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Aka: A new story was really the last thing I needed.

Yesterday I indulged in a Primeval marathon, watching half of Series 4 in one go. Mostly because I wanted to see whether the German distributors were really idiotic enough to bring out Series 5 as the 2nd part of Series 4 before I would start hunting down Series 5. It turns out, they were. Why they did it is beyond me, but at least I can rest assured that I really have the entire series.

And then I sat down and typed up the 3-page-start of a new Primeval/Torchwood/Sherlock crossover, in which Mycroft Holmes is James Lester's superior, Tosh and Owen are still alive, Matt Anderson (the last team leader of Primeval) is a Time Agent, like Jack Harkness, and Ianto goes undercover within the ARC to find out what Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig's character) is up to.

There is a bit more to it, like the Rift having temporarily closed up, Andy Dadvidson and Mickey Smith being hired as field agents and Gwen being pregnant, but these are the basic settings. This morning I worked out a rough plot, decided which canon events from Primeval can be kept and which ones have to be changed and how the TW3 gang (well, Jack, Ianto and Tosh) can fit in with the ARC without blowing their cover.

Yes, I'm officially insane, I know.
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Sooo, I tried my hand on a somewhat complicated birthday/wedding/whatever card. It turned out horribly uneven in some places, but at least I've figured out what to do or what not to do when making one again. Just like with he Battenberg cake, really.

Here it is:

It isn't really as crappy as on the photo - for example, the sides are completely parallel. I was just having difficulties with bringing my capricious iPad into the right position.

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As the subject line above says, I had a very busy weekend, spent with baking, crafting and writing.
Yes, WRITING! Something I haven't been able to do for a very long time! Yay!

Details of baking disaster under the cut... )

Then I did some more crafting, working on the third wedding journal. Thank God the other two are already done, but those were envelope journals and therefore easy to make... well, once I've figured out which side is which and what the right direction is to put the dratted envelopes into each other. The third one, though, is a vintage journal, with proper binding, a brown felt cover and metal applications. The clasp I bought has screws, so it's probably meant for wooden boxes, but it has holes, so I'll simply sew onto the cover, once it's done. The pages are mostly finished, due about three weeks of very detailed work, decorations all made free hand and all that. Now if I don't screw up the binding completely, it will be stunning - or so I hope.

Yes, there will be pictures of the journals. Mum volunteered to hold them open at various places, so that I can take photographs. Have I already mentioned that she's a saint?

But the best piece of news is: I've actually finished "An Excellent Mystery"! Yeah! Took me only three years which, considering that some of my WIPs are over a decade and a half old, is fairly quick for me.

Of course, there are parts of the last chapter and the short epilogue that need to be cleaned up and rephrased, but I can do that while typing up the stuff. And if the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland is still willing to clean up my creative grammar, I might be able to post the rest of the story before [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo starts in earnest.

In spite of the baking disaster, I find this a successful weekend.
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The penultimative chapter has been posted to FF.Net, AO3 and to the [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms LJ comm.
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New chapter has been posted to FF.Net, AO3 and to the [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms LJ community.

The plot thickens... just saying. Supportive comments would be very much appreciated.
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... has been posted to FF.Net, to AO3 and to the [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms LJ comm.

In which Mr Jungle Jones makes his first appearance.

As the fankiddies would say: Plz R&R! *g*
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... has been posted to FF.net, AO3 and to the [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms LJ comm.

In which Sherlock finally makes an appearance and everyone is impressed. Well... always everyone.
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Chapter 6 has been posted to FF.Net, to AO3 and to the [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms LJ comm, so you have no excuse for not reading. *evil cackle*

In which John's house is getting cleaned up, Mrs Hudson makes her first appearance and our heroes make an unexpected discovery.

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... has been posted to FF.Net, AO3 and [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms.

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...watching Series 4 of Sherlock, that is. Granted, with Hungarian dubbing, which rarely helps, but still. At the behinning of The Six Thatchers there were a few scenes I actually liked (Sherlock and Mycroft snapping at each other, for one), although I found John's new hairdo horrible and Sherlock's deductions seemed closer to the ramblings of a mentally ill person than the brilliant thinking of the early seasons.

However, I draw the line when Sherlock went off investigating with Mary, leaving John be hint with the baby. I mean, WTF? Aside from the fact that Ms Abbington's acting fails to impress me - of course, playing such an idiotically written character must be a hard thing for an actress to do; she was magnitudes better in The Empty Hearse, when Mary still made sense - that was the moment when Sherlock stoppef to have anything to do with ACD's concept of a friendship based on mutual respect between Holmes and Watson. And don't tell me that the original Watson was merely a funny sidekick for comic relief. Because I read the original stories, nearly all of them, and I know he wasn't.

So, at that point I switched off my telly. And I don't intend to switch it on again when Ep 4.02 will be shown next week. From now on I'll stick to pre-series 3 fanfic - and AUs. Including my own ones.
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...has been posted to FF.Net, To AO3 and to the [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms community.

Reviews are welcome, especially nice ones. ;)
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... has been posted to FF.Net, [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms and AO3.

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Finishing "Turn Left" apparently worked wonders for me. Yesterday I've managed to finish the long-ongoing latest chapter of "An Excellent Mystery", my Victorian Sherlock fic - even though it cost me a lot of research and I had to re-read certain parts of "The Count of Monte Cristo". In English. I last read that book in Hungarian translation some 40+ years ago. Heh.

Anyway, I needed Sherlock, Dr Sawyer and Molly to find Alice Spice and her partner-in-crime, Lord Adair, in Paris, and I thought that Auteuil would be just the right place for them to hide. I also introduced a French detective, Inspecteur Lescaut, modelled after a secondary character in the French police series "Julie Lescaut". Of course, in the 19th century there were no female detectives at the Sureté, so I had to take the husband instead of the wife, but, well, I hope it will work out.

I've also been watching "The Murdoch Mysteries", being on re-run in Hungarian TV, even though their methods are most likely not authentic. However, the atmosphere of the series is very helpful for this story. I hope that in two more chapters - three at the most - I'll be able to finish this sucker. If only I could make up my mind about what should happen to the guilty party...
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... is posted to FF.Net, since AO3 won't let me post any new stories since today's maintenance.

For those who have a phobia against the Pit of Voles, I also posted the story to [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms. At least I'll only have to copy&paste my chapters once AO3 deigns to allow me to put them up there. *fingers crossed, as it refuses to let my import from anywhere lately*

As the story has been completely written, I can promise one new chapter a week. Enjoy, and feel free to praise it shamelessly. Comments - especially positive ones - encourage me to finally go on with the rest of my never-ending WIPs. Or so I hope. *g*


Mar. 11th, 2017 07:15 pm
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People, I've actually finished "Turn Left - The Veteran's House"!

No, really, I have!

It ended up with 11 chapters altogether, including the Epilogue, 9 of which have already beta read by the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, the noblest lady of the British Isles and a great benefactor of cats and non-native English speaker authors.

I'm planning on resting on my laurels for a day or two, and then I'll start posting the story to FF.Net, AO3 and [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms, simultaneously. A chapter, max. two a week will be fast enough, I think.

Just a reminder: this is the Sherlock AU based on an online game, in which John doesn't run into Mike Stamford at the beginning of the tale. Instead, he goes into a little village to try fixing a half-ruined house he'd inherited from a distant uncle years previously. But, as Miss Marple would tell us, you can find the most shocking things in a little English village. Including dubious archaeologists, construction workers that look like South American drug barons and zombies. *evil cackle*
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Sooo, after having suffered through Series 3 (which I found boring, illogical and a complete character assassination) and the Christmas special (of which I only liked some of the Victorian stuff), as well as having been thoroughly informed about Series 4, I decided to wash my hands over "Sherlock".
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In any case, I won't be ordering the Series 4 DVDs. I have better things to spend my hard-earned money on. Sooner or later, the new series will come to German or Hungarian TV, and I will watch, to see Freeman and Cumberbatch act, because they are great at what they are doing, but other than that, I'm done with "Sherlock". I won't even read any fanfic dealing with the events beyond Series 2. I have better things to do with my precious free time, too.
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This is a brand new story idea of mine, inspired by this game. It's a Sherlock AU, in which John misses Mike Stamford and such doesn't get introduced to Sherlock. So, what will happen? How will he find his footing after getting invalided home? Will he ever meet Sherlock?

Story layout )

I've already figured out the case - it is based on the ACD story "The Three Garridebs", but with a mighty twist. There won't be any Garridebs, for starters. And the whole thing will have an Agatha Christie-like touch, although Miss Marple wouldn't actually be part of it.

I'll post the case and the character list later, just for my own amusement. If this will actually become a story has to be seen.
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As if I needed any more plotbunnies...
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Chapter 10 - A Peer of the Realm has been posted to FF.Net.

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Chapter 07 - Tea and Deductions has been posted to FF.Net.

In which John visits an old Army buddy of his, with Sherlock and Mary in tow, there is tea and there will be deductions, both among the ladies and the gentlemen. Beta read by the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, thanks!



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