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So, having dealt with long and incredible complicated projects lately, like Kansas 2 and the upcoming Torchwoodgate parts, I felt the sudden urge to write something simple and straightforward. Thus I dug out one of the Star Trek - TNG stories-in-planning and gave it a head start. "Terminus" is one of those rejected episode plots I pick up sometimes and turn into a story. Honest, down-to-earth action/adventure stuff, with a pinch of romance, set in Season 3, when the Trekkiverse was still simple and optimistic. I expect somewhere between 6 and 10 chapters, depending how often I'll get sidetracked. It will be therapeutic, I think.

I've rewatched some early SG - Atlantis episodes for Torchwoodgate and sometimes watch the rernuns of the various Star Trek series on German TV. It's a shame that there hasn't been that kind of sci-fi made for at least a decade. This new stuff is just boring and depressing. I gave Agent of SHIELDS a try but never got beyond the pilot episode. It isn't even what I'd call proper sci-fi, and I find it boring. I don't really care for the characters, and the whole background is just way too complicated. I did some research to understand what's going on, but in the end I didn't find it worth the effort.

Tried my luck with Stargate - Universe again, in the hope that with enough distance from the first two series I might see its appeal. I still don't. In fact, I found it more insulting and annoying the second time around. So I gave up on it again. Pity, because the visuals are amazing sometimes. But that's just not enough.
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I really, honestly inteded to write some more about our wonderful trip, but I'm still trying to catch up with everything that has happened during my absence. Plus, I thought posting the next installment of the Torchwood Wedding story and uploading some stuff to make it available on FF.Net was more urgent. I shouldn't have bothered, honestly. It really doesn't matter when it gets mostly ignored, save the faithful three or four people who actually do read it. :(

In any case, heat wave is depressing, school has restarted (even though without the kids, for the time being), the flat is a mess, but at least I've managed to get some writing done. Not much, but since it's mostly a l'art pour l'art act - it isn't so as if my fans would break my door down for the next update - I'm vaguely pleased with myself.

I've caught up with some of my favourite Merlin and Torchwood stories - it was actually an intelligent move to put them to story alert, considering the fact how flooded both fandoms are with poorly written, mediocre shit that gets enthusiastic welcome - and I'm just about to move on to Stories of Arda where there are some long-ongoing train wrecks I cannot resist reding. Again, the sort that gets enthusiastic welcome.

Well, yeah, life is unfair, but at least I'm having fun. Sometimes.

OTOH, I'm currently re-watching Alien Nation - thanks [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris to hunt it down for me! - and am still amazed how excellent that show still is. C'mon folks,it's been decades, and it's still 300% better than anything current television comes up with in the sci-fi category.
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Watched an episode and a half of "Robot", the first serial with Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor on YouTube yesterday. Not more because watching anything on a computer screen really kills my eyes. I loved it! Watching it was mostly due to research on Harry Sullivan - I wanted to hear his voice, see how he moves around and stuff, as he'll be in the sequel to "Lost in the Past" - as a sixty-something old Commodore. Which will be a funny thing, as the actor himself died at the age of 42, poor man.

Anyway, it made me wish to see more Classic Who. I loved the robot in it, and it was interesting to see Sarah Jane as a young thing. Tom Baker was... interesting, to say the least; he remained me on Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor in some moments - only not quite so dark. I think I ought to hunt down the episodes with both Sarah Jane and Harry, preferably on DVD, so that I can watch them properly and without losing what's still there of my eyesight.

It was interesting that I could understand most of the actors quite well, even without any subtitles. So, I'm not a completely lost case where listening comprehension is considered - or the actors used to articulate better in the olden days of televison. The only one I had problems with was the eccentric scientist. So yeah, subtitles are good - even if they make you lazy.

I've decided to turn "Lost in the Past" into a full-fledged trilogy, with the second part being a CoE fix-it, featuring Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith with her son and her supercomputer, Donna's family, and everyone else I can bring back from Classic Who without stressing credibility beyond endurance. In other words: it's research time again!
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German TV was generous enough to show the 2008 remake of The Andromeda Strain, the classic American sci-fi movie from 1971. As I'm a great fan of the classic movie as well as the original Chrichton novel, I sat down in front of the telly (well, lay down, due to my somewhat ruined state at the moment) to watch it.

It was an interesting experience.
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All in all: a remake that wasn't really necessary to make. Sometimes you just can't beat the classics. (BSG anyone?)
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I felt a bit down due to yesterday's news, plus I had two hours between the end of work and the teachers' conference that ruined my otherwise half-free afternoon (and I only have two of those in the entire week!), so I decided to spend some money. It always helps.

So I treated myself to a decent meal in a nearby self-selving restaurant ([livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris and [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch could give testimony that it's a good place indeed), and then I hit the bookshop next to it.
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Our choir is also starting to rise from the ashes. We've got quite a few new pieces this year, some of them very loverly.
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Although I *swore* not to buy any new DVDs for a while, I just got ensnarled in the supermarket again. They had the "Martian Chronicles" trilogy (with Rock Hudson) on sale. I still had a few gift boons from last year, so I came up with the fake excuse that I won't actually give out any money for them - and bought them.

Well... it was an interesting experience. One that reassured me in my bone-deep belief that you don't need spectacular CGI to make a really good film. I especially loved the first part, with the expedition and stuff... and I loved the fact that the Martians were shown as people - as bald people with glowing eyes and golden fingernails, but otherwise rather humanoid. I liked their culture, too, the complete harmony with nature how they lived and stuff. The sand-sleighs (or ships) were fantastic!

Of course, the fact that now we know there isn't life on Mars - at least not *that* kind of intelligent life, the best we can hope for are some microbes - does dampen the experience a bit. That and the fact that the morale of the story was virtually hammered home with a sledgehammer, or worse. Still it was a great story, and I'll eventually re-watch it.

I red the "Martian Chronicles" when I was a teenager and remember loving them. I never thought one could make such a stunning movie out of them, even though it's likely that they kneaded the individual novellas into one big, perahps even different storyline.

Now that I'm working on the Toshiko-as-the-9th-Doctor's-companion story, which actually includes an adventure on Mars, I'm wondering whether I could come up with a likely, although not completely similar culture, something that has died out, oh, 300 million or so years ago. I'm actually good at recycling. And the parallels between what we know about the current conditions on Mars could build an interesting mirror image to what once might have been.

In other news, school's started again. No kids yet, just us, but the holidays are over. *sniff*
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So, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] altariel and [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris, not to mention my own good luck in Vienna, I'm now the proud order of Series 1 (C. Ecclestone), 3 and 4 (both D. Tennant) of the new Dr. Who. I foresee no sleep in the remaining week of my holidays at all. *]*

I must admit that I watch them a bit randomly, so my impressions are rather... erm, mixed. As I only saw the episodes with Jack Harkness before (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch!), my chronological order is already messed up, so what the heck...

Impressions in no particular order:

- Donna Noble is awesome (and not only b/c he slapped the 10th Doctor twice in "The Runaway Bride")

- So is Martha, but I already knew that. I loved her in her TW visits already.

- Tenth Doctor is still getting on my nerves. Perhaps it's work-related; I have to deal with manic, hyperactive teenagers on a daily basis. I like Nine, though. At least he's an adult.

- Martha's family is hilarious. Rose's Mother is a horror. Small wonder the girl turned out a bit twisted. Donna's Gramps is very loveable.

- Sarah Parish as evil Spider Queen was awe-inspiringly creepy. Still, why is this beautiful woman always playing monsters? (See the troll in "Merlin"!) Yasmin Bannerman as Jabe, the tree-woman is amazing. Someone has an icon with her and with the inscription "I know where the Entwives have gone" - I find that great.

- Was interesting to watch "The Sontaran Strategem", as I've resurrected some of the UNIT personnel for Torchwoodgate. Now I relly need to get my grubby little hands on "The Planet of the Dead", so that I can see my chosen villain, Dr. Malcolm Taylor, and Capt. Magambo in action.

- First Rose episode actually wasn't that bad. The killer plastic puppets were creepy... almost as creepy as Rose herself. Erm... yes... no, I could bear her better than I thought I would. Still not liking her, but not half as bad as Gwen-bloody-Cooper from TW. And at least she has the excuse of being very young at the start.

- Colin Morgan was cute in "Midnight". But I guess I'm biased.

Stupid DVDs I bought in Vienna don't have English subtitles. C. Eccleston isn't always easy to understand. Sometimes I have to switch to German dubbing. Ah, well, it's still a great experience.

Watched some classic episodes online, too. I seem to like the Third Doctor. He really has class.
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The original, of course. The one and only for me to exist. *g*

Now, I've started posting Serina's story, titled With the Weapons of a Woman to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib. This link takes you to the index page, to which all further chapters will be linked. I've written the Prologue and four chapters so far, the fifth one well under work and hope this story will be finished at a reasonable length.

Now, I know that the classic Galactica doesn't have many fans left in these shallow days. ;)
But should you know some, guiding them in the direction of this story would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, the icon I've stolen from my good friend, [livejournal.com profile] archet, to show the clueless masses who - and what Starbuck was supposed to be.

Addendum: I've also finished "Blood and Fire". The last chapter has been posted to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib and to the Otherworlds Yahoo Group. So, TNG fans are also welcome. :)
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Finally found the time to see the remake with Keanu Reeves - and actually liked it. I keep wondering why do I like Keanu Reeves so much; the guy had only one facial expression, and he doesn't age well... and yet I keep liking him. Even though, as it was revealed in this movie, he has ugly feet. I even used him as the basics for my own Elrond image once; [livejournal.com profile] archet has made me a pretty photomanip of him as Elrond.

Kyle Chandler, OTOH, did age well. He has left behind his pretty boy image known from "Tour of Duty" and "Early Edition", and maturity suits him very much. I haven't seen him for a long time and was pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, the film: the visuals were great, and I liked the robot. Liked John Cleese as Professor Barnhardt and was so happy to see Roger R. Cross again. I loved him in "First Wave" - he was the only reason I watched that crappy show as long as I did. Loved Cathy Bates as the Defence Secretary, too. The female lead, though, couldn't really get to me. Is it me that I can't buy all these lovely young ladies who do impossible things (Mary Sue anyone) or are there really no female roles of the younger version that would *not* be stereotypical?

The creators say that this is a new, grittier version of the original. Now I'm more desirous than ever to actually see the original. You just can't beat the classics... no matter what people say about the... thing into which Ron Moore twisted BSG.
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Alagos icon today, because I'm seriously working on finishing The Web of Darkness. The fact that I've finally figured out how the story is gonna end helps enormously. *g*
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It was nice, it was relaxing - despite the running to and fro, just for the heck of it - and we managed to spend an indecent amount of cash on relatively unnecessary things. Yay!
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The day before our departure I also brought an outrageously expensive book: The History of the Hobbit by JRRT, by John D. Rateliff. It's interesting, what I've seen of it so far. Spending money unnecessarily always helps with frustration. Too bad you can't always use the method, eh?
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Or rather some old ones. Quite a few ones, in fact, mostly travelling vids about places where I was (like Belgium) or where I'm planning to go (like Stockholm). But also some old movies I loved for some reason, although I still haven't succeeded to find a copy of "Ladyhawke"

In any case, I also purchased the old "Andromeda Strain" movie, based on the novel by Michael Chrichton, a book I useed to love. I also used to love the movie, decades ago, when I first saw it.

I was positively surprised that I found the movie every bit as good and exciting as at the firs time.
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I've posted another short essay to the Otherworlds board, titled Gemoni Society and Religious Beliefs. In a slightly different version, it can also be read in the 13th chapter of "The Lost Warrior", but since I decided to put up all the background stuff I've created to the original Galactica, I thought this excerpt would work well in that.

I must admit, that the Gemoni twins as shown in the Galactica pilot spawned all this dualistic religion stuff - and taking it to the extreme - the whole Gemini society. But I had fun doing that (religious dualism and it affect on Christianity was an interesting topic when I studied Catholic theology), so I thought I'd share it.
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This is something that fans of the original Battlestar Galactica (the one and only for me) would probably enjoy. I've done a little essay, or, let's say, a trivia table for my "Lost Years" series, which is a never-ending series of crossovers between the original Star Trek and the original BSG.

The Distribution of Sector G-132 shows how the Colonial fugitives, after having met the Enterprise in the first story of the series, have settled in Sector G-132, on the very edge of known Federation space. It gives the planet names, the capital cities, state form, religion, Council representatives, ships assigned to the individual colonies and so on.

Trivia fans, have fun!

Telly woes

Jan. 22nd, 2008 12:33 am
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Well, either I'm getting progressively stupid at my old age, or today's offer in sci-fi and/or fantasy television are utter tripe. Not that the two would be mutually exclusive, mind you. But I find that there's barely anything I could really enjoy.
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I've finished The Lost Warrior today - and boy, am I happy that it's done! The last two chapters still need to be typed up, but God, am I relieved

I love that story, I really do. Science-fiction is great fun to write, sometimes even more so than fantasy, because it allows a great deal of world-building. And with this story, I really let out my creative site to play... and I'm fairly happy with the results. Original BSG/original Trek x-over - what else could anyone wish for?
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... which will be [livejournal.com profile] jastaelf's birthday fic. I've written 4 full chapters already, some of it is a way bit creepy, but I'm content with it. Chapter 5 is on its way.

I might have to post it un-betaed, though, at least for the beginning. Just as some of the Edhellond anniversary fics. Too many eskimos, too few fish... or whatnot. I'm tired, we have a heat wave, school starts on Monday, and I've already been called to the principal before the whole thing begins, so I'm having such joyous expectations - NOT! Don't expect me to be coherent.

Went to Vienna with Mum to end the summer with a nice experience. Got me the 3rd season of Buffy on DVD, the 8th season of Stargate and some Babylon 5 stuff I've never heard before. No Alien Nation, no Andromeda. I wish frigging amazon.uk would accept our money. They have such nice boxed editions, and in Region 2 coding, too... ah, well.

Almost finished the "Tales Before Tolkien" anthology of modern fantasy stories. Some of them were nice, some of them were utter crap. I'd like to write a few reviews about them, but just don't feel up to the challenge.
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Got the original Underworld movie, after all. It's... interesting, even though a bit too brutal for my taste. Liked the werewolf scientist a lot. Too bad he got killed. It's always the funny, quirky guys with personality who have to bite the dust. Looking forward to watch the sequel, soon.

Blade - the Series is finished on PRO7. Too bad the show was never picked up for a second season, although Blade himself is the least interesting character in the whole thing. I kinda liked Marcus Van Scriver, even if he was evil. [livejournal.com profile] larian would hate the show, as Kavan Smith dies a horrible death in it. *g*

More French picspam as soon as I get around editing my photos. Still hate the keypad of my new Notebook. Still miss my old PC. Still unable to access my saved work, due to the lack of some programs on said Notebook. *sighs* Life is complicated.


Mar. 9th, 2007 11:52 pm
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I've finished Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. For those among you who might not know: this is the novel on which Blade Runner was based. Those who don't know the movie, I can't help. There are classics you simply have to see (and to read), if you're a sci-fi affectionado.

Anyway, I saw the film first and bought the book because there were parts of the film I couldn't quite get a grip on. I didn't realize back then that I've managed to get one of these dumbed-down re-told versions that are made for language students; the beginners. A version that's stripped of everything but the bare skeleton of the story: characterization, descriptions, and so on.

Even so, it was an interesting reading. It's opened my eyes to the fact how much Asimov and Roddenberry have shaped our mental image of androids/robots/AIs, whatever. We - or at least I, personally - tend to the prejudice that whenever an android is treated badly, it's the human's fault. That poor little droids don't want anything else but become true humans (which, if we think about it, is terrifying enough as it is).

Well, this book is different. The androids in this one are unfeeling creatures that kill and destroy without being touched - without, in fact, wantign to be touched by empathy. The story itself is a fairly flat one, so stripped to the bones - I missed the eerie atmosphere of the film, and Rutger Hauer's suggestive acting. He almost made me care for the character when watching the movie. Almost. But the simplicity of the re-told story was, in a way, much more disturbing than the gorgeous acting and visuals of the film. Even without the incredible music of Vangelis, whom I dearly love... although he tends to repeat himslef sometimes. *g*

ST meme

Feb. 2nd, 2007 06:03 pm
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] espresso_addict

Man, but I'm being talkative today! Ah, well, come and see my dirty secrets!
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Below is a list of VHS tapes or DVDs that I Absolutely Have to Get (TM). As you'll probably realize, sci-fi plays a major rule among them. As always, the ones I already own are in bold.

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Of course, owning Start Trek as a whole on DVD would be cool, too, but since I have bought everything but the last half season of Voyager on VHS, it wouldn't be very realistic. And no, I don't even consider Enterprise as a part of Star Trek, thank you very much.

All right, this is still only the stuff I want most at the moment. Later additions are possible, of course, as my greed knows no limits. *g*


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