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Sooo, I went to the website of our usual travel agency to see what they have to offer for this year and what can I risk, considering my bad leg and tha fact that Mum will be in tow. The website is sorely outdated, so I'll have to get to the office in person and ask, but I found a few package holidays I'd like.

The one of them I'd like most is a 6-day-trip that will start in Paris, touch 3 of the prettiest castles along the Loire, cross Burgundy, with an emphasis on Dijon and Troyes (another town I wanted to visit badly ever since I read "Life in a Medieval Town"), continues on to the Champagne (Reims!!!) and then returns to Paris just in time to board the plane.

Of course, it has the serious disadvantage that we'd have to fly, something I'm still deadly afraid of, and I might have the rotten luck that they won't even launch this particular trip this year, but it would be a pretty one.

Another possibilites would be the trips named "Romantinc Germany" and "Magic of the Alps", as well as the one which would go to Alsace and the Black Forest.

So many great choices, so little time (and even less momeny) *sighs*. Of course, we'll have to think very hard about our health in the first time. But we try to go to pleaces where we haven't been before, especially Mum, who can never tell if she'd be able to go anywhere in the next year.
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Well, yeah, we're back, but you probably realized by that last night when my weekly update alert was posted. Anyway, Lancelot icon today because it matches the topic.
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Kassa (Kosice) was quite the disappointment. It's a place every Hungarian should visit once a life, due to its historic significance - FYI, Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II, the one who led the great war for freedom from the Habsburgs in the 18th century and died in exile after half a century in Turkey is buried there - but that's about it. I don't care that it will be the world's cultural capital next year; it wouldn't be worth a second trip.

The Christmas market was barely worth the name. They sold about four types of food and mostly plastic decoration made in China. All in all, while the historic places were interesting and some of the buildings pretty, we have almost regretted to make the effort of the long bus trip.

I'm a but unhappy about it, as it was supposed to be Mum's Christmas present. *sighs*
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Or so I hope. We went to the tourist office with Mum today to pay the first half of our package holidays. Well, almost half of the price, which means we'll be broke for the next, oh, six months or so, but what a way to go!

In any case, it'll be an 11-day-trip by bus right at the beginning of August, and aside from such places as Dover, Canterbury, Oxford, Stratford, and of course, London, it will take us to Wales as well. I'll post the programme later, but let's just say that many of the places, both in England and Wales, ring very familiar, due to the Cadfael books. Shrewbury itself isn't in it, but Stonehenge is, so the whole thing is made of the win.

The only place I could live without is Liverpool (I'm so not interested in the Beatles), but every package holiday contains one programme that I would rather forget, so it's not such a big deal. Now, let's hope that Mum will stay as strong and healthy as she is now, and that nothing happens to me, either, and it will be an unforgettable trip.

On a different note, I've got new, shiny Merlin iconsssesss, yesss, Precious, I doesss!
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...isn't just that your head explodes from all those miles-long Japanese names that somehow all manage to sound the same. No, you also get haunted by story ideas.
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At least it's only 5 pages, and it was done within two hours. I'm still a bit shocked by the results research overdosing could lead to.
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I'm going off-town to my actual holidays tomorrow - visiting, among other places, Yvoire, the little Franch village that served as a model for my Gondorian fishing town, Halabor. Although I fear that we'll have but a little time for Yvoire - there are bigger sights to be seen on the same day - I'm very excited. *jumps up and down*
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Was a wonderful one. We happened to go there on the weekend of the town festival, complete with market and clowns and stuff. The concert in the evening was beautiful, too; it's amazing what such young children are capable of.
Moderate picspam behind the tag.
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The rest of the pics - 71 in number - is stored in the Photos section of this group, where I have got lots of storage space. Which is, essentially, what the group is for: fic storage, databases, pics and the likes.
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So, since we're not going to the festival in Bad Ischl, Austria, with the choir (a really ugly story that I might tell you when I'm less depressed about it), Mum and I will actually have the money to plan some decent holidays again. Due to the financial crisis, we weren't sure we'd be able to do the Bad Ischl thing and private holidays, but with Bad Ischl out of the equation, well...

In any case, we've studied the offers of the travel agency we usually go with, and found several very promising possibilities.

1) Benelux Tour - the pearls of Flanders and Southern Germany. 8 days, 7 nights, travelling by bus. I'm especially excited about the chance to visit Delft and several of the Belgian Hansa towns like Gent, Antwerpen, Bruighes, Leuven and so on.

2) Romantic Germany - sound good, too, but the cities that would be really interesting for me I've already seen, and the rest is, well, not so exciting. Although there's a spectacular waterfall and several pretty little towns on the menu.

3) The Wonders of the Alps - Austria and Southern Germany. Mum likes it... I'm not that excited about it. Sounds nice, but too short for actual holidays and too expensive for an additional trip. We'll see.

4) Elsass and Southern Germany - again, sounds very nice, and I'd love to visit Strassbourg and Colmar, but the rest is of less interest.

England and Wales - 11 days, 10 nights. The program is incredible, I'd absolutely love to go; plus we still have some British currency from our trip to Cambridge three years or so ago. But: there is only one tour, and it's set uncomfortably close to the restart of school around the end of August. Besides, days 1. and 11. would be spent on the bus, getting there and getting back, and I really don't know whether we would be up to it.

So, I think the most likely choice is #1: the Benelux tour. We've got DVDs about some of the places, so we can get into the spirit of things; and besides, it's not the same whether you have to travel 640 kilometres to reach your destination or 1140 kilometres, I'd think. Also, the travel agency makes this tour six times, and four of those times are quite doable for us.
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Our only stop on the way home was Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. We had a nice walk on both banks of the Rivel Ljublanica, watched the flea marketm visited the disgustingly baroque St. Nicholas cathedral and had generally a lot of fun.
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After the fun on the lake, we visited Bled Castle. The path was very steep, so Mum turned back soon, and I took lots of photos to give her an idea about the place.

We slept in Bohinj, in the Hotel Zlatorog, a nice ski hotel.
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Third part of the photo material from Day Two of our Slovenian trip. Our last stop on that day was Piran, one of the pittoresque coastal towns. It has been strongly influenced by Venice, as its architecture shows. The weather is Mediterranean along the whole coastline of Slovenia, similar to that of Italy, and, as I said before, the sea is incredibly blue.

We were on our own there - no official sightseeing - and, as you can see behind the tag, Mum and I had lots of fun.

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Like before, I've split the material to make it easier to view. After the Skocjan Caves, we went to Lipica, to visit the famous stud farm where the Lipizzan steeds were first bred. It's still the home of the mother herd, and as you can see below, the horses are truly beautiful.

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I've decided to split the pic material from the first day, or else the entry would have been too long. So, Predjama Castle (which is some 9 kilometres from the Caves) behind the tag.

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Well, I'm back. Obviously. It was a grand trip, even if a little bit exhausting. One wouldn't believe that a small country of only 20,273 square kilometres would have so many different landscapes and climates - but it has.

I had a weirdly Tolkienesque feeling along the whole trip. We've been to the Glittering Caves of Aglarond (the immense limestone caves of Postojna, which would have made any Dwarf-friends among us faint with pleasure) and to a Dwarven fortress (the castle of Predjama, which has been built in the very mouth of a cave and under which is antoher underground labyrinth of caves and escape works). Dís, Aislynn and Ro would have been pleased, I'm sure.

We've been to Rohan, i.e. to see the mother herd of all Lippizaners, in the town Lipica where this race of horses was first breed and is still being bred. Isabeau, Jasta and Jillian would have been in thorews of ecstasy, I think.

We've seen Kheled-zâram, surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Misty Mountains (Lake Bled, actually), with another castle perched upon a sheer rock, and the Long Lake (Lake Bohinj), the water of which was so clear that you could see the two thousand metres high mountains hang upside downin the water like in a mirror, amking the dizzling impression of double height.

We were also in a small coastal town named Piran and in the capital, Ljubljana, which were also beautiful, and the Adriatic Sea so incredibly blue one had to see it to believe.

More details as well as picspam will be available here, on my LJ as soon as I have finished labelling the pics I've made - all 137 of them. *g*
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I'm extremely sorry for the delay, folks - I wonder if I'd ever be able to finish this illustrated journal of mine. *sighs*

In any case, after recovering from the disappointment caused by the utter stupidity of our guide, in the next morning we started in Souillac, which is the site of an incredible Roman Style abbey, the sister house of St Gerald of Aurillac, in which Pope Sylvester II, one of the few popes we Catholics are rightfully proud of, had once lived as a simple monk named Gerbert. For us, Hungarians, he's particularly important, as he was the one who sent the crown to King Stephen I, the first Christian king of our country.
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Next time: Toulouse, the "pink city", and Albi. Stay tuned!
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Sorry for the delay. As you know, I'm having serious LJ issues right now, both work-related and concerning the current political situation in my country. I thought I'll try to post some more pics, though, as we're just about to come to the Really Cool Stuff(TM). So, here it is (look behind the tag).
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Next time: Souillac, Moissac, the fortified bridge of Cahors and the unparalleled wonders of Rocamadour. Stay tuned!
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Okay, friends, there's the deal: Mum and I have decided to be very, very brave and take part on an 11-day bus trip to Middle- and Southern France, from 24.07 to 03.08.

The route

Day 01 - Kufstein (Austria - a significant place for Hungarians, as many of our people ended in the dungeons there after the lost freedom fight in the 19th century) - Passau - Straubing

Day 02 - St. Gallen, Fribourg, Lake Geneva

Day 03 - Massif Central; Lyon, Thiers, Ussel, Périgueux

Day 04 - Dordogne: Beynac Castle, La Roque Gageac, Monfort Castle, Sarlat

Day 05 - Souillac, Rocamadour, Cahors, Moisac

Day 06 - Toulouse, Albi

Day 07 - CARCASSONNE!!!, Narbonne, Montpellier

Day 08 - the maritime world of Camargue, Arles, St. Maries de la Mer, Aigues-Mortes

Day 09 - Avignon, Tarascon, Nimes, Pont du Gard

Day 10 - Aix-en-Provance, Marseille

Day 11 - the closing horror: a whole day in the bus, trying to get home. *g*

I've discovered this tour by walking into a travel agency office almost randomly, and I still can't believe that I'm actually goin to see Carcassonne, among a lot of other wonderful places. Granted, it will only be a glimpse, and we'll be probably both dead upon returning home, but at least we're going there!

*jumps up and down like a bloody moron*

Should I survive despite all expectations, I promise you ungodly amounts of picspam - if my camera and Hermes, the god of travellers and thieves cooperate.
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As the program was adjusted to the kid's interests, we didn't see much of the historic places: the beautiful Roman cathedral and the Historic Museum, which I was dying to see. I'd have gone there in my spare time, while the others were shopping, had it not rained dogs and cats, for which reason our stay there was cut by almost two hours. Drat.

So I present you a few pics of the Technology Museum. As I'm not interested in cars, airplanes and submarines at all, it was rather boring to me, and so I took photos of the old costumes and the music automatons. Had I realized that with the same ticket I could have visited the other building, where all those things could be seen in abundance, I would have been a happier camper. Ah, well, it can't be helped in hindsight.
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Last stop: Karlsruhe. Stay tuned!
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Well, practically just the village, because I never actually climbed up on the ungodly steep path to the Castle. I saw it 6 years ago, and while its historic importance is very great, as a building, it's not such a biggie.

This is a very picture-heavy entry, as I've taken a lot of photos, just because the little houses were sooo pretty!
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Next stop: Neustadt. Stay tuned!
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Behind the tag are a few pics of the beautiful St. Barbara Church in Kutna Hora. We actually visited the Bone Chapel in the same town, too, but I found that extremely disrespectful towards the dead, not to mention it made me want to throw up, so I didn't shoot any photos there.
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So, this was the Czech trip. Stay tuned for Germany, it's pretty, too!


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