Aug. 27th, 2017 07:42 pm
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I've been re-watching Primeval to get my facts and the mood right for my so far untitled crossover fic (the same that's posted to [ profile] otherworlds_lib), and I've also been reading a great deal of Primeval fanfic on AO3. Most of it is hardly worth reading, to be honest, but there are a few excellent stories, so the time isn't entirely wasted.
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All right, I admit the whole issue isn't really important, but I needed to blow off some steam before I'd have to return to work tomorrow. More about that unpleasant topic later - if I manage to rant about it without getting a brain aneourysm.
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I know it's probably my fault that I just can't watch American sitcoms. Try as I may, I just don't find them funny at all. I don't know what kind of audience they are meant for, but I'm most certainly not part of that group. I find these shows stupid, infantile, boring, annoying, verbose, un-lifelike and their protagonists are people I would never want to even meet in my life.

Unfortunately, both Hungarian and German channels are flooded with this crap. Pro7, once a channel with sarcastic, self-produced programmes, currently runs Two And A Half Men (my personal pet hate), The Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother and at least half a dozen other shows of the same irk. Now, it is possible that I miss a gene that would make me endure them, but that doesn't play any role for the results.

Come to think, I don't find American comedy movies all that funny, either. In fact, I find them boring, annoying... see the list above. Or American romantic movies that are so kitchy that they make holes in my teeth. I used to like action films while they still had a plot and contained anything else but people being killed onscreen in the dozens. And sci-fi movies, when they still had more than just overblown special effects.

Thank God for the German channel tele5. It only runs advertising for the entire morning, but at least in the afternoon there are sci-fi re-runs: Star Trek, mostly, but also Stargate and Andromeda at times.

Sorry for the rant. If, unlike me, you do like American sitcoms and movies, more power to you. I just wish we had a little more alternatives to choose from.
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In these days of very little feedback, I find it annoying like hell when people only read a story to find mistake - or what they believe is a mistake.

Just last night, someone left a comment for Random Fools, in which they told me, they believed that the surname of a completely insignificant one-time character was not what I wrote it was - that the word was merely a hint to some maneuver I never heard of.

Now, why is is that someone would read a 5-chapter-story - and the 9th part of a long series at that - and don't feel inclined to drop a single line of appreciation, but feel the necessity of correcting some possible mistake that they aren't even certain about, in what has been clearly labelled as an AU. Are people insane, totally self-absorbed and in need to show off, even if they make complete fools of themselves, or do they have way too much time on their hands?

I hoped I'd left that kind of behaviour behind me on FF.Net. Unfortunately, the idiots seem to be migrating to AO3 as well. A good thing that you can delete all kinds of comments on AO3; I don't feel like start an argument with someone on the review board. [/end rant]
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Sooo, after having suffered through Series 3 (which I found boring, illogical and a complete character assassination) and the Christmas special (of which I only liked some of the Victorian stuff), as well as having been thoroughly informed about Series 4, I decided to wash my hands over "Sherlock".
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In any case, I won't be ordering the Series 4 DVDs. I have better things to spend my hard-earned money on. Sooner or later, the new series will come to German or Hungarian TV, and I will watch, to see Freeman and Cumberbatch act, because they are great at what they are doing, but other than that, I'm done with "Sherlock". I won't even read any fanfic dealing with the events beyond Series 2. I have better things to do with my precious free time, too.
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And always when I get nice, supportive ones! It ate the three latest - signed! - reviews of a faithful reader, while sending me the review alerts. Grrrrr!
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It happens, you know.

It manifests itself in people who're good at maths and like it looking down at people who aren't good at it and don't like it.

It manifests itself in comments like Dr McKay's in SGA that "soft" sciences are not to be taken seriously.

It manifests itself in the nonverbal suggestions that people who are good at chess and like it are somewhat superior to those who aren't and don't.

So, if I hate maths, don't think that 2x2 must always, necessarily result 4 and find chess pretentious and boring, does it mean that I'm an inferior person?

On a completely different matter, I think I'm going to trim my friendslist again. I don't see why I should care for people who don't give a shit about me while otherwise still active on LJ.
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I've been sick like a dog in the last three days and it's not over yet by far. Not terribly ill, mind you, just your run-of-the mill cold, with heightened temperatures, a stuffed nose, headaches and coughing my lungs up in pieces. Not bad enough to stay at home with it, just bad enough to make you miserable.

So yeah. I am miserable. I wake up every other hour in the night from my own coughing, or because I don't get any air, and as a result I'm ridiculously tired all the time. I even lowered myself to drinking tea, which is the deepest sign of despair for me, as I hate tea with a passion.

Anyway, as I'm not sick enough, I'll have to go to work tomorrow. At least I happily missed a long-planned family gathering yesterday (Mum went alone, though, and enjoyed herself greatly, thank God) and finished the next chapter of "A Matter of Time". I couldn't type it, though, cause my main PC in the study is next to the window and our central heating isn't going yet. Grrr! I hate colds!

On a different note, my goddaughter has just given birth to the sweetest baby boy on the planet, who's over 3700 grams, 58 centimetres and is called Theodor. Yay!
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Moderate nastiness behind the tag. Read to your own risk.
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I've been kindly warned by someone I haven't known before that some of my entries were reposted to a website I've also never heard of before. The whole thing is much better explained here:
than I could ever hope to do, and yes, the original poster gave permission to everyone to link to their entry, so go and see what it is about and follow the instructions if you think you need to, even as a preemptive measure.
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Epic rant behind the tag. Don't like, don't read!
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Well, it started like a bad joke. After twice three hours on train (plus one hour waiting between the two rounds) we finally arrived to our hotel, where we learned that we don't have a room, after all. Never mind that I booked almost two months in advance and it cost me a month's salary and had the voucher and the bill and everything. So we had to sit there another half an hour until they reached the travel agency to check if I had, indeed booked the room.

After this part of the comedy was cleared they told us that they can't do anything to days because they are booked out, but they will redirect us to a similar hotel. That was annoying enough, but they paid the cab fare, so we moved on to the new location that was actually better, unpacked every thing (and for ten days that means a lot of stuff) and went on exploring our surroundings.

What I hadn't understood in all the "excitement" was the fact that we apparently were only supposed to spend the one night in the other hotel and then go back to the original one. So you can imagine my surprise (and not a pleasant one at that) when we got back from our explorations to Hotel #2, only to be told that Hotel #1 call ed that we should stay another night and only go back to them the day after tomorrow. I was, like, WTF??? I thought we were supposed to stay in Hotel #2 for good!

But apparently, that is not possible, because I booked via travel agency or for whatever reason. So, the day after tomorrow we will pack in everything again and I will drĂ¡ga my 82-year-old mother back to the first hotel. Were we will have to unpack everything again.

I am so mad I can't even begin to describe!!!

Help has come from unexpected source. See next entry.
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Actually, I intended to be a bit more consequent with my journal; if for no other reason then for myself, to follow my own progress both in writing and the sorry excuse I have for a real life. But I'm clearly getting older, and somehow work stresses me out more than it used to, and recovery takes longer, too. So, I usually just post something when I have an update alert to make - or if something pisses me off. Like now.

FF.Net can't be reached. I get the story alerts just fine, but when I click on the url, all I get is an error message. According to DownRightNow and the ffnetdotrant comm I'm not the only one. Some can't get to the site through Firefox but can access it through Chrome, for example. I can't get there either through Firefox or through my old, outdated IE. Now, somebody meant that it's probably because Mycrosoft stopped supporting XP. I do have XP on both my main PC and on my Notebook and wanted to keep it as long as my Norton is valid - buying it again when it will be running for another 300+ days seems idiotic. And I find the fact that Mycrosoft gave us less than a month forewarning rather shabby.

The only positive aspect is that at least I can reach the Pit of Voles through my iPad. So, if nothing happens, I'll have to try to update via iPad, which is a real PITA, or from my workplace, which has Windows 7. Neither version is very comfortable.

So, it's official: Mycrosoft is the spawn of Morgoth!
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Yes, I know I shouldn't let such things get to me, but apparently I was born thin-skinned and will die the same way. So, if you don't want to watch me ranting, don't look behind the tag. This is your only warning.

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It's down again. I've just posted the most recent chapter of "Adventures", and down it went like pfffft!

Downrightnow says it's up again, but all I get is the error message. Drat, I wish I'd updated "The Neutral Zone" as well. I was saving that one for tomorrow - not that anybody would care, but I want to post that which is done. Grrrr!

Of course, this had to happen during the weekend when I'd actually have the time to read a little.

Edit: Thankfully, it's back.
And Chapter 04 - The Gathering Storm of The Neutral Zone is up. With lost of Andorian trivia. Sorry. *ducks*
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Now that I managed to stay away from anything school-related during the weekend, inspiration finally hit again. I bit the bullet and worked myself through the next chapter of "The Neutral Zone". It turned out surprisingly good, if I may say so myself; I've started Chapter 4, as long as I could go with the roll.

I've made some headway with "Emissary of the Mark", too, which resulted in an almost-finished chapter and in a half-written one. I hope I can finish the almost-ready one during next weekend.

Thank God I decided not to go to that godforsaken school reunion my old schoolmates tried to lure me to. The last thing my battered self-esteem needs would be listen to how they've all become successful and lead great lives while I'm still the nobody I've always been, working myself crooked for "an apple and an egg", as the Germans say, under steadily worsening circumstances.

Yahell keeps messing up. Now I can't even access my stuff in the Files section, which I saved there for the eventuality that my computer crashed. Fat lot of good it is for me now. The Database is also messed up. The data tables were excellent for ordering everything alphabetically by default, which is why I used them for character lists and the likes.

Now that's messed up, too. Records now appear chronologically, meaning the most recently added ones come first - which makes all data tables completely useless for me. A good thing that I've printed out at least the character list for "Beautiful Minds" - but everything else is as good as lost. I've put years of work into those list, and they're useless.

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Have you seen the facelift for Yahoo Groups? Do you hate it half as much as I do? Then you hate it with the passion of a thousand burning sons! God, I'm pissed off beyond belief!

All right, I do understand that they need to make everything i-Pad compatible in these days. Bad enough for us dinosaurs who still use proper computers with proper keyboards. But did they have to remove all the photo albums (after they'd already removed the possibility to place albums within albums a couple of years ago, no matter how practical it was)? No all photos are in a big jumble, without any recognisable order.

Also, they've pulled the header pics from each group and replaced it with some random pictures that have nothing to do with the group. And the group description is no longer on the front page. You've got to look for it specifically.

But what's the most annoying part, they also changed the My Group page. Until this morning, the expanded version showed the header pic of each group you were a member of, under which they gave the activities of the last 7 days: new messages, new files, new photos, new members, and so on. Now there's just a simple number, indicating the new messages. And what's worse, you have no way to return to the expanded version - or if there is one, I haven't found it.

If I didn't need my groups as safety storage (Files section), I'd be considering deleting them all. In their current form, it's just too bothersome to look up anything there.


Feb. 24th, 2013 08:58 pm
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There is a certain sort of reader/reviewer that I seem to attract, no matter where I post my stuff. Basically, they tell me they like the story at first (if I'm very lucky) and then go on and on about what they don't like and what I should do instead.

I really don't understand these people. If I don't like a story, or certain aspects of it, I simply hit the Back button. If I can't find the kind of story I'd like to read, I go on and write one. But I'd never have the audacity to tell an author what they should write. It's their story, after all (or, in this case mine), and it's up to the author what they want to do with a story and where they want to go with it, right?

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It might be just my computer (and my laptop, with a different browser, BTW), but last night FF.Net sprang their newest surprise on me. Until now, the recently used links had a different colour on it, just like on any other website, making it easier to find which story you have read last. Now it doesn't. All links remain blue, whether you clicked on them or not.

Now, it's a minor inconvenience, sure, but still an inconvenience. Why the hell must they always tinker with the site as long as it works just fine. I for my part find the stupid icons appearing next to each story distracting and a waste of reading space, too. But I'm old and weird. *sighs*

I wish people would stop changing everything without any suitable reason! [/rant]
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It might be just my computer (and my laptop, with a different browser, BTW), but last night FF.Net sprang their newest surprise on me. Until now, the recently used links had a different colour on it, just like on any other website, making it easier to find which story you have read last. Now it doesn't. All links remain blue, whether you clicked on them or not.

Now, it's a minor inconvenience, sure, but still an inconvenience. Why the hell must they always tinker with the site as long as it works just fine. I for my part find the stupid icons appearing next to each story distracting and a waste of reading space, too. But I'm old and weird. *sighs*

I wish people would stop changing everything without any suitable reason! [/rant]
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To those who are the exception in my life - you know who you are - thank you. You keep me going on.


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