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Chapter 9 - Power Play of Enterprise: The Maiden Voyage and Chapter 2, Part 4 of Prophecy & Change have been posted to FF.Net.


Oh, and I hope there will soon be an update of my Victorian Sherlock story, An Excellent Mystery, as well!
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Okay, since Enterprise has unexpectedly grown on me, despite its many flaws, I decided to jump over my own shadow as the Germans would say and give the new version of BSG a chance. Well... two hours into it and i've regretted it already. Aside from the fact how it deconstructs much-loved characters from the original, admittedly a bit naive show, it is kong-winded and boring. The sets and uniforms are ugly, the cast horrible and none of tha characters have any redeeming qualities.

Some of the tech and the computer effects are mildls interesting, but that is about all the positive stuff I can say. I was never so bored during a so-called space battle (what battle?) before and I never cared less for the supposed heroes I was meant to identify with. Seriously, I am crossing my fingers for the Cylons, and the pilot isn't even over yet.
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I've just parted the first installation of Blood & Ice to FF.Net. This is a Star Trek - TNG AU, using names and positions of characters from the original series bible. So Picard's called Julien, Natasha Yar (played by Denise Crosby) is the ship's counselor, and the security chief is a fiery Latino woman by the dreadful name of "Macha" Hernandez. I kid you not, this was the original concept! None of this is my idea! Also, the Crusher kid is a girl named Leslie... but only barely less annoying than her boy wonder counterpart.

In any case, this is a nine-part story, written for [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000, who wanted space zombies. Eight parts are already finished, and I hope that I can write the last one in a week, without it spawning any further chapter - although, knowing my muse, nothing is impossible. Five parts were originally planned, after all, and the serious plotline just sneaked in into what had been intended as an outrageous parody without me even noticing it.

So, if you're still fond of TNG and don't mind a little loving disrecpect towards characters that are very different from their canon selves, go and have some fun! I'll be updating the story in two-day interwalls - I think - until it's finished.
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In the unlikely case that anyone is interested, I've posted the finished Windswept vignettes to my Fictionpress account. I seriously doubt that there would be much interest for them, but at least they'll be accessible. Perhaps one day I'll find the inspiration to write more. I like to play in that 'verse, and the vignette form saves me the trouble to work out long, complicated storylines I would never have the time to finish anyway.
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I haven't done any creative writing since [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo ended, and let me tell you, not writing for five consecutive days is something compeltely unnatural for me. And no, finishing Chapter 12 of "Vox Angelica" doesn't count, it was almost done, I just forced myself before the computer and typed up the last couple of paragraphs, which I hate. But I wanted it out of my hair.

You can measure the level of my frustration on the fact that I didn't even write them down by hand first - as a rule, I write everything down by hand first. Things that I don't have on paper don't even exist for me.
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On a more positive note, though, part of the shiny shinies that the most wonderful [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris helped to organize has arrived yesterday, so I was watching "The Sarah Jane Adventures" while stuffing books and videotapes back into the book-case. I loved Season One and the first two stories of Season Two so far. Yes, it's a kiddie show, but ith as loveable characters, exciting plots and a healthy amount of fun.

I also got "Alien Nation", which, IMO, is one of the best sci-fi shows made, ever. A shame it only lived to see one seasons, but I liked the TV-movies coming up after the series' end, too.

Further writing plans will be discussed in a separate entry, when my brain has recovered.
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by Soledad

The description of the chosen planet is based on the excellent book “What if the Moon Didn’t Exist?” by Neil F. Cumins.

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There isn't more at the moment, I'm afraid. I just wanted to kick off the entire thing plot-wise.
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by Soledad

Inspired by the storm we had two days ago.

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Notes: Sahagin, nicknamed the Sea-hag, is an oceanologist by trade – the only one who still dares to explore the planet’s vast seas.
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(The outline of a possible sci-fi universe)
by Soledad

This is just a first, tentative set of places. The names will likely to be changed, more characters will be added gradually, and so on.

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(The outline of a possible sci-fi universe)
by Soledad

Note: This is just a first, tentative set of characters. The names will likely to be changed, more characters will be added gradually, and so on.

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So, that’s all so far. All and any ideas are welcome, and a joint effort to use all this stuff isn’t out of the question, either.
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Due to the flattering interest shown for my fledgling universe, I'm giving you some of the background facts. :)

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This is the original outline of the universe; some aspects may be changed as things develop, but these are the basiscs.

Coming up next: main characters and important places.
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[livejournal.com profile] lhun_dweller, this one is for you!

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Now, remember, this isn't an actual story; just like with the previous snippet, I was trying to get a feeling for the character.
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... I'm giving the short piece of original fic that insisted to be written, despite hellish temperatures, last night. I know I've posted a bunch of background info on LJ somewhere, but I seem unable to find it. So, I'm just posting this little appetizer on its own.
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That's it for starters. Ask questions if you're interested.
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... like other people collect stamps. I've just watched "Invasion of the Bane" on YouTube, and as a result, not only are my eyes rolling out of my skull, I'm also hooked on "The Sarah Jane Adventures". As if I needed an umpteenth fandom!

I originally started watching it because Sarah Jane, just like Harry Sullivan, will have a big, important part in my CoE fix-it story, and I needed to know who the characters in the series are, what they look like, how they speak and how they move. Now I'm completely lost. *sighs*

At least I might find some SJA DVDs when I go to Vienna next time. I don't have high hopes for any 4th Doctor episodes featuring Harry Sullivan. Too bad, because I loved those, too, to pieces. But watching them on the computer screen is the shortest way to blindness, I fear. *more sighs*
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Writing three Torchwood-related stories simultaneously is not an easy thing. Even if two of them are set in the same alternate universe. Especially if I don't even have the time and the peace to concentrate on one story properly.

Having said that, I'm making slow process with "Lost in the Past" - the "Gwen and Ianto trapped in 12th-century Welsh" story, which is crossed over with Brother Cadfael, with the still untitled Tosh romance that takes place during the 2nd series Dr. Who finale "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday", and I've just started a series of loosely connected Tosh-Ianto friendship stories with the overall title "Coffee Breaks". Yes, I know I'm insane, why are you asking?

Of course, this means that the two Cadfael stories still in progress - meaning "Vox Angelica" and "Brothers-in-Arms" have been set on the back burner again. Which is especially annoying, as I've finally managed to figure out who killed the much-disliked character in "Vox Angelica" and why. Drat.

Concerning the Whoniverse, "Atlantis Café" and "Auguries of Immortality" are overdue for an update, and I will eventually have to restart the "Wishverse", "Travellers' Tales" and "Torchwoodgate". Not to mention finish the one shot nicknamed "Comfort" (the actual title of it being "There's Nothing Wrong With Comfort Sex").

And then there's the "Birthright" series that got stuck in the middle of the third story, all that "Alternate Voyager" stuff that needs to be finished, the "Lost Years" series, where I still haven't translated two novel-length pieces from Hungarian into English, the Serina-story (BSG classic) that hasn't gone nowhere for quite some time, "The Toreador Chronicles" that only needs three more pieces to be finally completed, the "Out of Legends"-sequel that hasn't even been started yet, the second piece of the "Kansas"-trilogy that has been on ice for... well, forever... and... and and...

Did I mention the Merlin/Torchwood crossover?

And I haven't written any Tolkienfic for ages!!! *weeps*

Oh, and there would be the small issue with the 1,500 pages-long Grand Epos(TM) in Hungarian, the lost middle part of which ought to be reconstructed one day...

Too many stories to write, too little time to do so.
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I've posted a couple of one-shots to [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms, both offshots to the Tosh/9th Doctor tale that can be cound at [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib.

The two parts of "Final Farewell" are really short, 3 and 4 pages only, but those who follow the main story might not want to read them just yet, since they would give away the end of the Tosh/Yoshitsune arc.

The third one, however, "Breaking the Cycle", is a Japanese ghost story, sort of, including an Immortal samurai, an Eastern vampire (very different from the ones I usually write), lots and lots of swordfight and arcane arts, and, of course, a ghost - all that with a sappy, romantic ending. I was very liberal with White Wolf canon, so [livejournal.com profile] crowdaughter would probably want to lynch me for it, but I'm quite happy with the results.
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Yes, I am, honestly. After having ranted how much I'm not interested in "Heroes", I finally gave in and bought the first 11 episodes on DVD. Okay, they were on sale at the local Auchan, but still.

The reason, you ask? Two reasons, actually. They're called Santiago Cabrera and S. Ramamurthy. I like Leonard Roberts, too, even since his youthful days in "Buffy", but it's mostly for the two aforementioned reason.

Yeah, I know. Just how pathetic is that?

I could argue, of course, that I've adapted Ramamurthy's character for "Torchwoodgate", and so I need to know how he moves and what his voice sounds like, but let's face it - I'm shallow. Had I realized that my beloved Lancelot was on "Heroes", I'd probably have given in a lot earlier. That's how shallow I really am.

But again, even ageing ladies like me need something to ogle from time to time, so it's perhaps not that bad, after all. And who knows, I might actually enjoy "Heroes". Who knows? Perhaps I just caught a particularly uninteresting part on German TV when I decided not to follow it.

Addition, aka another-book-that-I-must-have:
Entanglements by Martha Wells

An SGA novel featuring Miko Kusanagi, apparently. Since Martha Wells also wrote "Repository", my all-time-favourite SGA novel, this one must be really good, too. At least the excerpt I read on the Amazon website looks promising.

Fun times

May. 1st, 2010 01:22 am
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Habe heute abend anderthalb Kilo Spargel geschält. 58 Stück, wenn ihr das unbedingt wissen mußt. War eine Heidenarbeit, aber es meint wir werden dreimal hintereinander Spargel essen. Yum!

James Cameron's Avatar finally came out on DVD. I haven't seen it in the cinema, so I bought it and watched it tonight. I was surprised how much I liked it, despite the sometimes glaringly obvious CGI-background. Loved the alien fauna and flora, even though CGI characters still don't move convincinly. Considering that this film took place on a low-gravity mond, however, it wasn't so off-putting as in, say, "Beowulf".

The plot was woefully predictable, though. Noble savages, greedy corporations, bloodthirsty soliders, unlikely love affair... oh, god, been there, done that, still falling asleep from it. Still, the basic idea of the avatars was good, and I enjoyed the sci-fi parts of it before it turned into all that mystical mumbo-jumbo.

All in all, my money was well-invested.


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