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Once again, I'm considering leaving the choir I once helped to create.
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On other news, I've finished Christmas baking. I think. It's highly unlikely that I'd do anything else for the feast. Added a few links for you, and will post the recipes I owe you as soon as I can bring up the energy to translate them from German into English. Too bad I didn't get these double-yolk eggs before I'd start baking. They're really funny; and they would be great for biscuits where you only need the eggyolks.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I got all Miss Marple books in English original? "Bestsellers got them for me, and they weren't even all that expensive. I'll try to order DVDs through "Bestsellers", too, perhaps they can get me the new Hobbit film and the 3rd season of Sherlock.
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The film finally got out on DVD, so I bought it on the spot. Despite the fact that Peter Jackson's interpretation is lightyears away from mine, I admired Martin Freeman's acting a great deal, so I decided that it would be worth the investition.

Having the film on DVD has the advantage that I cold fast-forward the gratutious fighting scenes (honestly, who needs to see the same punch fom six different angles) and that I could watch it in 2D, without the annoying 3D effects and having another pair of glasses perched over the ones I already have to wear.
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Oh, and by the way - in an attempt of self-destructive madness, I ventured to the Hobbit section of FF.Net. Yeah, I know, curiosity killed the cat. I thought it couldn't be any worse than a LOTR-section after the first movie came out. Guess what? I was wrong. It's full of 'modern girl falls into ME'- Mary Sues, female!Bilbo insanity, Bilbo raised by Dwarves stupidity, Darwen incest of the worst sort, modern AUs where everyone is human and various other atrocities. I was never so relieved as when I found Dreamflower's drabble.

And we still have two other movies coming to spread the insanity. *headdesk*
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Finally, after 7 weeks of anguish, Mum and I managed to go to the cinema and see "The Hobbit". In 3D and with Hungarian dubbing because that was the only time slot we could squeeze it in. Well... my thoughts are behind the tag.
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All in all, it was an enjoyable film, save the gratutious fighting. Even Mum enjoyed it. The 3D effects didn't do much for us, aside from making us dizzy whenever something appeared to drop off the screen and right onto our heads, but it's a matter of taste, I guess.

I'll be definitely in for the next part.
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Today, I finally broke and bought "The Pillars of the Earth" on DVD, after all. Consiering that I didn't like the book in the first place, it was perhaps a bold step - but I absolutely adore Rufus Sewell, so I couldn't let the chance to have him in an important medieval role slip. Even if his character does get killed off. Which was one of the reasons why I disliked the book. The other one being that the author so obviously enjoyed describing how women were abused and mistreated. Stupid, mysogynic fart!

Anyway, I bought it mainly because of Rufus Sewell, but also for the historic period, which is the same as of the Cadfael Chronichles. Besides, Sarah Parrish plays in it, too, and I like her very much.
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I bought two dragon movies while in Vienna on 15. March. The one is Dragon Hunter - if you click on the link you can read an excellent review on the VideoVista website. It says just about everything I thought of the film. Even though I liked some aspects of it - namely Darius and the evil, scheming village sorcerer - it was quite a disappointment. More so when I realized that I could have bought it back home (where it was offered under a different title) for half the money. Ah, well.

The other one is Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles. Again, the link will take you to a review with which I mostly agree. I read a better one two days ago but can't find it again. In any case, it is another fairly weak film, despite Amy Acker and John Rhys-Davies starring in it. I also liked King Augustin and the Queen. The other characters - alas, also the so-called main hero - were rather on the forgettable side.

As for the CGI, the idea that the two dragons not only used fire and ice as weapons but were actually made, at least partially, of fire and ice, was an interesting one, but the execution was fairly crude. Still, for a fiml made in Romania...

But boy, has Amy Acker aged since her time in "Angel"! Making her play a princess in her late teens probably wasn't the best choice.
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Saw The Village yesterday on German TV. Gah, was that a stupid film! I liked the atmosphere and the mystery at the beginning, but when the so-called "secret" was revealed, I could scream in frustration. A shame, really; and I was so looking forward to see a well-made monster movie again. *sigh*
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Now that I've watched the entire trilogy, I still like the films. The kids said something about there being a fourth one - I must check it out and at least borrow it from someone. I guess it would be The Silver Throne - we'll see.
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I watched "Prince Caspian" on German TV yesterday. To my surprise - I found the books terrible infantile and boring, though I gave them a hones try and read them in three different languages, hoping to find out where their charm lies - I liked it a lot. So, perhaps I will buy the DVDs - the local supermarket sells them as a boxed edition. I mean, good fantasy films are so rare, I need to build a good stock. *g*

Also, I watched some of the "Star Trek - Phase II" fanvids on YouTube lately. They are really good. In any case every bit as good plot-wise as the original series. Granted, the actors are amateurs, and it shows (although the guy playing Kirk gets the Shatner mannerisms down to the iota), but the special effects are good, and the whole thing clearly is made with love. I wish I didn't have to watch them on the computer screen - my eyes don't appreciate it - but one of them from time to time will do, I guess.

Edit: Went looking for the Narnia movies. They were sold out. Typical.

Edit #2: Found the first three movies as a boxed edition in the Alexandra bookshop. Watched "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" today. Liked it quite a lot.


Mar. 27th, 2011 10:36 pm
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German TV just showed the movie. I brought up all my strength to watch it, since I wanted to know what was all the fuss about. Why my students (I mean the girls) are so obsessed with it. Or with the male lead.

After having suffered through it, I still don't understand. The movie was deadly boring, the characters not the least likeable, and honestly? Robert Whatshisname, the guy who plays the vampire Edward, has a profile like an axe and stupid hair.

I won't discuss the plot - or rather the lack of it -, the nonexistent concept about the vampires or any of the other shit. If teenage girls really identify with this Bella character, then I'm really afraid of the future.
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I tried to watch it on PRO7 a couple of days ago, mostly because I wanted to know what some of my online friends are often talking about.

I regretfully admit I didn't even make half-through it. It was just too boring for me. And none of the human characters were lieable enough to suffer through the rest. Please, guys, don't lynch me!!! I'm probably just too old for this stuff. *ducks from flying rotten tomatoes*

On a different note, I've just realized that Tom Milligan, Martha Jones' almost-fiancé in Doctor Who, was played by the same actor (Tom Ellis) as King Cenred in Merlin. Go figure.

He's sizzling hot in both roles - although I feel sorry for him to have give up Martha Jones for Morgause. Yes, I'm shallow, why do you ask?
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Because of an unexpected shift of some football (=soccer for you American people) match, Sat1 unexpectedly showed the 2004 King Arthur movie the day before yesterday. Naturally, I watched it. Even recorded it, because, well, it was an Arthurian movie.

In short, it was fairly bad. Boring as Hell, with characters that did nothing that would make me identify with them, and for a supposedly historical movie amazingy inaccurate. One can argue about Arthur's histroic existence pro and contra, but there were definite historic events falsified or moved on the timeline back and forth for decades, so - sorry, no!

OTOH, I found, to my great delight and surprise, a DVD in our local supermarket featuring Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew, which was the single most important film of my youth. Granted, it was in my very religious phase, but I can't remember any other film, be it before or after, that would have touched me so deeply.

I can still remember how we'd stand in the queue before the cinema for hours, literally, as it was only being shown in one, and that only for a limited time, this being back in the 1970s. I hope I'l rediscover at least a small shard of that unparalleled sense of wonder, even on the small screen. I'll keep it as an Easter treat.


Jan. 18th, 2011 11:38 pm
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Someone sent me a virtual gift to cheer me up: an adorable baby otter. Go to my profile and give it a pat - it's so very cute. So, whoever you are, anonymous benefactor, thank you!

Ventured into "Alexandra" today, which is the biggest bookshop in our proximity. Got DVDs. Yeah, I know - what's new? But these were important DVDs. One of them the Bakshi animated movie "The Lord of the Rings"; I already had it on videotape, but with Hungarian dubbing - now I can watch it in English.

The other one is "Excalibur", with Nigel Terry playing Arthur. It's a film I saw as a young girl and wanted to find ever since. Now, after all those years, it's finally mine. And it even has English subtitles! Yay!

Not all Hungarian-made DVDs have; the Torchwood first season doesn't have any, and neither does the New Who Series One with Christopher Eccleston, the one I bought in Vienna. I don't know why the Germans didn't gave us subtitles, either. Sometimes the actors are not easy to understand, especially for a non-native speaker. Oh, well, at least the British take us stupid foreigners under consideration. Or, most likely, their own people with hearing problems.

My Toshiko bunny spawned again. *sighs* As if I didn't have enough unfinished stories. But such the life of a writer.
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Gah, but work can really make one tired! This was only the third day, and I'm ripe for holidays again. Granted, three ungodly long days, but still...

In any case, work dries up my creative juices, which means watching more television. Or more DVDs, as the case is, since there isn't much on the telly nowadays. The last thing I tried was some semi-mystic French crime story, starring Jean Reno and, much later, Christopher Lee. Wait, I'll go googling.
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... or, in other words, Christmas is approaching seriously. I've baked the last batch of cookies last night - now I've 12 different sorts and done with baking for Christmas. It's a really handy thing, these German recepies: you can do your cooking weeks before the actual feast and have time for the more pressing tasks right before Christmas.

Also, Christmas prezzies are snowing in (pardon the pun; looks out of the window warily at the steady snowfall). First came Merlin's Series Three, Part one, courtesy of the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris. Followed by [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch's present, a movie titled The Discovery of Heaven. I never heard of it before, but the summary sounds intriguing. Will watch it when I'm a tiny bit less brain-dead. Then, in this very morning, shiny-sparkly SF magazines arrived, sent by my good friend [livejournal.com profile] lhun_dweller. Since I have nothing domestic more to do for the rest of the day, I'll spread out on the sofa and indulge myself. *g*

Tomorrow, we're going to Vienna with a few colleagues. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate, at least to a certain extent, as Mum is coming with us, of course. We haven't seen the Vienna Christmas Markets for many days, I hope it will be fun. Weather-wise, I mean. It will be fun in any other aspect.

Oh, and have I mentioned that it's snowing? I hope atmospheric disturbances won't hinder me in watching Sherlock Holmes on Tele5 tonight. It would be the first time that I'd see Gareth David-Lloyd in any other role than Torchwood's enigmatic Ianto Jones; I'm very curious what he's like as Dr. Watson.

Edit: I gave up on the Sherlock Holmes movie after the first hour. It was boring; plus, the background music was so loud I could only understand every tenth word of whatever dialogue was doing on. Very crappy dubbing, I'd say.

GDL has an interesting look with wavy, collar-length hair. But a moustache isn't really his thing, IMO.
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I managed to hunt down "The Shogun" and "Attila the Hun" of BBC's "Warriors" series. I also found "The Tale of a Knight" on sale, although I haven't checked yet whether it starts on my DVD-player or not. I haven't had any problems with DVDs bought on sale yet, but one can never be suspicious enough. Hah!

"A Tale of a Knight" isn't such a big deal movie-wise, and I'm not all that impressed by the late Heath Ledger anyway. But it has Rufus Sewell, him of the dreamy eyes, and that decided it. Yeah, I'm that shallow.

I also managed to buy some small Christmas presents for my online friends. I know it's a bit early, but when you have to send them to the overseas, early is a good thing.
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I felt a bit down due to yesterday's news, plus I had two hours between the end of work and the teachers' conference that ruined my otherwise half-free afternoon (and I only have two of those in the entire week!), so I decided to spend some money. It always helps.

So I treated myself to a decent meal in a nearby self-selving restaurant ([livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris and [livejournal.com profile] rcfinch could give testimony that it's a good place indeed), and then I hit the bookshop next to it.
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Our choir is also starting to rise from the ashes. We've got quite a few new pieces this year, some of them very loverly.
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Unexpectedly, I've finished Chapter 5. While going to post it to [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms, I discovered that I'd never actually posted Chapter 4. So I went and posted that one first. Hand-coding some twenty pages worth of story is sooo much fun - not!

Writing Cadfael fanfic, OTOH, is great fun. I can indulge in my interest for medieval times and for cloistered life, which is great. Plus, I've got a great deal of insider knowledge where cloistered life is considered, so I feel on secure ground with this particular fandom. Which is great, too. Makes writing really joyful.

Completely unrelated to that fact, I've bought two DVDs on sale today. The one is Pasolini's "Arabian Nights", the other one "1066 - The Battle of Middle-earth". I've read very sceptical critiques about the latter one, but at least it's somethign I haven't seen yet a hundred times. It's getting hard to find new things in my areas of interest.

As for Pasolini, I find him genial but highly disturbing. Certainly, his "Decameron" was anything but clean and healthy fun - but it was interesting. I liked his version of "The Gospel According to Matthew", or whatever it is called in English. Some parts were really silly, granted, while others are simply incredible. I guess, it's very true that there's but a thin line between genius and madman.

Nonetheless, I will buy these other two movies as well, if they'll ever be on sale.
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Finally found the time to see the remake with Keanu Reeves - and actually liked it. I keep wondering why do I like Keanu Reeves so much; the guy had only one facial expression, and he doesn't age well... and yet I keep liking him. Even though, as it was revealed in this movie, he has ugly feet. I even used him as the basics for my own Elrond image once; [livejournal.com profile] archet has made me a pretty photomanip of him as Elrond.

Kyle Chandler, OTOH, did age well. He has left behind his pretty boy image known from "Tour of Duty" and "Early Edition", and maturity suits him very much. I haven't seen him for a long time and was pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, the film: the visuals were great, and I liked the robot. Liked John Cleese as Professor Barnhardt and was so happy to see Roger R. Cross again. I loved him in "First Wave" - he was the only reason I watched that crappy show as long as I did. Loved Cathy Bates as the Defence Secretary, too. The female lead, though, couldn't really get to me. Is it me that I can't buy all these lovely young ladies who do impossible things (Mary Sue anyone) or are there really no female roles of the younger version that would *not* be stereotypical?

The creators say that this is a new, grittier version of the original. Now I'm more desirous than ever to actually see the original. You just can't beat the classics... no matter what people say about the... thing into which Ron Moore twisted BSG.
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Alagos icon today, because I'm seriously working on finishing The Web of Darkness. The fact that I've finally figured out how the story is gonna end helps enormously. *g*
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Don't laugh, people! The fact is, we of public employment, or whatever it's called in English, sometimes get fringe benefits - for example so-called culture cheques that, unfortunately are only accepted in very few, special places. The Hungaroton record shop is one of those places. So I went there on Saturday morning, to see what I can get for my cheques, hoping that so early before Christmas, I'd actually find something useful.
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Of course, I also bought a few for myself. The DVD I got was the movie "Merlin and the World of Dragons" (or is it War of Dragons?), featuring Jürgen Prochnow. Well, it's... erm, not necessarily the height of the interpretations. Fortunately, it was on sale, so it's acceptable, price-wise. Wasn't very impressed.

Has any of you seen it? Liked it? Hated it?


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