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Dec. 3rd, 2012 05:48 pm
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I wanted to type up some more recipes today, but I'm afraid it must wait. I've dramatised a Christmas story for a colleague of mine (yes, the others regularly put my writing skills to good use, than you very much), and that must be typed up and printed first.

Then I'll have to watch the 1st part of "World Without End" on German TV. It's the continuation of "The Pillars of Earth", in case you aren't familiar with it. Now, I'm not a particular fan of Ken Follett, but he did his homework well for the first novel and I kind of liked the TV-adaptation (mostly for the absolutely fantastic Rufus Sewell), so I'm giving the continuation a try. At least it's the Middle Ages.

Other than that, I've corrected some essays for another colleague, and pre-sticked 30 pieces of stitched cards (with the help of 4 6th-grade girls) for a third one. Oh, and we stitched some more cards with other 6th and 5th-grade girls for next week's charity fair. I mean, I like being helpful, but today was a tiny bit more than what I call comfortable.

BTW, I got my first Christmas card from the most generous [livejournal.com profile] songfire3 - and with an autographed photo of John Barrowman, too! Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] songfire3! *hugs* So it was a good day, after all! :))
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Today, I finally broke and bought "The Pillars of the Earth" on DVD, after all. Consiering that I didn't like the book in the first place, it was perhaps a bold step - but I absolutely adore Rufus Sewell, so I couldn't let the chance to have him in an important medieval role slip. Even if his character does get killed off. Which was one of the reasons why I disliked the book. The other one being that the author so obviously enjoyed describing how women were abused and mistreated. Stupid, mysogynic fart!

Anyway, I bought it mainly because of Rufus Sewell, but also for the historic period, which is the same as of the Cadfael Chronichles. Besides, Sarah Parrish plays in it, too, and I like her very much.
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...if you are interested in the Crusades. It's a reconstruction of the siege and destruction of the Templar fortress at Jacob's Ford in 1179. Here is the complete episode of 45 minutes.

Warning: some really brutal fighting scenes. Still, it's highly interesting how they reconstruct entire fights from the injuries of the skeleton 900 years later.
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Mum and I went to Vienna yesterday. It was long overdue for our mental health - Vienna is the place where we can truly relax, even if we only go for a day and do nothing but walk around in the old town and absorb the atmosphere. Aside from that, it is the place where I can sometimes buy DVDs that I like. Not often, but sometimes, yeah.

In any case, it was a beautiful day, and while I did not find Camelot or A Game of Thronesor any Classic Who that I would have liked, I did find Ivanhoe. The original has been one of my favourite books for many decades, having read it before Tolkien even, and once, back in the Stone Age, I saw a TV series starring a very young Roger Moore in the title role. So, I was understandably curious, and as it was a boxed edition for a reasonable price, I bought it.

So far, I have only watched the first episode. It is... interesting. Certainly a great deal more down-to-earth than I would have expected, after all that fantasy stuff I've seen lately, and many of the characters look differently from my imagination after reading and re-reading the book uncounted times, but I think I like it. I would have imagined Ivanhoe a little more gracile, Bois-Gilbert more exotic-looking, Rowena a great deal more beautiful and many other characters, especially Gurth and Wamba, a lot younger, but I think Prince John was a good choice and Rebecca is fantastic. Some of the changes irked me a bit at first, but I understand that the creators wanted to put in a bit more excitement.

I'm curious what the rest of the series will be like.
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Now that German tv has started showing Merlin (the BBC series), I've brought forth my 1st season DVDs, courtesy of the most generous [livejournal.com profile] the_wild_iris and re-watched the first couple of episoded to compare them with the dubbed version. I came to the conclusion that German dubbing actually isn't half bad this time. (Unlike in Torchwood where they successfully eliminated some of the really important half-comments, like Jack coming back for Ianto in the first place, and only additionally for all the others; or that he couldn't even *look* at Gwen after the horrors of CoE - but I digress).
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As I obviously suck at googling, does anyone know any good websites where medieval coronation rituals are described in some detail? I don't want to use the Hungarian ones, because they're too specific, but those are the only ones I know.

Google only gives me book recommendations - of books I can't get anyway, so... do you know any good online sources?
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Okay, friends, there's the deal: Mum and I have decided to be very, very brave and take part on an 11-day bus trip to Middle- and Southern France, from 24.07 to 03.08.

The route

Day 01 - Kufstein (Austria - a significant place for Hungarians, as many of our people ended in the dungeons there after the lost freedom fight in the 19th century) - Passau - Straubing

Day 02 - St. Gallen, Fribourg, Lake Geneva

Day 03 - Massif Central; Lyon, Thiers, Ussel, Périgueux

Day 04 - Dordogne: Beynac Castle, La Roque Gageac, Monfort Castle, Sarlat

Day 05 - Souillac, Rocamadour, Cahors, Moisac

Day 06 - Toulouse, Albi

Day 07 - CARCASSONNE!!!, Narbonne, Montpellier

Day 08 - the maritime world of Camargue, Arles, St. Maries de la Mer, Aigues-Mortes

Day 09 - Avignon, Tarascon, Nimes, Pont du Gard

Day 10 - Aix-en-Provance, Marseille

Day 11 - the closing horror: a whole day in the bus, trying to get home. *g*

I've discovered this tour by walking into a travel agency office almost randomly, and I still can't believe that I'm actually goin to see Carcassonne, among a lot of other wonderful places. Granted, it will only be a glimpse, and we'll be probably both dead upon returning home, but at least we're going there!

*jumps up and down like a bloody moron*

Should I survive despite all expectations, I promise you ungodly amounts of picspam - if my camera and Hermes, the god of travellers and thieves cooperate.
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After the Loreto, we went into the actual Castle of Prague. In front of the main entrance, there's a large square with lots of pretty things, which I took photos of. Look behind the tag.

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After we've seen - and photographed - everything that was there on the place, we finally went into the Castle itself.
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From there, we went directly into the Old Royal Castle. Alas, I don't have pics of that myself, but I'll add some when I get them from my colleagues. The guided tour ended in the Golden Lane, after which Mum and I crossed the Charles Bridge and saw a few nice things on our way back to the hotel. All those thing are behind the tag.
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Stay tuned for VEncel Square and the Old Town Centre
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Hi folks, I'm back for 2 days, before I run off for Germany again. So, I thougt I'd try to post some picspam for you before I wanish from the map again. Behind the tag, you can see a few pictures of the small Czech town called Telc - it's part of the World Heritage, and I'd say with right. We've visited it on our way to Prague on April 29. The colourful houses are from the main square, originally they belonged to craftsmen, with workshops on the ground floor and living quarters on the second floor. The rest is from the local castle and its inner yard. Enjoy!
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Wikipedia entry about Telc

More pics will follow. I know they're not very good, I'm not a good photographer, I just tried to get everything I found pretty or interesting and hoped you'd like it, too.
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Getting enamored in a - relatively - new fandom is always dangerous. My plotbunnies are multiplying at a truly alarming speed. As is I wouldn't have at least two dozen unfinished WIPs in at least half a dozen other fandoms. But the muses are capricious creatures. They do what they will. Consequently, I've got already five Cadfael-related plotbunnies in the nest. *le sigh*
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I apologize by those who had to see this already on the Yahoo list. ;))
And no, I don't think I'd launch into any of those stories (expect the one I've alraedy started) any time soon. I just wanted to share the bunnies with you.
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I've created a farily extensive Cadfael database on my Medieval, horror and fantasy list, formerly known as the Teleki Blanka Yahoo Group.
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Eventually, I'd like to create a Cadfael fanpage. The most useful I've seen so far is Steve C's Cadfael page, but it's more about the TV-series than about the books. I'd like to create something that could be used as a Cadfael lexicon and as a resource for fans and fanfic writers.

Yeah, I know, I'm insane. But a student of mine offered her help in web design and perhaps for the first time in my life I'll manage to do something on my own. It would be such a warm, fuzzy feeling of success. *g*
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What you can find behind the tag is just a rough draft. The first three pages of the first chapter, actually. I'm still trying to find a tone that would match the original to a certain extent - I know I'm still light years away. Still, I'd like to hear what those of you who've read the books think. Please forgive me the absence of sensible English grammar - as I said, I'm trying to find my footing here.

There are going to be quite a number of original characters later, as the events will take place mostly in the two nunneries: the cell at Godrick's Ford and the Priory of Farewell. Those characters are based on real nuns (and a monk) I used to know in my years in the convent. But the main event the whole thing is based on - the donation of a certain estate to Farewell by Bishop de Clinton - is an historical fact.

So, enough babbled, let's go on with the fragment.
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Tell me what you think. :)
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Let me tell you - it's rare as the proverbial white raven (or so we say it in Hungary). Considering the fact that it has been turned into a TV show, it's actually surprising. But again, perhaps not so much.
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Nah, don't look at me like that! I'm not suicidal. *steps at Cadfael plotcritter viciously*
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This is Brother Servatius, a Hungarian Benedictine. A lay brother I used to know well. For me, he's the closest thing to Brother Cadfael. No offence intended to Sir Derek Jacobi, I'm sure he did a great job in the TV-series, but for me he just doesn't look like Cadfael. The above picture isn't very good, Br. Servatius is actually a lot more Cadfael-like in real life, but this was the only one I could find on the Net.

Also, the Cadfael database is growing nicely on the re-vamped multifandom Otherworlds group. Since my collegues never cared to use it for its original purpose, I changed the name and turned it into a group where I can store original writings, medieval stuff and the likes. But I think I already told so. Never mind, it seems I'm a bit distracted lately.
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I'v been zapping between channels, because TV programme is always completely useless on Sundays, and by accident, I landed on the Bayerischer Rundfunk channel, which was showing the medieval feast of Ingolstadt's 1200-year-anniversary. It was a wonderful sight, the people presenting the history of their city in 100+ colourful "pictures", dressing up in the clothes of the various episodes, representing historical figures and old crafts... I enjoyed it very much. The link takes you to a German page, but if you click on zur Fotogalerie, you'll be taken directly to the pretty pictures.

On a different matter, I decided to stay away from SG-Atlantis fanfic for a while. I just can't take any more badly written McKay/Sheppard slash or nauseating Weir/Zelenka romance. I know, part of the problem is that I hate both Sheppard and Weir, but c'mon, people, there has to be something else to write about than 'ships with pairings that have been overdone a gazillion times. After a while, you simply can't write (or read) anything new about McShep having hott monkey buttsex - there are only a limited number of positions to describe - or about Zelenka pining after Weir (which I don't understand to begin with, but that's probably just me).

So, I'm back to posting "Birthright 2" and the Tolkien Quiz and sweating like a horse in this frigging heat.
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Got myself a very interesting book today: The Hound and the Hawk - The Art of Medieval Hunting by John Cummins. Not as easy a read as Frances and Joseph Gies' stuff, but inspiring nonetheless. It already gave me five new story ideas. *groans*

No, I won't start writing them just now. I noted myslef the titles and the main heroes, and I'll lay the whole thing on ice for the next couple of years. Next to the two other Ardaverse story ideas and the several dozen WIPs.

Got a few funny ideas about Andromeda/SG-1 and Andromeda/Sg-Atlantis crossovers. No, I wont write those right now, either. All I have are a few random scenes, and I probably never will have much more. I think the muse just tries to cope with me not sleeping well. The whole uglines of the recent lovely family reunion has just started to sicker down; neither Mom nor I are sleeping particularly well recently.
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This is a cross-post from the Edhellond group - I want to gather as many opinions as possible. Sorry for the repetition, fellow haven-dwellers. *ducks*

I was updating the Halabor population again. I'm over 100 different characters by now, 99% of whom wouldn't even appear in the story, but I'm the kind of geek who likes to have a detailled background. Freaky, I know, but... *shrugs*

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A few hundred more medieval questions are coming up in the not-too-far future.
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... on sale at Amazon.com

Recently, Archet gifted the book “Life in a Medieval City” by Frances and Joseph Gies upon me. It’s an excellent amateur historian resource book, and I googled for other works of the same authors. They are numerous. And they are on sale at Amazon.com right now!

Hereby I present the results of my search, aka all books by the one or the other author (or written together) that might be of interest for fantasy writers. The prices start at $1.75 and go up to $14.95, with the exception of #6, which, for some unfathomable reason, seems to cost $300! Not that it’d count for me, as we won’t have the Euro until 2008 or so, and our money isn’t accepted by Amazon anyway. :(

Well, here is the list:

#1: Life in a Medieval Castle
#2: Life in a Medieval City
#3: Women in the Middle Ages
#4: Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel
#5: Leonard of Pisa and the New Mathematics of the Middle Ages
#6: Daily Life: A Vivid, Detailed Account of Birth, Marriage and Death; Foot, Clothing and
Housing; Love and Labor in the Middle Ages
#7: Life in a Medieval Village
#8: Marriage and Family in the Middle Ages
#9: A Medieval Family: The Pastons of Fifteenth-Century England
#10 Merchants and Moneymen: The commercial revolution, 1000-1500
#11 The Knight in History

They have other books as well, but these seemed the most interesting for people like us. Cross-posted to Edhellond and the Otherworlds board.
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Had interesting discussions about the Second Age, Eregion and the lesser Rings with the Edhellond crowd. Had interesting discussions with the Axe&Bow crowd about bonsai trees in Moria. Had interesting discussions with the SecondAgeElves crowd about Sindarin names. Was fun.

Said discussions - plus the documentary titled The Magic Sword I saw on German TV a few days ago finally helped the next chapter of Innocence out of the black hole. It's not done yet, but I hope to finish it next week. *crosses fingers*

Said chapter spawned a brand new story. *sighs* Those plotcritters are downright frightening sometimes. Wrote most of the first chapter, but won't talk about it yet.

Decided not to join the new community. Looked at the Members list and realized that with most people I'm on one of the same lists... or more. Besdies, I'm really not interested in the genre right now. Maybe later. Or not at all.

On the other hand, I joined the Silmarillion and the Medieval communities. I'll most likely be only lurking in the background, but it might be interesting nevertheless.

Recorded the Dungeons and Dragons movie from German TV on Thursday. Still haven't seen it. I wonder if I will, ever.

Moved forward and typed up the next chapter of Alternate Caretaker. It's almost finished. I hope my dear, gracious beta would resurface, soon, as I still have half a dozen finished but unbetaed chapters I really would like to post.

And that's about it, basically. Not much, but I'm content nevertheless.


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