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In the morning Mum and I went to do some long overdue shopping; mostly groceries and cleaning stuff and so on. But at Deichmann's I got lucky: I finally found a pair of sandals/slippers/whatever that I can actually wear. Even if they are about 5 centimetres longer than my foot.

For those who don't know: I've got an inherited circulatory problem, meaning that I get swollen feet very easily, and having stood around on the school yard for the last decade didn't help. It doesn't hurt or anything, Granny lived 96 years with the same problem and it wasn't the thing that killed her, so I have hopes that it won't kill me, either. But finding shoes is a thing of near impossibility. When I'm extraordinary lucky, I might find shoes that are wide enough, but then they are several sizes larger than what I'd wear if my feet wouldn't swell up every day. At least these are fairly comfortable ones - meant for men, originally. Figures.

In any case, we went to one of the fancy cafés in the shopping centre to celebrate. Two Wiener Kapuziner cost almost 25% of what my new shoes did, but who cares? We decided that we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time, since nobody else ever does.

Coming home, I finished Chapter 17 of Enterprise - The Maiden Voyage, and made decent headway into Chapter 18. Now if I only could bring up the strength tomorrow to type up the whole thing! *fingers crossed* I also continued putting up the previous chapters of the same story to AO3. Currently, I'm at Chapter 9. So far the interest is underwhelming. *sigh*

Afterwards, I tried out a new recipe. Behold my amazing cherry pie:

It isn't just pretty, it tasted fantastic, too. And it's very easy to make, except of getting out all the kernels or stones or whatever they're called in English of the cherries. In the end I looked like some mass murderer, with my hands dark red from cherry juice, up to the elbows. I still haven't managed to get it out from under my fingernails. *g*

And then I had some decent entertainment, watching the 5th episode of Star Trek Continues. If you're a fan of the one and only Original Series and haven't seen it yet, go and watch it! You'll be delighted.

Loved this!

Sep. 1st, 2016 11:05 pm
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Star Trek Phase II Answer to JJTrek - Timeline restored! *g*
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Yeah, I know. It took me some 5 years or so, and I'm truly sorry. But finally, Chapter 9 is here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4830255/9/Kansas-2-The-Yellow-Brick-Road,
and I've written the layout for the rest of the story. All 54 chapters of it.

No, I'm not kidding! The dratted thing is going to have at least 54 parts - unless it spawns some more along the way. Please, don't shoot me. It wasn't planned this way. But it got so complex that it's impossible to write in any shorter manner. And I haven't even included the third arc of the trilogy. *sighs*

Well, at least it's on the roll now. Enjoy!

Cross-posted to all respective Yahoo Groups, so apologies if you get to see this more than once.
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Now that my satellite receiver died on me - again - I decided to re-watch some old favourites. Today, it was "Time's Orphan" of DS9. The story in which Molly O'Brien falls through an anomaly ( really what would ST possibly do without unexpected anomalies?) and comes back as an adult who's grown up in the past alone. It is a fairly simple story, and I remembered the ending, of course, but I still feel ridiculously anxious every time - as if there would be a chance that tis time the O'Briens might not get their little girl back.
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The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey Chronicles II, which I ordered through the Bestsellers English bookshop in Bp, has arrived today. It isn't half as exciting as the first part was, which I bought in Vienna, sadly in German translation, but it still has some very nice Hobbit pictures (good for character visuals), nice stories about the final creation of characters and even small interview snippets with the cast, so I'm quite content.

I'd be happier if I had the first part in English, too, mostly for the vocabulary that could be so very useful for writing and can't be find in ordinary dictionaries, but, well, you can't have everything, right? In any case, I'm looking forward to the extended edition of the film that's due to come out in November and will continue much more Hobbiton (hopefully also the Old Took's birthday party).

I also ordered what seems to be the Americam edition of Sherlock: The Casebook. It has the same author, although a different cover picture, so I hope it's the same book. But even if not, it will be interesting.

Still haven't seen the new Star Trek film. My fellow Trekkies over at Memory Alpha are quite divided about it, but I'll at the very least buy the DVD, I think. I know there are people who're not happy with the identity of the main villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch), and perhaps it would have been better to choose a different one. But I'd have been ever less happy if "John Harrison" turned out to be some nobody, created for this film alone. So shoot me.

I know this isn't Star Trek anymore, not since the Vulcans got villified in "Enterprise" and finally Vulcan itself destroyed in the previous film, so I don't get upset about canon rape and the nullifying of Roddenberry's message any longer. Besides, I never saw a Star Trek movie that I'd like, so I'm not terribly disappointed.
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I've just parted the first installation of Blood & Ice to FF.Net. This is a Star Trek - TNG AU, using names and positions of characters from the original series bible. So Picard's called Julien, Natasha Yar (played by Denise Crosby) is the ship's counselor, and the security chief is a fiery Latino woman by the dreadful name of "Macha" Hernandez. I kid you not, this was the original concept! None of this is my idea! Also, the Crusher kid is a girl named Leslie... but only barely less annoying than her boy wonder counterpart.

In any case, this is a nine-part story, written for [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000, who wanted space zombies. Eight parts are already finished, and I hope that I can write the last one in a week, without it spawning any further chapter - although, knowing my muse, nothing is impossible. Five parts were originally planned, after all, and the serious plotline just sneaked in into what had been intended as an outrageous parody without me even noticing it.

So, if you're still fond of TNG and don't mind a little loving disrecpect towards characters that are very different from their canon selves, go and have some fun! I'll be updating the story in two-day interwalls - I think - until it's finished.
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I watched "Prince Caspian" on German TV yesterday. To my surprise - I found the books terrible infantile and boring, though I gave them a hones try and read them in three different languages, hoping to find out where their charm lies - I liked it a lot. So, perhaps I will buy the DVDs - the local supermarket sells them as a boxed edition. I mean, good fantasy films are so rare, I need to build a good stock. *g*

Also, I watched some of the "Star Trek - Phase II" fanvids on YouTube lately. They are really good. In any case every bit as good plot-wise as the original series. Granted, the actors are amateurs, and it shows (although the guy playing Kirk gets the Shatner mannerisms down to the iota), but the special effects are good, and the whole thing clearly is made with love. I wish I didn't have to watch them on the computer screen - my eyes don't appreciate it - but one of them from time to time will do, I guess.

Edit: Went looking for the Narnia movies. They were sold out. Typical.

Edit #2: Found the first three movies as a boxed edition in the Alexandra bookshop. Watched "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" today. Liked it quite a lot.
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Writing three Torchwood-related stories simultaneously is not an easy thing. Even if two of them are set in the same alternate universe. Especially if I don't even have the time and the peace to concentrate on one story properly.

Having said that, I'm making slow process with "Lost in the Past" - the "Gwen and Ianto trapped in 12th-century Welsh" story, which is crossed over with Brother Cadfael, with the still untitled Tosh romance that takes place during the 2nd series Dr. Who finale "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday", and I've just started a series of loosely connected Tosh-Ianto friendship stories with the overall title "Coffee Breaks". Yes, I know I'm insane, why are you asking?

Of course, this means that the two Cadfael stories still in progress - meaning "Vox Angelica" and "Brothers-in-Arms" have been set on the back burner again. Which is especially annoying, as I've finally managed to figure out who killed the much-disliked character in "Vox Angelica" and why. Drat.

Concerning the Whoniverse, "Atlantis Café" and "Auguries of Immortality" are overdue for an update, and I will eventually have to restart the "Wishverse", "Travellers' Tales" and "Torchwoodgate". Not to mention finish the one shot nicknamed "Comfort" (the actual title of it being "There's Nothing Wrong With Comfort Sex").

And then there's the "Birthright" series that got stuck in the middle of the third story, all that "Alternate Voyager" stuff that needs to be finished, the "Lost Years" series, where I still haven't translated two novel-length pieces from Hungarian into English, the Serina-story (BSG classic) that hasn't gone nowhere for quite some time, "The Toreador Chronicles" that only needs three more pieces to be finally completed, the "Out of Legends"-sequel that hasn't even been started yet, the second piece of the "Kansas"-trilogy that has been on ice for... well, forever... and... and and...

Did I mention the Merlin/Torchwood crossover?

And I haven't written any Tolkienfic for ages!!! *weeps*

Oh, and there would be the small issue with the 1,500 pages-long Grand Epos(TM) in Hungarian, the lost middle part of which ought to be reconstructed one day...

Too many stories to write, too little time to do so.
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I felt a bit down due to yesterday's news, plus I had two hours between the end of work and the teachers' conference that ruined my otherwise half-free afternoon (and I only have two of those in the entire week!), so I decided to spend some money. It always helps.

So I treated myself to a decent meal in a nearby self-selving restaurant ([livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris and [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch could give testimony that it's a good place indeed), and then I hit the bookshop next to it.
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Our choir is also starting to rise from the ashes. We've got quite a few new pieces this year, some of them very loverly.
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So, I got a package of the size of, oh, the Lonely Mountain from the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lhun_dweller. Since Hungarian postal service doesn't deliver anything bigger than a matchbox to anyone's house, I had to go to the post office and fetch it.

Well, at least they hadn't thrown the alert notice into someone else's post box, which is a positive development, I guess. Poor [livejournal.com profile] ithilwen and [livejournal.com profile] archet had both gotten back their lovely prezzies because of postal service idiocy a few years ago and had to re-send it. Yeah, we do live here under a rock when it comes to service... how have you guessed?
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BTW, does anyone have an idea what this new pingback feature is supposed to be and whether we should turn it off???
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I've rewatched the 3rd season Babylon 5 episode "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place" yesterday, and a funny thought occurred to me.

Tolkien, who was a devout Catholic, consequently left out any aspects of an organized religion from his work, even though there are, of course, clear parallels.

JMS, who's a declared atheist, can't stop dealing with religious stuff in B5. Really, it reminds me a little of how straight women keep writing male-on-male slash. Something about the forbidden fruit and all that... only the other way round.

Rabid B5 fans have been raving about Star Trek inferiority for uncounted years, their main argument being that Trek lacked originality. Plus, they raved about DS9 being a shameles rip-off of B5, just because both series took place on a space station. Some equally stupid Trekkers riposted that B5 was ripping off DS9.

Now, I happen to like B5 a great deal (even though I'm a devout Trekkie), but I always found it amusing that nobody seems to address the actual rip-off... cuz, let's face it, JMS has ripped off Tolkien, big time. Starting with naming the homeworld of the Shadows Z'Ha'Dum (Moria anyone?) and even giving a techno-mage Gildor's sentence about wizards being subtle and quick to anger. And there are many other examples.

I for my part do find this amusing.
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I've finished The Lost Warrior today - and boy, am I happy that it's done! The last two chapters still need to be typed up, but God, am I relieved

I love that story, I really do. Science-fiction is great fun to write, sometimes even more so than fantasy, because it allows a great deal of world-building. And with this story, I really let out my creative site to play... and I'm fairly happy with the results. Original BSG/original Trek x-over - what else could anyone wish for?
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I've meant to write someting about it for a long time - and essay, perhaps, for the Otherworlds board - but my thoughts never seemed to form a coherent whole for that. So I'll just write down my woes as they come to my mind.

Woe #1 - The Changing Profile of Doom (TM)
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Woe #2 - Character Rape
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Let's Bring in the Boobs
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The "Everybody is American" effect
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Okay, babbled enough. I just wanted to add that I won't be watching Atlantis in Season 4. I've read spoliers and transcripts about how Season 3 will end, and it's not the show I've grown fond of after a rather bumpy start anymore.

ST meme

Feb. 2nd, 2007 06:03 pm
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] espresso_addict

Man, but I'm being talkative today! Ah, well, come and see my dirty secrets!
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The thought occurred to me while waiting for the bus - yeah, I get inspiration in the weirderst places, I know.
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Cross-posted to Memory Alpha, in the vain hope that it might wake the almost 200 hibernating members from their slumber.
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I just had to turn down the best offer I've ever got - and that I'd possibly ever get in the future - in any of my fandoms.

You see, I got this e-mail today:

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It's tempting. Very, very tempting. But with the Lost Years and the Alternate Voyager series waiting to be written, plust the sequel to Still Not in Kansas, just to name the Trek-related stuff and remain silent about the other few dozen unfinished WIPs, I just can't afford to get involved into something this big and time-consuming.

If I didn't have to work for a living (and work more and more for a less and less lucrative living at that), I might consider it. But the way things are right now, it would be irresponsible to accept obligations I won't be able to fulfill. It's that simple.

But damn it, it hurt to say no! Real appreciation comes my way so rarely, and never has to this extent before.
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If you're an Original Trek fan, you mustn't miss Laura Goodwin's essay, The Vulcan Penis Problem. No, it's completely harmless, despite the provocative title - it discusses the lack of creativity of smut writers when it comes to Vulcan mating habits, and that in a way that's not just completely neutral but also hilarious.

I cross-posted this to [livejournal.com profile] telekis_vendiak. One can recommend essays as well, right?
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Well, this is something that's gonna be really long. It'll take up maybe more entries. But it will help me to keep track on my new (or planned) achievements, as I'll simply turn the title of the ones I manage to get hold of into bold font - and admire my success afterwards. *g*

Yes, I'm a strange, strange person. Hitting the half-century mark doesn't help with that, of course, but then I was strange as an adolescent already, so I probably can't blame my age, eh?

So, let's start with the good old sci-fi stuff, shall we?
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As I re-read this entry, I got a little bit schocked how greedy I am. And I haven't even gone any further than general Star Trek background trivia and some Original series novels. Well, at least I know why I'll be working at least ten more years. The bucks for this dark passion must be earned somehow. *g*


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