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The original problem has improved very nicely. She is only mildly in pain - she says it isn't worse than it has been before the fall - and can get into bed and out of it on her own. She still uses the walking aid, just for safety reasons, though today she forgot about it and almost walked out of the kitchen without it. *g*

Tonight, however, her leg was alarmingly swollen and tight. Prone to panicking as I am, I was thinking the worst: thrombosis. Fortunately, only half an hour after going to bed, the swelling has gone down considerably. It's likely that sitting in that extra high armchair wasn't really good for her leg, so we're going to change it back to her usual chair with an extra pillow in it tomorrow.

It is really hard, not having a reliable doctor in the circles in which we move, whom we could ask in such moments. We both terribly miss our old family doctor who died a few years ago.
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Things are ever so slightly better. She moves around a tad easier with the walking aid - today she even wandered into the kitchen and did the washing-up, although I told her repeatedly not to bother. Either she doesn't trust me to do it to her standard, or she's bored out of her head.

In any case, I'll be taking a few days of sick leave to care for her. In an unexpected bout of humanity, my boss agreed. So, four days of Mum time are coming up, starting tomorrow, and perhaps I'll manage to get a few things done that are overdue during the process.
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Poor Mum took a heavy fall yesterday. She stumbled in church and fell onto her left side. Which would be, in theory, fortunate, as both her bad shoulder (the result of a mugging ten or so years ago and the following incompetent, brutal treatment at hospital) and her rheumatic knee are on the right side. Two guys of the helpful, religious sort hurried to her aid before I could have reached her and warn them to be careful with her right arm. They somehow got her onto her feet again, and we thought nothing of it.

She stayed for Mass, kneeling down and getting up in her bench like always, then we walked home (the church is right at the end of our street). Admittedly, she was in a bit of pain, but we still thought nothing of it. Then she cooked a soup and washed the dishes and took the washing down and folded the clean clothes and everything still seemed fairly all right.

Until she sat down to watch some telly. Her wrenched right knee - we still can't understand how exactly did it get wrenched - began to hurt with vengeance. A full day later, it hasn't gotten any better, in spite of the salves and the compresses and whatever we tried. She's in so much pain she needs a walking aid inside the flat, the poor thing. So far, today she managed once to the kitchen and three times to the toilet, and that's it.

I brought in the Grandma armchair from the balcony - its seat is much higher, so it's easier to get up from it (Mum needed 4 tries to get up from the other armchair, falling back thrice, every time hurting his bad knee even more), but it's not a comfortable one for sitting in it all day. Getting up from the bed is every bit as complicated, so she doesn't dare to lie down (which is a painful process itself), unless she keels over from exhaustion.

Today, I was able to be at home a lot - had free hours between lessons and stuff. Tomorrow, we won't be so fortunate. I have no idea how she'll manage from 9 am to 5 pm on her own. Send us good thoughts, please!


Jan. 30th, 2016 06:48 pm
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Mum has turned 84 today. Her lady friend of 51 years came over for lunch and they had a lovely time, chatting about old times and current family issues. I gave her a huge fruit basket with an ananas, a pomelo, an orange, a pomegranade (or whatever it is called in English, I can only remember the German word), bananas, mandarines, kiwis and apples. She was very happy with it. I'll also buy her a ticket for our charity ball at school - we'll sing on it, and she likes to be among people. Besides, I'll have to work there half the night, and that way she won't be alone.

Accidentally, January 30 is also the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] holcz_agi, my no-longer-so-little Silvan girl, who's turned 25 today. Amazing where all that time has gone. She was barely 9 when I first met her. We briefly talked on the phone, I'm glad she's doing so well.
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Mum and I went to the Auchan supermarket today because the fridge was empty. So was the larder... or rather the kitchen cupboard we use as a larder. The idiots who planned these houses (men, obviously) didn't think that a larder would be necessary.
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...was exhausting, above everything else. My working schedule actually isn't that bad - certainly better than last year - and the afternoon group is fairly nice as schoolkids go. It's just the heat wave combined with the days when I have to work long hours. It makes me so tired that when I finally get home, I barely have the strength to do anything at all. Even reading seems too much on certain days.

I guess it's a sure sign that I'm not getting any younger. But that's nothing new, alas.
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In other news, Mum's got another check on her osteoporosis (sp???) and it has got a bit worse during the last five years. She's somewhat crushed, the poor thing, but considering that she doesn't actually suffer from it it isn't that bad. She'll get new medication to keep her bone mass, such as it is, and she must be careful not to fall and mustn't carry heavy weights. The latter is forbidden anyway because of her operation three years ago - I hope she'll be listening better from now on.
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Yesterday we finally finished the process of laying the remains of my grandparents (died in 1996 and 1967, respectively) to their new resting place. We had them unearthed and cremated, because the cemetery where they were lying had become an untended-to jungle. Every time we went there, we had to practically dig the grave out from under all that weed and fallen and rotten leaves, spontaneously build ant hills and stuff. It was no longer a dignified place for our loved ones.

They were fairly back in the graveyard, one had to walk at least half an hour to got there, and with the occasional unsavoury fellow lurking among the graves, we no longer dared to go and visit them, unless there was much traffic in the cemetery, like on All Saints' Day. Now they are in the church yard, easily accessible, in nicely ordered surroundings, and Mum's finally in peace about it.
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Quite literally so. Probably from bursting a small blood vessel due to rubbing the eye so hard. Of course, it just had to happen in Friday night, when everything dies for the weekend. I know it's probably no big deal, but I'm still scared shitless.

Tomorrow morning will phone to colleague with doctor husband and ask what to do (if indeed anything has to be done) and where to go during the weekend. Drat, and we both have hoped for a little peace and quiet. *sigh*
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Remember Mum and I had that nasty stomach flu right before Easter? Well she still hasn't been able to gain back the eight pounds she'd lost back then... which is way too much loss of weight, since she's fragile enough already.

So, in the service of a noble agenda, I baked Granny's Famous Feather Light Biscuit(TM) today. That will get enough carbs and sugar into her system, and since it is feather light, it won't burden her stomach unnecessarily. Which is another thing to avoid since her operation 2 years ago.

Since the biscuit turned out excellent, despite the fact that I haven't made it for years, I'm willing to share with you folks my inheritance.

6 eggs
120 gr white flour
200 gr sugar

That's it. No, really! The trick is to beat the egg white really hard first, then gradually add the egg yolks with the sugar (one egg yolk - one tablespoon of sugar, more or less), and the flour last, always one tablespoon at a time. You need an electric mixer, of course, or else you'd develop a tennis arm.

I baked it in a form for round cakes, 26 cm in diameter. You must smear the inside of the tin with margarine and sprinkle it with flour or dry bread crumbs before filling in the dough. Depending on your oven, by middle flame (gas) or 180°C (electric oven), it takes 23-30 minutes until it's ready. Pick it w. a roulade neede - if it comes back clean, it's ready.

You must take the cake out of the tin immediately. You can fill it with cream or jam (I used blueberry jam) or cover it with icing, but let it cool down completely first, or it will break.

Have fun!
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I decided that I'm getting way too obsessed with the late 12th century Japan research. So I put it aside with a conscious effort (together with the next Tosh chapter) and dug out "Sparrows" again. Writing Cadfaelfic is an experience of serenity, which, I think, I need at the moment.
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Mixed news

Sep. 24th, 2010 10:29 pm
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Mum's blood test came back all negative, thank God. Now if only the control CT will be this good, we'll be able to breathe for a while again.

But with our old doctor, it goes to the end, it seems. All of a sudden, he's taken a turn to the worse. He might not come out of hospital anymore. *is sad*

We knew his condition was really serious, but nobody had expected him to live a year after his operation, so we tentatively hoped he'd manage to hold on a little longer.

He'd been our doctor since we moved here in 1977 - mostly for Granny, as Mum and I are rarely ill. He was like a family member... actually, he was a lot closer to us than any family.
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Utterly boring stuff behind the tag - read at your own peril. Or don't. It's up to you.
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As I said: completely boring stuff. So, I think it's safe to allow comments, eh?
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Watched the Firefly episode "Bushwhacked" on Saturday night. Still am not very impressed, but at least this time we got something vaguely sci-fi. I decided I like the blond pilot (Zoe's hubby) best.

I also watched the movie "Starship Troopers 2" last night. Gah, was it abysmally bad! I knew what the outcome would be within the first 20 minutes, and after that, watching the low-budget troopers fight low-budget CGI bugs in dark corridors just wasn't interesting. I mean, the first movie was so incredibly stupid it almost made it charming, and at least they had some likeable characters and pretty CGI. Not to mention the beautiful spaceship. This? Was crap. I want those two hours of my life back. Especially as they showed the film starting 23.05.

I've updated "A Touch of the Wild", my Criminal Minds/Pathways crossover. It's posted to both FF.Net and [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms. Has lots of Spencer Reid and lots of vampires, if you're interested in that kind of stuff.

Mum continues doing reasonable well. She still rests a lot, which is necessary, but is getting more and more active. We're very worried about our old doctor, who goes to the same clinic today because of a tumor on his pancreas, which might or might not be operable. We've visited him last week during one of our short walks (he lives in the next street) and hope he will turn out okay, too. Beyond 80, you just can't be sure. Ah, well.
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Chapter 03 - Reunion has been posted to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib and to FF.Net. So far, the story is doing well. I've apparently made some mistakes with the Classic Who references, which isn't surprising, considering that all I know about the classic show comes from Internet research.

I just wish that people who very helpfully point out the mistakes would make some useful suggestions how to correct them. Apparently, Internet research ain't all that it's said to be. I've got a frigging large Sci-fi lexikon (a real book, I mean), which has all episodes till the Eight Doctor, but there are barely any details that would help.

Ah, well, there won't be many more Classic references anyway, as I've finally arrived to the territory - Atlantis - I know very well. Still, it would be nice to get my facts right.

Mum continues doing well. She told me to give you folks her thanks for the prayers and the good thoughts.
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Mum's scheduled to go back to the hospital and get her stitches taken out. Now we'll learn if the tumor was malevolent (high likeliness), whether they had been able to remove everything (desperate hopes), and whether she'll have to get chemo or radiation therapy (resigned acceptance, in case the answer is yes).

She's very nervous, the poor thing, and so am I. Thankfully, my cousin's wife will be able to take her there again with that comfortable car. Theoretically, I could ask favours at school, but it's better if I keep those chances unused for the time being. God beware, but we might need them later. *sighs*

Edit: GOOD NEWS!!!

It seems they've managed to remove all affected parts completely. The doctor told Mum she could slowly return to her pre-operative lifestyle. Aside from going back for control in six weeks, she doesn't need to do anything else.


Thanks for the support and the good thoughts, they've helped immensely.
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...Mum's coming home on Monday! Yay!

We're still waiting for the results, which will determine whether she'd need additional therapy, and she'll have to go back to get the stitches taken out, but she'll come home in two days' time!

*does happy dance*
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Sorry for the late update - life's been a tad busy lately.

Mum's been operated last Thursday and bears it, to quote her doctor, "surprisingly good". It wasn't a small one, but hopefully, she's on her way to getting better... at least I've begun to hope tentatively. Yesterday she was up and walking around for a quarter of an hour or so, and while there are still five different tubes attached to different parts of her body, she isn't in too much discomfort.

Now we're waiting for the new test results. They'll show whether she'll need any further therapy or they've caught the problem just in time and managed to clean out everything. *crosses fingers*

I still don't know when she'll be able to leave the hospital. The wounds are still cleaning through the tubes and need to heal some more. I'd like to have her at home as soon as possible; OTOH, too soon wouldn't be good, either. Not as long as she still needs medical supervision, which I can't provide. We'll see.

Thanks for the support, the prayers and the good thoughts to everyone, in her name as well as in mine. It's far from over yet, but I'm breathing just a little bit easier.
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... of the long knives. In other words, Mum's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. On the one side, I'm glad the endless waiting is over and they're actually doing something for a change.

On the other side, I'm scared shitless.

I won't know anything until tomorrow afternoon, till five or six, as I'll be at school all day. Not that sitting on the clinic floor not doing anything useful would help. *sighs*

Keep us in your good thoughts.

Update: Mum's as okay as it can be expected under the circumstances for the time being. Hope it continues to remain so. She's currently in the IC, but - hopefully - will be brought back to a normal room in two or so days.

Couldn't talk to her doctor as he was gone before I arrived. The hubby of a lovely colleague of mine - also a doctor - promised to hunt him down and squeeze all necessary info out of him. Let's hope and pray.

Mum news

Aug. 31st, 2009 02:23 pm
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Mum will be transferred to a clinic tomorrow morning, for surgery, which will take place - hopefully! - sometime during this week. Or early next week. The sooner the better, IMO, this has been going on for too long already. Not that I wouldn't be scared shitless, mind you. :(
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For not having updated for quite some time, for not answering the comments of you lovely people, for not reading anyone's journal for days. I really am.

It wasn't done by intention. I was just so busy with school restarting, worrying about Mum, sitting on endless meetings, worrying about Mum, running to the hospital in every free minute, worrying about Mum, cooking for Mum, cleaning out my classroom for the new term, worrying about Mum, writing teaching plans, worrying about Mum, trying to keep the flat reasonably clean and ordered, worrying about Mum... I'm just so very tired.

We still don't have any news, and it's been almost three weeks by now. Have given in and bought Mum a mobile phone so that she can at least chat with her friends when she's bored and I can reach him whenever I'm too worried...

I can't promise to be any better during the next fortnight, I'm sorry. At least not until I've found some funktioning order around my new working schedule, which will be insane enough this year. Again, three afternoons spent at school, but this year not even the same three afternoons in week A and week B (we have a two-week-timetable). It will be Hell to remember which week we are having. Ah, well, I'll manage somehow, it's not the first time. If only they could heal Mum and send her home, it would be so much easier. :(


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