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Well, after two weeks of restricted to my iPod - and let me tell me, typing on a tablet is a method of medieval torture - I finally have my main PC and my Notebook back online. Of course, Norton no longer is distributed to Hungary, so I've got a new antivirus program, and as a result my Notebook no longer seems to be able to "see" any pen drives, but nothing is perfect. At least I can type up stuff in leisure again.

I've written three new chapters to "An Excellent Mystery" and started the fourth one, which would be Chapter 9. Now it seems to me that I might be able to finish the story around Chapter 12, which would be really nice. *knocks on wood* There are several good candidates to pick up next, like the ST-Enterprise AU that apparently needs rewriting (fortunately, only two or three of the existing five chapters), and I've got some good ideas for the 5th installment of "Sleeping Dragons" as well.

Of course, I haven't written much in the Torchwood fandom for so long that I've probably got completely forgotten in the meantime, but I like the ideas, and perhaps two or three of my old readers will be willing to give them a try. Assuming I still have old readers, cause sure as hell I don't have any new ones. :(

School has been a total madhouse lately, and it doesn't seem as if it would be change, soon. I'm definitely too old for this shit. God, I'm deadly tired all the time. It's ridiculous, really, but, well, I can't do much about it.

Not dead

Apr. 16th, 2016 07:03 pm
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Just restricted to the use of my iPad at home and shared computers at work - a situation that will hopefully change, soon.
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Even if they seem to get shorter with each passing year. Well, they do get shorter with each passing year, thanks to our government that in their infinite wisdom still think that we lazy teachers get to rest too much.

Anyway... )

Oh, and my antivirus programme is running out within the week. Neighbour guy hasn't given a lifesign yet. I think I'll start harrassing him tomorrow.
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Only one more day left. Where has the time gone? It seems the older I get the shorter the days become.

Didn't manage to do much writing, save for rearranging the random snippets of the alternate Enterprise pilot into 2 more or less coherent chapters. Hand-written ones, as I am still restricted to my iPad. If I weren't such a techno-wheenie, my new antivirus program would have been installed 2 months ago. Sigh. Being dumb sucks.
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I'm still locked out of my main computer and another week has gone by, almost unnoticed, spent with menial tasks, very few of which brought any satisfaction. Writing proved very tough under such circumstances. Especially Tolkienfic would require an inspiring environment.

I feel I am too old to waste my remaining years (if I still have years, that is), with retirement still looming years away on the horizon. But I do have to pay the bills somehow. That is the sober truth, and I can be glad to still have a job at all.
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Still no Norton update, which means I am still relying on my iPad. Which, in turn, means that I can not type up the stuff I wrote (and I did write a lot lately), unless I manage to command one of the shared computers at work. Not ideal, to put it mildly.

So I turned to other creative activities. My stitched card collection for the future pattern book grows very nicely - I managed to make some truly exceptional pieces, if I may say so myself. And I made Apfelküchlein for lunch. Those are, basically, thin apple slices, mixed under crepe batter and fried. Yum!

Still, I really wish I could use my PC again.
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I had a very profilic first day of the new year, which is a good thing. One of Granny's pet superstitions was that the way the first day of a new year goes, so will go the rest of the same year. If that is true, I'm going to write a lot this year, have lots of rests and will amuse myself with really bad TV. I wish...
In any case, I've made some headway with my Merlin/Camelot crossover. I hope it will last.

BTW, folks, my private address is still inaccessible for me. You can reach me through Hotmail or Gmail, if it is important. Hopefully, IT neighbour will sort it for me, soon.
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The tree has been decorated, Mum's prezzie is done, half the (very simple) Christmas dinner is already cooked, and we still have half the pineapple cake to eat with the eggnog and the apple cidre. I have taken a photo of the Christmas tree (will put it up tomorrow) and we have exchanged cookies with the neighbours. IT Guy from the neighbourhood brought my new PC today, a new screen and router will follow after Christmas, as well as the copying of my HD and the uploading some more programmes. I can hardly believe that soon I will be able to work properly, after a quarter year!
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Just very stressed with RL stuff and spending what little online time I have over at [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo.
Writing is sluggish, and I still haven't brought up the courage of posting the next chapter of Kansas 2, due to fear of flames. It is not Janeway-friendly, and I don't feel up to facing rude reviews.

Main PC still hasn't been replaced, and my laptop is showing geriatric traits, too. I don't know what I'll do if it dies on me. The tablet is practical for short stuff, but that's about it when it comes to lengthy parts.
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It seems that my main PC is about to die on me, so I might not be able to update on LJ for a while. Sigh.

I've put up the new chapters to Adventures and to Blood and Fire, but I still cannot insert links on my iPad, so those will be added later.

The possibility of losing my main PC right now, when I have to do mountains of paperwork for the start of the new term is depressing. As if my satellite receiver being dead wasn't bad enough.
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Not an entirely good day. :((

It has been raining all day, and while we managed to see the Glockenspielhaus, that was about all the activity we were capable of. Worse is, though, that I seem unable to connect my iPad to the internet, although the wlan in the hotel seems to be all right. I hope it is not the stupid tabled dying on me. After a little more than six months, it would be really bad. I specifically bought an Apple because I hoped it would be longer living than the others, and it cost me a pretty penny, so I am a bit scared.
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Microsoft has just kindly informed me that they're going to stop supporting XP, starting with April. Now I'll have to get Windows 7 installed, and I'm really, really pissed.

Not that I can't use that crap... well, mostly. I can and I do at work, cause I have no other choice. But I hate, hate, HATE their incredibly confusing, useless Word programme. And the fact that you can't have any of the former normal, soothing colours on your screen. All colours have this eye-watering, shrill quality. God, I hate that they always change things for the worse.
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Which is a real PITA, mostly cuz the stupid thing always tries to insert Hungarian words - actually, it does, when I am not quick enough, which is most of the time.

Anyway, I ordered the Torchwood novel Another Life via Bestsellers today (the oly English bookshop in town), and Series 3 of Sherlock. I wanted to order The Terror of the Zygons as well, but they cannot order via Amazon, and through their distributor it would have cost me twice as much, and I simply did not sebe hős that would be fair. sigh. I'm clearly cursed with this serial. Amazon offers used versions for 2.79 each, but I can't get on Amazon on my on. Ah, well.

I'm shutting up now. This one-fingered taping, plus the randomly inserted idiotic words are getting on my nerves. See you when my new Norton has been installed. Cheers!
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Since my antivirus programme is running out at midnight and Awesome Neighbour Guy didn't have the time to install the (already purchased) new version yet, I've hurriedly put up Chapter 10 of Director Jones and the next part of Precious Like Rubies to FF.Net. Have fun!

I'm not sure when my internet access wil be back. I'll check my mail at work or on my brand new, shiny iPod via wifi, but you can only do so much on an iPod with wifi; certainly not typing up new stuff and the likes.

So, I hope two new chapters on the same day will be enough for a while. More when I'm safely Norton-ed again. ~waves~
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Met neighbour guy's wife this morning. She said my Norton has already arrived and her hubby will come over and install it, as soon as he finds a free minute. So, I might actually be back online somewhen during the weekend! Go figure.

I'm currently at work, having a free hour and using the school computer, but that isn't much of a solution in the long run. *sighs* Let's hope my old processor will be able to deal with the new version of Norton.
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All right, now I wrote LJ support and got a very quick answer from the nice people there. Apparently, "only" my extra userpic package is running out within 11 days, the paid account will go on until the end of March.

So, can anybody tell me how many userpics can I have with a paid account but without the extra userpic package? There are some icons I hardly ever use, so they can be removed if necessary. I'm simply too stupid to figure out how many I am allowed.

My Norton runs out in 5 days, and the new version hasn't arrived yet, so I might make myself rare starting next week if nothing happens. *sighs
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...although feel like that, more often than not. Which explains the acute lack of Christmas-related photos, like the tree and the cookies, although I did take some. I simply can't find the energy to upload and transfer them from laptop to main PC and stuff. Sorry. Still quite ill, I am.

I just wanted to warn you that - should I suddenly vanish from cyberspace in 12 days' time, that will - hopefully - not mean my sudden and violent passing. My Norton will run out in 12 days, and while the replacement has already been arranged, I'm not sure if the old processor will be able to handle it, or I'll need a new processor, too.

Yes, I know, there are other antivirus programmes, available online and stuff. But I don't dare to dabble with them. I have nobody to right things, should I totally mess them up, so I depend on professionals. *sighs*
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My Internet provider is acting up. My mailing programme keeps breaking down, and I can't even access their homepage. Not only from my own PC, but from the one at school, either. Which is strange, considering that I have, at least, undisturbed Internet access, even if some pages are slow to load. Will wait for a day or two, but if things don't change, I'll give UPC a very annoyed call. Brrrr!

DW is actin up, too. It doesn't import my comments, for the third time within a short time span (a month or so). Last time, waiting a few days and trying it again helped. This time, it did not. I'm very annoyed. DW is supposed to be the security copy of my journal, but if it refuses to work, what's the point?

Other than that, I've watched "Terra Nova" tonight. It was very boring. I didn't even manage to watch the episode to its end. *sighs* I also planned to watch "The Day of the Triffids" afterwards, but TN made me so annoyed that I no longer was in the right mood for it. Too bad, I was actually interested in that film. But my attention span has been very short lately, being so overworked and all that.
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Elvenhome update:

Chapter 18 - The Secret of the Queen has been posted to FF.Net and Stories of Arda... from the school this morning, because the Internet died on me yesterday.

Internet recovery:

Fortunately, service guy was here just ten minutes ago and healed it. Phew! I'm soooo relieved! It shows clearly what a horrible addict I've become! At least the two days offline hindered me to post a very whiny entry I was actually planning to post - so everything has its two sides, right?

More Silmfics:

To my own very gret surprise, I found myself writing a Maedhros-centered one-shot. It's practically done, save for the last couple of paragraphs. Those who know me from the Silmfics list, few as they are in these days, would remember how utterly I despise Fëanor's get - I'd never have thought that I'd ever write anything even remotely sympathetic about either of them... and here I am, doing exactly that. Granted, it's a side product to "Elvenhome", but still... "Maitimo's Awakening" will be posted during this weekend, or so I hope.

Telly news:

The other team of service guys was here and fixed my satellite dish. Now I can watch all the usual channels, unless the current stormy wind breaks the dratted thing again. The tone is a bit low, granted, but that's not so bad. In case anything proves worth recording, I can always turn on the voice level when rewatching it.

Dead Christmas tree:

It decided to go on strike and keeled over five times in a single day. So with sorrowed hearts (it was sooo pretty!) we took it down today. This never happened before; usually we keep the tree well into February, but this one just didn't want to... :(

Other than that, school has restarted and I'm suitably dead. But that's the way things are: if you have a job, it kills you, if you don't, that kills you even more. Having a job at least gets the bills paid.
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On the telly...

Read more... )

On PC woes

Read more... )

Also, I wanted to make some headway with the Epic Merlin Fic during Christmas break. Guess what? So far nothing. Instead, I wrote some 19 pages of very disturbing Merlinfic, an AU version of some parts of the Season 4 opener. It's almost done, and I really, really hate it. I don't write this kind of stuff, as a reason, but I just couldn't stop myself.


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