.Net.

In which Data keeps behaving oddly, the command staff of the Enterprise is worried and Commodore Norsen refuses to tell them the truth.

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Chapter 04 - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? has just been posted to FF.Net, thanks to my generous beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland.
In which Data shows shocking reactions and Ensign Rina is worried.

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Chapter 3 - Mirror Image of Terminus has been posted to FF.Net. The plot thickens and the danger lurking in the background becomes more concrete. Enjoy!
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I've just posted the first two finished chapters of Terminus to FF.Net. It is a simple, G-rated, action-adventure story which I hope to finish in the not too distant future.

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Since I last posted, mind you? Apparently, it has. To my defence, it has been a really harrowing week. Mum had to go to the dentist's, and then we had to go to the chiropodist's, and then we had a really insanely long conference at school followed by a maths competition where I'm always asked to help because there's no chance in Hell I might be able to help the kids (cause I'm really, really stupid when it comes to maths - doing additions in my head beyond 10 is already a challenge), and then this morning we had the big flat cleaning orgy... so, you can imagine, right?

Nonetheless, I've finished the prologue to "Terminus", thanks to a bit help from the Memory Alpha Yahoo Group, the manly men of which pointed me in the right direction of necessary technobabble details, and I've stitched a nice card or two for my pattern book, so the week wasn't entirely lost.

So, how are you doing, fellas? I've been missing you around. I'm following [livejournal.com profile] little_details and four or so storyfinder comms, so the personal posts sometimes go under. Sorry for that. I'm not ignoring you, really. I'm just dreadfully distracted at times.
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So, having dealt with long and incredible complicated projects lately, like Kansas 2 and the upcoming Torchwoodgate parts, I felt the sudden urge to write something simple and straightforward. Thus I dug out one of the Star Trek - TNG stories-in-planning and gave it a head start. "Terminus" is one of those rejected episode plots I pick up sometimes and turn into a story. Honest, down-to-earth action/adventure stuff, with a pinch of romance, set in Season 3, when the Trekkiverse was still simple and optimistic. I expect somewhere between 6 and 10 chapters, depending how often I'll get sidetracked. It will be therapeutic, I think.

I've rewatched some early SG - Atlantis episodes for Torchwoodgate and sometimes watch the rernuns of the various Star Trek series on German TV. It's a shame that there hasn't been that kind of sci-fi made for at least a decade. This new stuff is just boring and depressing. I gave Agent of SHIELDS a try but never got beyond the pilot episode. It isn't even what I'd call proper sci-fi, and I find it boring. I don't really care for the characters, and the whole background is just way too complicated. I did some research to understand what's going on, but in the end I didn't find it worth the effort.

Tried my luck with Stargate - Universe again, in the hope that with enough distance from the first two series I might see its appeal. I still don't. In fact, I found it more insulting and annoying the second time around. So I gave up on it again. Pity, because the visuals are amazing sometimes. But that's just not enough.
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Chapter 11 - There is no Substitute for Success has been posted to FF.Net.

In which Ambassador Lwaxana Troi makes an appearance and the story ends.

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Chapter 10 - Divided Loyalties 3 has been posted to FF.Net.

Enjoy, and if you do, feel free to feed the muse. I'm not above accepting shameless praise. *g*

And I also put up Chapter 4 - Fear And Loathing Aboard the Starship Enterprise, but that's an older story. It has just never been posted to FF.Net. It still has one steady reader, so I'm not complaining.
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Good grief, I really wasn't here for almost 5 days? Where has the time gone? So much about being more consequent with my journal. Ah, well.

It was a busy week. I had to take mum to the optician (sp? - I mean the eye doctor), and since I was already there, I got my eyes checked as well. Apparently, they are all right fo an old hag of my age, which is a relief. I spend entirely too much time before the telly and the computer screen. And reading and writing. Even stitching at times.

Well, the telly problem is solved for a time - my satellite receiver died, and since it's linked with the DVD player somehow, I can't watch DVDs, either. Tried to switch the plugs and stuff, but I'm technically chalenged. Friendly Guy from the repair shop promised to come... eventually. We'll see.

So I put the time to good use and wrote down the synapsis to my TNG stories I plan to write. Also, since I German TV is re-running Babylon 5, I felt inspired to pick up "Kansasn 2" again, the B5-Voyage x-over that has been lying on ice for the last five years or so. No writing actually done yet, but a great deal of research, which is fun.

Among other things, I re-read all 16 chapters of "A Minbari Courtship", which is an excellent story.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll write a little, too.

School starts on Monday again, although without kids for a week. Sigh. I don't feel up to the challenge at all. Getting old and stuff.
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All right, I haven't done much writing in the last couple of days - because I was re-ordering and re-dating my Star Trek - TNG stories, based on the rejected story ideas published in an ancient edition of this book.

I ended up with a series of 9 stories, set in the first 5 seasons of Start Trek - TNG. Most of them fall into Season 2, because that had fewer episodes and wider gaps between the individual episodes where I could settle my stories. Some of these stories are already finished, some are under work and some I haven't even started yet. But it's good to have a functional framework. So, here it is:

Lost Voyages of "The Next Generation"

The Neutral Zone
Stardate: 41 996.1
Set right after the similarly-titled last episode of Season 1.
This story is currently under work.

The Immunity Syndrome
Stardate: 42 082.4
Set in early Season 2, between "The Child" and "Where Silence Has Lease"

Genius is Pain
Stardate 42 317.5
Set in early Season 2, between "Where Silence Has Lease" and "The Outrageous Okona".

IQ Test
Stardate: 42 531.4
Set in mid-season 2, between "A Matter of Honour" and "The Measure of a Man"

Blood & Fire
Stardate: 42 998.5
Set right after Season 2 (Dr Crusher already left) but before Season 3 (Dr Crusher hasn't returned yet. Stardate has been updated and story moved further down on the timeline.
This story is finished, has been posted to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib in its entirety and is currently being posted to FF.Net.

Stardate: 43 795.4
Set in late Season 3, between "Tin Man" and "Hollow Pursuits".

Stardate: 44 459.2
Set in mid-Season 4, between "The Wounded" and "Devil's Due".

The CRystal Skull
Stardate: 45057.1
Set in early Season 5. between "Darmok" and "Ensign Ro".
This story is already finished and is currently being posted to FF.Net.

See Spot Run (working title)
Stardate: 45 352.7
Set in mid-Season 5, between "A Matter of Time" and "New Ground".

There are other rejected script ideas in the book, but that wouldn't fit my idea of TNG. Also, Blood and Ice is not listed above because it's set in an alternate reality.

Ladies and gents, this was my loooong moment of shameless self-promotion. *g*
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As in roughly an hour ago. Go me! All I have to do is to type up the last half a dozen pages and post the last three chapters in a weekly rhythm.

Chapter 09 - in which things begin to heat up in earnest - has been freshly posted to FF.Net. Reviews are love; as always, PM me any mistakes you might find.

Mum and I had eggnog to celebrate, despite the ungodly heat. Some things are worth a little discomfort.

Also, I got a regional Swiss cookbook from a colleague today. I can barely wait for the heat to lessen a bit, so that I can experiment with honest to Earth Swiss recipes.
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Chapters 6-7 - Suspicions have been posted to FF.Net.

I've meanwhile finished Chapter 8 and started Chapter 9 today. I actually hope to finish this story with Chapter 10, if nothing unexpected happens. That would be the shortest time I've written a middle-length story of roughly 100 pages, so I'm pleased by the perspective. "The Crystal Skull" is a fun story to write, especially the parts with the Ferengi.

Reviews, as always, are welcome; please point out any mistakes you may find in PM, for the sake of my delicate self-confidence. ;)
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The two-part Chapter 04-05 - Bargains & Lies has been posted to FF.Net.

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With a seriously tone-down version of the Prelude. It will soon be available via my FF.Net profile, as soon as the site deigns to show it. Updates will come once a week. All other chapters will be posted in their original form (save, perhaps, the mistakes I might find in the process).

Enjoy, and feel free to leave shameless praise on the review board if you do. *g*

Warning: this is a slash story, although none of the canon characters are involved. Still, if that's not your cup of tea, you may not want to read the story.
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Chapter 2 - Wonderland has been posted to FF.Net.

In case the visuals seem familiar (winks at [livejournal.com profile] disthrainsdotte), the underground city was inspired by photos about the Stockholm metro. *g*



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