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... just trying to cope with the fact that I'm no longer allowed to teach - and failing. Sorry for the absence. I'll try to summarize the work-related sh*t as soon as I can get over the current bout of frustration.
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A somewhat garish striped egg and a pastel one with a different rose pattern.

Also, we've survived the annual cultural event at school - my 8th-term kids did a beautiful waltz - and my various parts still hurt. Grrrr!
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I had a weekend without pre-scheduled activities for a change (it won't happen again, soon), so I decided to prepare my wondrous Easter ham in advance. You know, the one I always make, with cumin and garlic. I cooked and baked it yesterday, sliced it thinly today and froze it for the actual holiday to come.

Unfortunately, it was a rather fat piece of ham, which one doesn't see until it is cut. I cut away all the fat, cubed it and fried it in a pan; we'll eat it with toast, and the cubes I'll use to bake spicy buns later. So, one ham, three different ways to utilize it - I think it was very economic of me. *g*

I also managed to de-scale the washing machine by the simple method of running a washing gang with a litre of vinegar instead of actual clothes. Now it doesn't stink any longer and you can enter the bathroom without a gas mask. Hoorray!

The bad news is that the very harsh sunshine really hurt my eyes last Friday. They are somewhat better now, thank to the eye mask we bought in London some 20 years ago (it has been sitting in the fridge peacefully ever since, waiting for its time to come), but my left I still feels as if I had cotton wool in it - although much less so than yesterday - and I'm having a mild but recurring headache all the time. *sigh*

I never liked being in the sun, but my work requires that I suffer daily at least one hour on the school yard. Really, retirement keeps getting more appealing with each passing day.
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My colleague and her fiancé were very happy with her cake. I'm pleased. She's such a nice girl; surrounded by young people like her makes me feel as if I had children, after all. (And grandkids, where the students are concerned.) :)

Also, I was selected to do the baking with the kids at this year's "Rabbit Cup" again. I'm thinking of making carrot muffins; have already downloaded and printed out several recipes from the German website http://www.chefkoch.de, but I'd gladly accept more suggestions, should someone have a really good recipe.

However, I'll be baking with 12-16 kids between the ages of 13-15, so the recipes should be quick and easy. I chose carrot muffins because that way I can include more kids in the work - grating carrots and all that stuff - and a bored teenager is a dangerous teenager. *g*
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... takes place on December 17. We're going to sing the following pieces:

Gounod: Ave Maria
Coventry Carol
Angels We Have Heard on High
Ding Dong Merrily on High
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Kodály: Karácsonyi pásztortánc
Karai: Vasi betlehemes
Pueri concinite
Bárdos: Karácsonyi bölcsődal

To say that it's an ambitious programme would be the understatement of the century. We're scared witless, especially about the Gounod Ave Maria. Our choir leader seems to forget sometimes that most of us are middle-aged people, and teachers at that, whose voices has been seriously eroded by decades in this educational business.

Somehow we always manage, though, even if a bit less stressful programme would be welcome. That way we would make fewer mistakes, I think. But while she's a lovely person, in some things there is no use arguing with her.


Dec. 2nd, 2016 06:07 pm
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I've just learned that a former student of mine died last summer. Overdosed. He was in his early twenties. I knew him as a teenage boy, between 10 and 14. What a waste. :((
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... and it ate me already. And the kids will only come in starting tomorrow!

It's been a week spent in completely mindless and useless meetings - my brain has melted somewhen a third of the way in. I'm so dumb from all that uselessness that I wasn't even able to make a journal entry for ten days! I won't even thing of writing just yet - hell, thinking as a whole seems a way too abstract idea right now!

At least I had a couple of colleagues over last Friday, for a bit of cake and soft drinks. It was nice. We laughed a lot and enjoyed the company. It was testing the waters for the day when I'll have even more of them over to celebrate my 60th birthday. Assuming we live through the insanity that is the start of a new term. *sigh*
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That would have been today, for our school choir consisting of teachers and parents. (When we say "year" we think in school terms, just that it's clear.)

In any case, we had it today, and while it wasn't what it could have been, it was still nice. Fortunately, we were the only ones who knew where we've screwed up the pieces; the ones who came to hear us liked our performance.

I'm still not sure that I'll return to the choir next term. It's just too much stress. Our choir leader is a darling, but she doesn't seem to realize that we're just amateurs, mostly with fairly ruined voices (due to teaching that is really hard on the vocal cords) and always chooses too ambitious pieces. Then she is stressed out because we're struggling with said pieces and have to abandon many of them on which we've already worked for months because we simply can't sing them on the niveau she expects us to do. *sigh*

I love singing with the others, I really do. But it should be something by which we relax, not additional stress. After twelve years or so it simply becomes too much.
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One of our colleagues is about to retire at the end of this term (the lucky dog!) so a few of us are doing together a patchwork hanging as a farewell gift for her. Here are the pieces I was contributing.

Theme: For Love & Luck (made by me)

Theme: For Wisdom (made by me and a young colleague whom I'm teaching the ropes around felt work)

The fabric we were given to make the applications wasn't a very good choice, as it got wrinkled very easily, but I think we did well enough.
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Well, after two weeks of restricted to my iPod - and let me tell me, typing on a tablet is a method of medieval torture - I finally have my main PC and my Notebook back online. Of course, Norton no longer is distributed to Hungary, so I've got a new antivirus program, and as a result my Notebook no longer seems to be able to "see" any pen drives, but nothing is perfect. At least I can type up stuff in leisure again.

I've written three new chapters to "An Excellent Mystery" and started the fourth one, which would be Chapter 9. Now it seems to me that I might be able to finish the story around Chapter 12, which would be really nice. *knocks on wood* There are several good candidates to pick up next, like the ST-Enterprise AU that apparently needs rewriting (fortunately, only two or three of the existing five chapters), and I've got some good ideas for the 5th installment of "Sleeping Dragons" as well.

Of course, I haven't written much in the Torchwood fandom for so long that I've probably got completely forgotten in the meantime, but I like the ideas, and perhaps two or three of my old readers will be willing to give them a try. Assuming I still have old readers, cause sure as hell I don't have any new ones. :(

School has been a total madhouse lately, and it doesn't seem as if it would be change, soon. I'm definitely too old for this shit. God, I'm deadly tired all the time. It's ridiculous, really, but, well, I can't do much about it.
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Carnival season has finally run out at school and boy, did I hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns! I'm simply too old for this sort of shit - and for the extra hours we had to waste on it. I only hope that things will relax a little in the upcoming weeks because honestly, I won't be able to put up with much more.
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We've begun to make things for the annual charity fair of our school that takes place around the 14th of December, usually. I am so impressed with my 10-11-year olds that I made an extra board on Pinterest to display their works. Of course, sometimes I have to intervene, help with the stitches or even redesign the whole piece, as they are too young to grasp the effect of contrasting colours. But some of them, Fruzsi in particular, made their pieces basically alone.

Take a look!
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With the help of a young colleague, I've figured out how to upload my own pictures to Pinteres. I've created a new board where I put up all the pics from the Easter candles my 5th-term-kids made last year. The photos aren't always the best quality, as they were made by Anna, one of the girls, with her mobile phone in a hurry, but I tried to make them up a bit.

Here is the candle gallery!

Edit: I also uploaded a few of my Easter and Christmas biscuits and cakes to the respective boards. And pics of my hand-painted Easter eggs.

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Only it really isn't. I've been pushed out of actual teaching and into the background since... well, since our current boss took over. Was never good enough, modern enough, versatile enough and all that shit. It's come so far that I only teach one language group in this term.

Now that one of the English teachers became ill any might not recover under the end of the term, people suddenly remembered that I am a language teacher, too, and is was told without preamble that I 'll be teaching 3 more groups, effective immediately on Monday. Never mind that I am actually a German teacher and that taking over the shit from another person in the last two months of the term is the safest way to utter failure.

I'll do my utmost best, of course. The kids deserve nothing less. But I do feel like a wishmop: one brings me in when shit has to be wiped up. Then they hang me up to dry again.
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I'm still locked out of my main computer and another week has gone by, almost unnoticed, spent with menial tasks, very few of which brought any satisfaction. Writing proved very tough under such circumstances. Especially Tolkienfic would require an inspiring environment.

I feel I am too old to waste my remaining years (if I still have years, that is), with retirement still looming years away on the horizon. But I do have to pay the bills somehow. That is the sober truth, and I can be glad to still have a job at all.
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Since I last posted, mind you? Apparently, it has. To my defence, it has been a really harrowing week. Mum had to go to the dentist's, and then we had to go to the chiropodist's, and then we had a really insanely long conference at school followed by a maths competition where I'm always asked to help because there's no chance in Hell I might be able to help the kids (cause I'm really, really stupid when it comes to maths - doing additions in my head beyond 10 is already a challenge), and then this morning we had the big flat cleaning orgy... so, you can imagine, right?

Nonetheless, I've finished the prologue to "Terminus", thanks to a bit help from the Memory Alpha Yahoo Group, the manly men of which pointed me in the right direction of necessary technobabble details, and I've stitched a nice card or two for my pattern book, so the week wasn't entirely lost.

So, how are you doing, fellas? I've been missing you around. I'm following [livejournal.com profile] little_details and four or so storyfinder comms, so the personal posts sometimes go under. Sorry for that. I'm not ignoring you, really. I'm just dreadfully distracted at times.
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While cleaning out a bookcase at school I re-found a forgotten gem: a book about paperworks we got some 15 or so years ago while ordering some material for teaching or so. I found many wonderful ideas and have already given two of them a try. Now we'll have something to make for Easter with the kids, when the time comes.

I also invested into a paper cutter with a stable plastic (or rubber) board on which to do my cutting. The cutter seems to be rubbish, or else I'm holding it the wrong way. Will ask our arts teacher tomorrow; she's a delight. I visited one of her lessons on Monday and learned how to make things out of pappmaché, which is basically paper and glue, I don't know what it's called in English. My first piece was a small bowl, but it's a beginning nonetheless.

Choir rehearsals have started again, we're preparing ourselves for the annual fundraising ball. We'll sing two pieces: the Gipsy choir from "The Troubadour" and the Champagne aria from "Traviata", with us contraltos singing Alfred's part in real tenor and the sopranos singing Violetta's part, the poor things. I hope they won't suffocate on the really high parts. ;)
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Behind the tag because of length and some rant-y parts.
Busy, busy week )

So, yeah, it will be busy, and interesting, and then only next week and then Christmas break comes. And I have only baked two sorts of cookies so far, and we don't have a tree yet, and I don't have a present for Mum, so I'm woefully beyond everything.
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I'm really late this year, like with everything else. The charity fair, which is next Thursday, had priority, plus I caught a cold during the concert and am sick like a dog again.

In any case, I decided not to celebrate the usual baking orgy this year. I'm just tired and not in the mood. So I made oatcakes with dates today, as well as peanut cookies with chocolate, and I'm planning to make about five or six other sorts, tops. Perhaps less. In exchange, I might make a festive Christmas cake this year.

As usual, the recipes are here on my journal. Klick on the cookie recipes tag and you'll find them all.

In other news, the Advent calendar is going on surprisingly well. I have half the stories covered and hope I'll be able to come up with the other half, too.
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I've just spent over six hours baking cookies for the Christmas charity fair of our school. Roughly 400 pieces of them. I can barely feel my hands from all the cutting and rolling the dough. Cinnamon stars, chocolate hearts and coconut crescents were on the menu, in case anyone is interested. You can find the recipes by clicking on the similarly named tag.

The fair is in more than 3 weeks' time, actually. At least one of which weeks the kids and I will be spending by decorsting the cookies each afternoon, before packing them away in airtight tin boxes. When we're not making Christmss ornaments. Or Christmas cards.

Yes, I am mad, why are you asking? :(

Edit: The cookies are now all decorated and boxed, so that is one complicated task out of my hair. I can happily return to producing Christmas decoration for the fair. Oh, joy.


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