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Chapter 05 - The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen! has been posted to FF.Net. It is the chapter featuring Morgan's coronation, which turns out rather differently than in the final chapter of Camelot. Because I actually preferred Camelot's Morgan to their horrible, snot-nosed brat of Arthur.

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Chapter 04 - The Sorcerer's Ill Fortune has been posted to FF.Net.

In which older!Merlin learns that introducing himself as the court sorcerer isn't the best idea if someone is in BBC's Camelot. ;)

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Chapter 03 - At Bardon Pass has been posted to FF.Net. The story now has officially thrice as many chapters as reviews. I think it's a new kind of record.

Have fun anyway!
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Chapter 02 - Leontes's Awakening has been posted to FF.Net.

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I've decided to start posting my Merlin BBC/Camelot crossover, Magic Mirror to FF.Net. The first chapter is up, and I'm waiting a bit anxiously for reactions.

The [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo crowd might find certain paragraphs familiar, as I've already shared them during one of the pico sessions. I hope you'll like the full version, folks, and if you find the urge to drop a few lines of loving support, don't hold back. *hint, hint*
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The final chapter has been posted to FF.Net. I'll add the link when I am back on my computer.

My heartfelt thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland for beta reading this particular behemoth. :))

Edit: Aaand I already got an anonymous review that told me that while the story is not bad, my obvious dislike for Guinevere undermines its quality. Or some other nonsense like that, I don't remember the wording. Which means in translation: you big meanie, you dare to dislike my favourite character, therefore you can't be a good writer.

It's a good thing you can moderate and delete anyonymous reviews on FF.Net. I wish the same would be possible with signed ones, like on SoA. Then I wouldn't have been forced to delete and repost entire stories in order to get rid of mean-spirited comments that had nothing "constructive" in their criticism, just wanted to hurt.
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It has just been posted to FF.Net:

This is the chapter I'll probably be lynched for, so if you want to get there first and provide some support I won't say No. [cringle]
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Chapter 20 - The Wicked Day has been posted to FF.Net, thanks to my good friend and generous beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland. This is a different go at the similarly-named chapter, on the brink of magic reveal.

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I thought I'd give you the full programme, so that you might be able to look up the individual parts if you want to.

Beginning: violin solo (something by Kodály)

1. Alleluia by Boyce
2. Parce Domine by Menegali
3. A part for 4 voices about the joy of singing by Pitoni - sorry, I don't know the English title, but it is gorgeous.
4. O Occhi manza mia by Orlando Lasso
5. Ave Maria by Arcadelt
6. Ave verum by Mozart

Flute solo

7. Choir from "Der Zauberflöte" by Mozart
8. The Musician's Song by Tamás Daróczi Bárdos (contemporary Hungarian componist)
9. The Two Girls Went to Pick Flowers - madrigalesque based on a Hungarian folk song by Balázs (contemporary Hungarian componist)
10. Songs from Five Continents by Erzsébet Szőnyi (who just turned 90 this year - this is a funny collection: we sing Japanese and even Swahili!)
11. The choir of the slaves from Nabucco by Verdi

It is a very ambitious programme, so wish us luck. :)

On a completely unrelated note, I've updated Arthur's Quest, thanks to my generous beta, [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland.
Chapter 19 - The Judgement of the Siege Perilous is here.


Oct. 31st, 2014 05:02 pm
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I had two really, really successful days!

Firstly, I have finished Chapter 18 to Arthur's Quest - Book One, wrote 4 pages of the next chapter and figured out how this particular story will end, alltogether with 21 chapters.

Then I wrote out the entire plot summary to my long-nurtured Merlin BBC/Camelot story idea, so that it would actually make sense. Needless to say that it's going to be. 25-chapter monstrosity again, unless it spawns a few more parts in the process. I think I should try my hand on drabbles next...

Then, if you remember, I bought this DIY-set in Vienna:

And was very angry because it didn't include any instructions. Well, thanks to previous experience with such things as well as a very useful link prvided by [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, I have produced my first shimmering paper angel an hour or so ago. It's not perfect yet, but now I know where the taps are, and the next one will be even better.

I also stitched a rather complicated X-mas card and did a great deal of Merlin-and Camelot-related research. Go me!

The only thing I had to postpone was giving the paper balls a try. Stupid supermarket had a hundred different tools, just not the conic thingie you need to make those little loops on the end of the wire, and without that I couldn't even stert. Grrrrrr!
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As I generally like crossovers, I was browsing the Merlon crossover section the other day and discovered that there were about three Merlin/Camelot crossovers... none of them very good. One of the reviewers (yes, I like to check out the reviews first sometimes) reflected upon this fact, mentioning they thought there would be a great lot of such fics.

Since I have been nurturing a vague plot idea for such a crossover for some time, I gave the question some thought. I think I know the reason - or, at least, one of the reasons - now.

Aside from the fact that the two versions seem to take place in vastly different times (Camelot in the Dark Age and Merlin in the time of chivalry), I think the main problem who le trying to match the two is the ethical one. In Merlin, people are generally trying to do the right thing. Unless they are evil, of course, in which case they get beaten, sooner or later. In Camelot, people just want things: the crown, a sword, other people's wives, power... whatever. And they aren't particularly quesy about the way they get it.

Camelot's Merlin is of questionable morale. He doesn't hesitate to help Igraine's bastard son to the throne, even though in these settings Morgan is the only legitimate heir. Arthur is an annoying little snot who fiends it okay to screw the bride of his most faithful vassal on the day of their wedding. And said bride is sly enough to produce false proof of her virginity, too. So, why is everyone (the characters, I mean) harping about Morgan's evil while they aren't one bit better? And the viewer is expected to identify with them? At least Morgan had a legitimate claim and was cheated out of it, thanks to Merlin.

Of course, BBC Merlin has more to do with a medieval romance than with actual historic facts. But I prefer their moral message.
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Only that you can never truly reach the level you'd really need. Well, I can't.

I've spent half the morning today looking for a small paperback book gifted upon me by [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris. It's a late version of the Grail Quest, with a strongly Christianized background, but some of the plot elements would work quite nicely for Book Two of Arthur's Quest.

Needless to say that I didn't find it. I went straight to the book cabinet, reached in blindly where I thought it should be - and it wasn't there. Neither was it anywhere else in the book cabinet, in my desk, in the bedside table (it has nice, deep drawers), or in any of the dozen other places it could have been.

My only hope is that I might have taken it with me to school, with some other books I intended to read there in the empty hours. If it isn't there, either, then... well, I will have to give up. Drat. Not that I couldn't come up with inane adventures for our heroic knights on my own, but closer to the legends would have been nice. Ah, well.
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I was considering to write the final chapter to Arthur's Quest - Book One as my next [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo project and took out my notes and background research stuff to decide how to bring it to a satisfying end.

Imagine my surprise, when I found that there is a fully written chapter that I've simply forgotten to post. So I used the chance and promptly posted it. It's Chapter 17 - The King's Justice, it is a mixture of Ivanhoe saving Rebecca and the original legend of Percival and the Haughty Knight, and it can be found here:

I hope that this unexpected discovery will give me the inspiration to write the next chapter, preferably during autumn break that has just begun today. The rest of the story, most likely two other stories, in fact, will have to wait. I don't know what is it with me, writing the first parts of trilogies or even longer series, and then falling out of the mood for a decade or so, but, well, it is as it is.

At least it brought me into the mood of watching Merlin again. I'm almost finished with Season 5, which I've been prolonging for years. Only the two-part finale is to go.

Edit: The new chapter is now beta read by the most generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland, so nobody's grammatical sensitivities will be hurt. [g]
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Since I'm finally updating again, let's talk about it, shall we? I've just read the first spoilers, and frankly, I'm of two minds about them. Probably because Season 4 was something of a disappointment for me. S4 was the one I liked the least. It took away the uniqueness of most characters (including the Dragon), and what I've read along this line doesn't make me hope for any better development.

They say S5 will be "darker". I'm not sure I welcome the show going even more dark than it was in S4 already. The idea of less guest characters is a good one - they've overdone it in the last season to the point where the knights became cardboard caricatures with no personality at all. No Lancelot, apparently. A shame. I liked Lancelot.

More Gwen, though. A shame. I don't like Gwen. She's such a badly-written Mary Sue that she comes close to another Gwen whom I'm so not discussing now. At least she's mostly just stupid. But if they blow her (mostly unnecessary) role up even more, she'll become a real annoyance.

They should never have gone the Cinderella route with Guinevere. It's the sound- and waterproof way to a full-blown Mary Sue. And nobody likes Mary Sues. Well, nobody but the Rustoid and his sycophants, that is. *sighs*

Perhaps I should finally tear myself away from "Sherlock" and watch "Camelot" before getting my hands on the new "Merlin" season. Either I'll come to like "Camelot", or, if it's really as bad as I've heard, it might make me yearn for "Merlin" again.
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Thanks to pico, I've finally got to the point with "Arthur's Quest" where I know how Book 1 will end and how I'm going to get there. I've planned out the remaining six chapters: what will happen in them, in which order things are going to happen, and how this arc of the tale will end. I hope I'll be able to execute that cunning plan, as I'm very content with it.

Book 2 will show the adventures of the actual Quest and how they'll find the Grail... I really don't have much of a concept of that, aside from the adventures I want to include.

Book 3 will probably present the big, final showdown between Arthur/Merlin and Morgana/Meleagant/Mordred. Of that, I have even less of a clue. I want to end it vaguely according to the legends, and I want to include the idea of Mordred magically aging ten years in an instant, so that Arthur and he could become real adversaries, but I'm not sure.

Still, it's good to know how at least Book 1 is supposed to go.
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Chapter 14: The Legacy of the Lady of the Lake has been posted to FF.Net and to [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms. Lancelot conquers the cursed castle of Dolorous Guard and learns something about his own destiny. Enjoy!

I know it was a long wait between updates. Blame it on Lancelot. He was very un-cooperative.
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Chapter 13 - Sir Lancelot at the Dolorous Guard has been posted to [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms and to FF.Net. Enjoy!

P.S.: [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000, this one is for you!
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I got the second part of Season 4 from the most gracious [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris
*hugs gracious friend* and watched all six episodes in one go yesterday. Or would that be yesternight? Anyway, here are my comments.

The things I didn't like:

Read more... )

The things I liked very much:

Read more... )

Despite everything, I enjoyed watching the episodes very much, because, well, because it was Merlin. I hope, though, that I get the chance to watch Camelot eventually, just to compare the two series. Their Arthur looks like the result of a mistaken genetic experiment, but at least their Guinevere is really beautiful, and you can actually believe that the guys would fall in love with her at first sight. And they have Clive Standen as Gawain, which alone would be a reason to watch it.
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I've posted "Obstacles" to FF.Net. Waiting for the death squads now.

I also updated [livejournal.com profile] telekis_vendiak, adding a Torchwood Mpreg story (for [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000) and a wonderful little Ivanhoe/Kingdom of Heavens ficlet. Where isn't there more Ivanhoe fanfiction around? FF.Net doesn't even have a category for the book! *is morose*

Currently, I'm typing up the episode dialogues I might need for "Spellbound", a mild Merlin/Lancelot 4th season slash story. If there will be any story, I'm not sure yet, but having the mechanical part done is always a relief.

I'm 6 pages into Chapter 13 of "Arthur's Quest". Lancelot and Gilli are on their way to Dolorous Guard, in Camelot the wedding of Sir Erec and Lady Enide is near, and the serving girls are gossiping again.

Furthermore, I'm playing with the thought of continuing "Elvenhome" after its six-year-hiatus, as the Dwarfies still refuse to talk to me. Having read various stories by Fiondil on SoA has brought me in the right mindset to at least think about Celebrían's adventures in the Blessed Real again, which is more than I could say about the last six years.

No dead threats for "Obstacles" so far. Just one - mostly positive - review that tries to explain me that 'Character X would never do *that*'. Never mind that Character X did exactly *that* in the episode. I specifically looked up the scene with English subtitles to be sure.
Read more... )
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I've decided to post all three chapters of "Movements of Fire and Shadow" to FF.Net. Plus, I posted all 12 chapters of "Arthur's Quest" to the Otherworlds board. Now I'm thinking of posting the Dark Merlin fic to FF.Net, too - after all, it turned out less explicit than I feared and will go well within M-rating. It will be either ignored or flamed for not going with the Arthur/Gwen canon pairing anyway, so I don't really have anything to lose.


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