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In these days of very little feedback, I find it annoying like hell when people only read a story to find mistake - or what they believe is a mistake.

Just last night, someone left a comment for Random Fools, in which they told me, they believed that the surname of a completely insignificant one-time character was not what I wrote it was - that the word was merely a hint to some maneuver I never heard of.

Now, why is is that someone would read a 5-chapter-story - and the 9th part of a long series at that - and don't feel inclined to drop a single line of appreciation, but feel the necessity of correcting some possible mistake that they aren't even certain about, in what has been clearly labelled as an AU. Are people insane, totally self-absorbed and in need to show off, even if they make complete fools of themselves, or do they have way too much time on their hands?

I hoped I'd left that kind of behaviour behind me on FF.Net. Unfortunately, the idiots seem to be migrating to AO3 as well. A good thing that you can delete all kinds of comments on AO3; I don't feel like start an argument with someone on the review board. [/end rant]
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2 vintage variations and a purple one with silk roses:

On the other side of creativity, my stories aren't doing so grand on AO3. I'm used to have stories with more chapters than reviews, but I thing I'm heading towards a new low: stories with more chapters than hits. I think I'll disable the hit counter before the frustration gets to me too much.
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So, I made a small chocolate cake for a colleague, who is a very nice young woman (half my age, actually), to celebrate the fact that she's successfully faced a complicated (work-related) situation. I hope she'll like it. As she's allergic to lactose, I had to make a cake that had no dairy products in it and still tastes good.

Here it is, waiting in its box to be taken to school tomorrow:

On a side note: where is everyone? Granted, I mostly keep this journal to follow the events of my own life - and those of my online friends - but where have said friends gone? In these days Linda is the only one still around. :(

Also, I began to post my Tolkien fic to AO3. Very few people over there seem to be interested in Tolkienfic anymore. And even those seem to be completely uninterested in the stories I personally think are my best ones. Like "The Face of the Enemy", "The Last Stand" or the Halabor-related ones. Are people only interested in formulaic fic in these days?

I find that the most grateful readers are still in the Torchwood fandom. Go figure. They even comment in every leap year, unlike the others.
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Chapter 14 - Following the Trail has been posted to FF.Net.

I even got a very nice review for it - a rare occasion for me - but the dratted site just had to eat it! At least I've got it mailed to me and could save it; perhaps it will turn up eventually on the review board as well.

Nobody gave a shit about my Magic Mirror update two weeks ago, though, and my AO3 hits are on the rather low side, too. It is a rare thing when I get to triple digits at all, and I usually write long stories. I don't know why I'm still trying. People who like my stuff have clearly died out. :(
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I started posting the "Birthright" series to AO3. The fandom seems pretty dead, I've had one single hit so far. But since this is mostly safety posting anyway, I can live with it. I've lowered my expectations where feedback is concerned. As long as there aren't any flames and malicious nitpicking, I'm content.

Of course, gushing praise would be even better, but I've come to accept that I never had and will never have the specific ATA-gene that makes someone wildly popular. Not in my day work and not in the writing world, either. Ah, well, there are worse fates.

On domestic news, the big annual carpet cleaning is scheduled for Monday. We've been packing things and moving things all day, cause clearer guy will need room to work. Plus, I unexpectedly lost half the filling in one of my wisdom teeth (isn't it a good thing that I only have two of those left?), so a visit at the dentist's will be necessary, too. Stupid tooth, couldn't it have spat out the filling early during summer break when I had actually time to bother with it? *sigh*
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Yep, I've updated my FF.Net profile, in a somewhat indignant manner, because I'm getting sick and tired of people who very obviously want to read different stories than the ones I actually write. So I told them what I think about their self-important, know-it-all attitude.

The latest story targeted was "Still Not in Kansas". It is an old story, mind you, one I finished years ago, and now some little upstart shows up and posts several reviews, each half a page long, to list up what is, in their opinion, wrong with the story. Not canon facts, mind you (although what counts as canon in a crossover AU is very much a matter of personal interpretation), but things they believe I should have done differently.

Excuse me? Last time I checked it was my story, and I can damn well write it the way I find fit. At the age of 60, after having actively written for half a century, I think I'm entitled to my own choices. Really, the self-proclaimed "constructive" critics of the Pit of Voles are getting on my last nerve! My "blocked" list is longer than my arm by now - unfortunately, the site doesn't allow to remove signed reviews, just anonymous ones, and most of these blockheads always sign in, so that their "wisdom" would be kept for future generations.
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I'm seriously considering taking down Arthur's Quest and Auguries of Immortality for good.

Both stories have gained a few mean-spirited, deliberately hurtful reviews, and I just don't feel up to dealing with that sort of abuse from know-it-alls who could probably be my grandchildren. I know I shouldn't care for their idiotic comments, but it fucking hurts to much, seeing stories in which I literally invested years of labour and research and love being torn apart chapter by chapter by people who clearly wanted to read a completely different story.

The only thing that makes me hesitate is that I'd lose a considerable number of older reviews that are loving and positive. I've almost taken down "Auguries" years ago, and I might just do it. It's only 6 chapters, after all, compared with the 22 of "Arthur's Quest".

I don't know why do I attract rude idiots so much, in several different fandoms. Perhaps I've got an invisible bull's eye on my back that they can track or whatnot. I wish people who follow and favourite the same stories could be arsed to review so enthusiastically, but I've given up on that years ago.

Edit: I've just deleted "Auguries" because the reviewer kept abusing me on the review board, even though I've blocked them - I don't know how that is possible, but it worked. I've exported the individual parts in the hope that I might repost them eventually, and saved the reviews to my HD - will file out the abuse and keep the good ones at least for myself - but I'm not willing to take that sort of rudeness. I'll remove my entire FF.Net account if I have to, although that is the only archive I can actually use. AO3 is too much of a bother for me. *sigh*

Edit #2: And I'm an idiot, too. I forgot that old reviews are on several pages, and I only saved the latest one. So, I lost about a worth of 20 positive comments. Oh, well. The pain of a brutal operation and all that. I'm really depressed now.
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The general lack of interest for my two new stories is disheartening... to put it mildly. I don't know why I still bother writing at all.

Comments disabled because I am not in the mood to be lectured how I shouldn't expect people to like my stuff from those who get more gushing reviews for a drabble than I get for a 15-chapter story on which I have laboured for years.

And no, I'm not interested in flimsy excuses why people don't review as much nowadays as earlier. They manage to comment in the stuff of other writers. And, interestingy enough, mean-spirited tossers and idiotic nitpockers always find the time and energy to point at nonexistent errors. Only the readers who could say something encouraging seem to be incapacitated. It's not fair!

Thank God for the handful of personal friends who still make the effort. You guys are the best, and I love you.
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I so hate people who only comment to point out mistakes! Especially if they are wrong. They don't appreciate the hard work and love one puts into a story; they only read to find mistakes and point them out triumphantly.
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Really, some people make me want to climb the walls. For them "I don't agree with your characterization of Character X" is equal to "You're wrong, Character X isn't like that". It's almost as annoying as when they find so-called canon errors - which aren't actually errors, they're just too stupid to check their facts correctly. That doesn't keep them from giving lectures on the review board, making me look stupid, although they're the ones who don't have a clue. Then I have to review my own stuff, correcting their "corrections", just so that I won't appear as an ignorant fool.

Why don't they go and bother people who write wildly OOC characters in settings that wouldn't recognize canon if it would hit them upside the head is beyond me.
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The thing is, I updated Arthur's Quest, thanks to the extra speedy beta work by the most generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland. So far, the only comment I got was from an Anonymouse who thinks they might lost interest in the story because, and I quote, it is a shame that I made Gwen of noble birth. Never mind that the hints have been there from early on...
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On a completely unrelated note, I made my first paper ball today. It was great fun, and not halas as complicated as I feared it would be.


Oct. 9th, 2014 08:49 pm
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Not so long ago, I found this comment in my inbox.

I was absolutely baffled because hello? Being posted in the dorm as a must-read story? Being the subject of a creative writing class? that doesn't happen every day.

I just wish all those people who've supposedly ready and loved "The Toreador Chronicles" would have bothered to leave a review. It would have meant so much. But I'm glad that the person who commented at least told me this much. I'm, frankly, a bit humbled.
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Epic rant behind the tag. Don't like, don't read!
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It was very small. Practically nonexistent. Linda and some anon commented on SoA (hugs faithful readers) and someone who feels the need to show off with their canon knowledge on FF.Net. The latter had fairly little to do with the actual story, but at least they were enthusiastic about the topic. I count my blessings where I can.
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According to FF.net:
Crossover - Doctor Who & Sherlock - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 70 - Words: 96,505 - Reviews: 169 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 126 - Updated: once a week, regularly.

Whining behind the cut - read it to your own peril.
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Apr. 23rd, 2014 12:22 am
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Well... I've checked my stats both on FF.Net and SoA, and the results are a wee bit discouraging. (The same's true for most of my stuff posted to LJ, too.)
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Yes, I know I shouldn't let such things get to me, but apparently I was born thin-skinned and will die the same way. So, if you don't want to watch me ranting, don't look behind the tag. This is your only warning.

FF.Net again, of course... where you can't remove signed reviews )
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No, really! And we haven't even realized it! The truth hit me like a brick wall today on the bus when a young man came in, tubes coming out of both his ears. Mind you, he was bald, too, and had a completely blank expression. I'm not sure about the black clothes, I was too schocked by the revelation.

The Borg are everywhere!

Just take a look around you, wherever you go in your city, and you'll see!

Erm. Yes. Sorry. Apparently, the sad fact that nobody seems to like my poor "Neutral Zone" story - not since Chapter 1, the reaction to which gave me such high hopes - addled my brain a little. Must. Resist. Assimilaton.

Other than that, Chapter 5 - Settling Down in St Mary Mead of Precious Like Rubies has been posted to FF.Net. In which Jack Harkness paints the ceiling, Miss Marple is eavesdropping and Harry Watson buys curtains.



May. 26th, 2013 12:44 pm
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Meaning those of very little feedback, I mean. There are such things, you know. Back in the earlier days, when my stuff seemed to attract other readers than a very small handful of loyal readers (you know who you are and I still love you to pieces), I was concerned about negative feedback all the time.

And with good reason. A lot of nitpickers (with way less knowledge about the fandom in question but with great confidence about knowing everything better) or simply mean-spirited idiots seemed to spot my stuff. And, unlike people who might actually like my stories, these people saw it as their holy quest to tell me that my plot/pairing/characterization/background knowledge/grammar was shit. Even if it was not.

I was crushed, a lot of time. Especially when I saw mediocre crap getting nothing but glowing praise. Or when popular writers (even good ones) fell into a routine, writing the same thing all over again, just because it proved successful, and despite their stories now being boring like hell, their following still kept worshipping at their feet. I admit that I was jealous. Sometimes I still am.

But again, since I mostly write the kind of stuff I would like to read and that I rarely find anywhere else, I realised that being ignored is actually not such a bad thing. It allows me to enjoy my own writing without being worried what others will say to it. Of course, supportive reviews are still a gift of God, which is why I like [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo so much. But basically, when I have to meet my own standards, most of the time, I think it allows me to write better. Or what I consider better writing. It usually doesn't match with the things that are widely popular. But that is all right. Most of the time anyway.

Yes, it is cold comfort, but it is still better than trying to write things the wide public likes to read and being unhappy with the results.
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Interlude #1 - A Heart to Heart With Auntie Di has been posted to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib.
In which Diane Holmes has a heart to heart with her favourite nephew and Jack makes his first appearance... well, sort of. Enjoy!

FF.Net is still one chapter behind with that story, I've just posted there Chapter 04 - Family Meetings.

I've also posted the 2nd part of "Convergence" to FF.Net. As soon as I've figured out how many more chapters "Iceman" is going to have and put up the placeholders, "Convergence", too, will go up to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib and to DW.

And since we're talking about updates, I wanted to thank [livejournal.com profile] sammydragoncat, älj user=jenn_calaelen> and [livejournal.com profile] disthrainsdotte for their continuing support. I'm very grateful for the others who pop up from time to time and leave a comment, too, but regular readers are a rare gift that needs to be appreciated. *hugs*


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