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I no longer can find the list of my friends, interests and communities in my profile. Or in the profile of any community I'm a member of. Is the site about to crash or have they just hidden half the features again?

Edit: And now the comments don't show up, either, just their numbers, although I get them e-mailed to my private address. I hope they get it fixed, soon!
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Dear party guests,
I've finished all commissions. For those of you who still want to become a felt ornament for Christmas, you have one more week to do so. After that, I won't be able to finish and post them in time, so please keep the schedule. ;)

And completely unrelated: I hate the fact that LJ took away the chance to keep the old menu bar, even if I have my journal in old view modus. It gets on my nerves that I have to look for everything in a completely different place, and I find the new layout ugly.

BTW, Outlook has changed its looks, too. I can't discover any improvement. I wish they'd stop changing things without a reason. *is pissed*
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I mean copying my fics to AO3. It is arduous and boring, but I need a back up in case FF.Net goes down permanently one day. I'm not really counting on new readers - my 70-so me stories haven't got a double digit of reviews together - just an additional layer of safety for my stuff. I've accepted the fact that aside from a few personal friends nobody's going to give a shit. It's depressing, but not something I can change. Moving "Adventures" now, I nearly got blind in the process of importing and editing 52 chapters so far.

Speaking of copying stuff, does anyone know if LJ has completely removed the Rich Text editor or just hidden somewhere else? I need it to copy stuff from FF.Net to LJ but can't find it anymore, since the last site update.
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My frigging journal has just changed to this new layout and I can't change it back the way it used to be! Help, please?!

Edit: Now, this is odd. It showed up with the new look on my iPad but with the normal one on my laptop. However, it is very slow, and Downrightnow says "Possible service disruption". I know they were tweaking with the site last night, but...
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Which is completely embarrassing but, alas, also inevitable.
For the last two years, my trusted LJ has enjoyed the advantages of a paid account, thanks to my good friend [livejournal.com profile] sammydragoncat and an anonymous benefactor. Now my paid time is running out in a little more than a month and I have to ask for help again.

The annoying part is that I could afford a paid account on my own, should our national currency be accepted any where. Which it isn't -not that I 'd blame other countries for that. I'd basically need a paid account to be able to keep my icons and photos. So, if anyone could help me out again, anonymously or otherwise, I 'd be most grateful.

As usual, I can offer hand-stitched cards, stories or Hungarian CDs (music) or DVDs ( about the country) in exchange. Thank you. :))

Edit: Whoa, that was fast! Thank you, my dear [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland - your hand- stitched Easter card is already in the making - and to the two anonymous benefactors for the gifts. Now I am fixed for another year and a half. Thanks again!
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I gave it a try yesterday, as we want to do it with the kids next Friday. I made the idiot-proof Sanella version, with peaches and Quark, as you can't get canned apricots and Schmand over here. No, really! It turned out quite good, although I might add gelatine to the creme next time.

And, completely unrelated, is anyone else annoyed by the new (nonexistent) menĂ¼ bar of LJ? I might be exceptionally dense, but I prefer to see my options right away, without another step in-between.

Short cuts

Aug. 28th, 2014 06:03 pm
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So, am I the only one who can't do short cuts on LJ anymore?

Until now, I hand-coded the urk I wanted to link like this:
Part 3, and only Part 3 appeared in the text in bold font and as a clickable link. Now it no longer happens. If I try the insert url button on the menu bar, the results are the same.

Anyone knows how to do short cuts now?

Edit: All right, [livejournal.com profile] elmey, The Wise has solved the problem: My posting box was indeed switched to visual editor. I switched it back, and things are working fine now. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] elmey, I owe you one!
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Because I certainly do. Drat them, why must they always mess around with the looks?
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This is the weirdest thing: I can't access the comments to [livejournal.com profile] twstoryfinders. I get the main page all right, and the profile, but when I click on the comments (where people give you the url to the actual stories) all I get is an internal server message.

Downrightnow, says possible service problems for LJ. I hope it won't get any worse. So far, this has been the only journal I've experienced problems with, but one can never know.


Oct. 31st, 2013 11:44 pm
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Now why do all icons on my Friends page suddenly appear with a bright green frame? They didn't this morning. What has LJ done again?
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Is it no longer possible to choose the old update version of LJ? Why the hell not? At least until now I had the chance to switch back to the old version. Since one is that no longer an option?

I originally wanted to write about Merlin 5.01, which I finally saw last night on German TV, but now I don't feel like it anymore. *is annoyed*
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All right, now I wrote LJ support and got a very quick answer from the nice people there. Apparently, "only" my extra userpic package is running out within 11 days, the paid account will go on until the end of March.

So, can anybody tell me how many userpics can I have with a paid account but without the extra userpic package? There are some icons I hardly ever use, so they can be removed if necessary. I'm simply too stupid to figure out how many I am allowed.

My Norton runs out in 5 days, and the new version hasn't arrived yet, so I might make myself rare starting next week if nothing happens. *sighs


Jan. 2nd, 2013 03:58 pm
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LJ has just sent me a message that my paid account will expire within 12 days. Which is fairly strange, considering that on my profile page stays the expire datum of 03. 30. 2013. I thought I had two months before I would have to start begging for another anonymous benefactor who'd renew my paid account and extra userpic package like each year.

Now I'm completely baffled.

Stupid LJ!

Nov. 29th, 2012 08:21 pm
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Is it just me, or does anyone else have difficulties using the old version of the update?
I tried to switch to the old version and all I got was a frigging error message!
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Yes, I know it's Saturday. But I did the obligatory Friday updates yesterday. I just forgot to put up the update alert while I was on my main PC (like now), and since LJ's last major fail (the new update feature) I can't post new entries from my laptop *at all*!

I wish they wouldn't keep fixing what isn't broken. *sighs*

Anyway, Chapter 15 of "Arthur's Quest" is *finally* posted to FF.Net, and so is Part 12 of "The Adventures of a Consulting Time Lord". The latter is also up to the 13th_sherlock DW community.

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I've finally caved in and switched to S2 style on LJ, in the hope that I can get back the drop-down list of icons when I post a comment. It works on [livejournal.com profile] gaheris_lives, which has the same theme and layout. It still doesn't work on my own journal. Anyone has an idea what to do? This display all possible icons in now particular order when I'm trying to choose one for the comment drives me crazy.
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I've created a DW community for all my writings posted to LJ. It's called soledads_library. I've already imported all entries from [livejournal.com profile] hiddenrealms and will continue with the import of[livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib and [livejournal.com profile] edhellondawards as well, as soon as the supposedly imported comments actually show up on the site. That may take a while.

I intend to remain on LJ as long as it's possible, because, well, over nine years are a long time and I tend to be faithful. But their major fails may drive me away completely one day, and in that case, I want my comms to be available and the comments I got saved somewhere else.

The only thing I won't be able to save over are my userpics, but, well, nothing is perfect.

PS: And now LJ is bothering me about my password, too - they find it too easy to guess. I don't want to change it, dammit! It's served me well enough all these yeards!
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Well, folks, it seems that LJ has decided to crash our birthday party - the original post is no longer visible. But I still have most of the comments in my inbox, and will re-post the original entry and list the available comments with the simple mentioning of the names, if it's all right with you. If not, tell me, and I'll delete yours.

We won't allow LJ to crash our party!

Original post

Hi folks! *waves*

Time is flying by, isn't it? It's that time of a year again - I'm getting older. In this case, I'm turning 56 on October 9, which means I'd have been retired for a year already, back under the old regime. Women could retire at the age of 55 back then. So I've decided to ignore all that fantastic headway we've supposedly made towards democracy in the last two decades and have considered myself retired for the last year, blithley overlooking the fact that I'll have to work another 6 or 7 or only God knows how many years.

So, let's party! Last years virtual birthday party yielded 943 comments on 7 pages, which won't be easy to top, but we're good, aren't we? WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN BREAK THE 1000-COMMENT-BARRIER! So, let's give it a try! In the recent years, it has always been great fun, so let's have fun again!

You're all cordially invited to help yourself to a slice of virtual cake of your choice. If you want to post your favourite recipe in a comment, be my guest. If not, just drop by and say hello.


Note: The party will be closed on October 9, at midnight, sharp.
Join us and have fun! Feel free to start any thread, any topic you want; we can discuss it, mock the general stupidity of life and laugh at it.

Last count was 1328 comments on 6 pages.

NB: Shoud the original party post mysteriously reappear, I'll delete this one.
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Because I do. LJ you've fixed what wasn't broken, again. Congratulations.

(This is my second try to post here. On my laptop, it doesn't work with my good old IE7. A shame, really. Everything else works much better with IE7. *sighs*
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I mean LJ's new major fail. The wondrous new update option, with all bells and whistles and stuff.

I was afraid the first time they announced it. But I only discovered today that I can't actually post to LJ from my laptop anymore. Not to my own journal, not to any of the comms I'm in.

I can comment - with considerable difficulties - or reply to comments... very slowly. But no posting. Either IE7 can't deal with the new wonders, or LJ is keeling over again. Neither of which is a promising thing.

I'll try to post the new Atonement chapter from my main PC, which has Mozilla (which I hatehatehate because of its very own problems). If I succeed, then it's poor IE7, which I love. If I fail, then LJ is keeling over.*groans*


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