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I never in my life had a shoe addiction - unlike a great many women. Due to my unfortunate feet, finding shoes was always a trial. But today. Today I walked into a different shop of Deichmann's, still in search for shoes that would actually fit, and I found these beauties:

I was instantly in love, although I didn't dare to believe that they would fit. I gave them a try nonetheless - and they fit like a glove! That is the first time in 15 years that I would find something that would fit immediately, looked good, feminine even, and had a price that I could afford. (Although in my current state of despair I would pay just any price for comfortable shoes.)

I bought them immediately. I even bought some spray that would apparently help keep them clean and wouldn't allow water to destroy them. Well, I don't really believe that part, but I think such lovely shoes deserve a bit of extra care.
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In the morning Mum and I went to do some long overdue shopping; mostly groceries and cleaning stuff and so on. But at Deichmann's I got lucky: I finally found a pair of sandals/slippers/whatever that I can actually wear. Even if they are about 5 centimetres longer than my foot.

For those who don't know: I've got an inherited circulatory problem, meaning that I get swollen feet very easily, and having stood around on the school yard for the last decade didn't help. It doesn't hurt or anything, Granny lived 96 years with the same problem and it wasn't the thing that killed her, so I have hopes that it won't kill me, either. But finding shoes is a thing of near impossibility. When I'm extraordinary lucky, I might find shoes that are wide enough, but then they are several sizes larger than what I'd wear if my feet wouldn't swell up every day. At least these are fairly comfortable ones - meant for men, originally. Figures.

In any case, we went to one of the fancy cafés in the shopping centre to celebrate. Two Wiener Kapuziner cost almost 25% of what my new shoes did, but who cares? We decided that we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time, since nobody else ever does.

Coming home, I finished Chapter 17 of Enterprise - The Maiden Voyage, and made decent headway into Chapter 18. Now if I only could bring up the strength tomorrow to type up the whole thing! *fingers crossed* I also continued putting up the previous chapters of the same story to AO3. Currently, I'm at Chapter 9. So far the interest is underwhelming. *sigh*

Afterwards, I tried out a new recipe. Behold my amazing cherry pie:

It isn't just pretty, it tasted fantastic, too. And it's very easy to make, except of getting out all the kernels or stones or whatever they're called in English of the cherries. In the end I looked like some mass murderer, with my hands dark red from cherry juice, up to the elbows. I still haven't managed to get it out from under my fingernails. *g*

And then I had some decent entertainment, watching the 5th episode of Star Trek Continues. If you're a fan of the one and only Original Series and haven't seen it yet, go and watch it! You'll be delighted.
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So, I'm feeling marginally better but still not really well. The coughing has eased a bit and I only wake up once or twice a night to the feeling that I'd suffocate, which is good. But my voice is still barely there. Tomorrow, I'll have to go back to the doctor, and I really don't know what to do.

On the one hand, more sick leave would be nice, since I am, you know, actually still sick. It even gives me the chance to catch up with writing, which is a warm, fuzzy feeling. On the other hand, falling out of work for much longer does have its own problems, and not only the financial ones. The longer I'm away from work, the harder it will be to get used to it again; and besides, when I don't go to work, I can't go to other places, either, and I actually have a lot of things to do outside the house.

Well, I'll see what the doctor says tomorrow.
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Since we found the town so appealing during our summer holiday, Mum and I decided to go and visit their Christmas market yesterday. It's only a little more than 3 hours by train, and you can reach the city centre by a 5-minute walk directly from the railway station, so not too tiring, even for Mum.

Well, the Christmas market itself was fairly uneventful, at least until late afternoon, when we, sadly, had to come home. But the Christmas fever was high in town. Below a few photographs to illustrate - not very good ones, taken with my iPad, but they will serve.

The shop window of the amazing vinegar-and-oil shop:

A little advertisement next to the shop door:

A Milka shop window with purple Santa:

The same shop window with a Christmas tree, decorated entirely in purple:
(Sorry for the pic quality, the shop window mirrored the other side of the street rather strongly.)

The little gifts we bought for friends and family:

And yes, you saw it correctly: it is Christmas toilet paper! The mind boggles!

All in all, it was a fun day, which we enjoyed greatly. We drank apple-amaretto punch at the fair, visited a good café we had discovered during our summer stay, I saw drool-worthy things for DIY and crafts (and heroically resisted the urge to buy a waggon full of wonderful but unnecessary things - go me!), ate bretzel and generally had a great old time.
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They seem to be gone. Nowadays, even the weekends get eaten either by work or by household issues. Yesterday, we had the big cleaning project after the balcony melodrama. Well, the first part of it. The windows are still due to be cleaned next Saturday. See what I mean?

Today, we had an appointment with the chiropodist. At 1pm. Which means the whole day went down the toilet, 'cause I had to do the shopping for groceries in the morning and the chiropodist was here half the afternoon. I got nothing meaningful done, save for a few paper angels I'd promised to someone.

I did a bit of descriptions of people and places for the Sherlock AU and thought about casting, but that's about it. Never in my life did I have such an unproductive streak writing-wise. It's frustrating beyond measure!

So, casting so far (save for the Sherlock regulars, that is):
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More paper balls for the fair:

The gift boxes for the home-made Christmas candy:

And finally, the finished Santa:

On a different note, there has been some development in the balcony renovation melodrama, but we're still not done. I'm sick and tired of it.
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had a completely unproductive day (and no, making paper ball angels doesn't count). The morning was wasted with trying to get our half-finished balcony wall dry again, as it had rained during the day, and our closed balcony was leaking again. I tried with the hair-dryer first, but that didn't have much effect. Then I broke out the big guns: the dinosaur of an electric heater and let it run for over an hour. Electricity bills will be somewhat extravagant next month, I'm afraid, but the wet spot dried up nicely enough. (Unfortunately, the stupid rain has started again, so this promises to be a self-repeating exercise). *sighs*

Then I fetched Mum from the church and we went to the Auchan supermarket and to a self-serving restaurant next to it because we didn't have any inspiration to cook at home. When we got back, I was just about fed up with life in general and doing anything productive wasn't an option.

Autumn break has come to an end, which means I'll have to go to work tomorrow again, most likely leaving Mum alone with the workers, whenever they deign to show up. I'm not happy about it, even though one of them turned out to be a former student of mine. I just don't like leaving her alone in the flat with strangers.
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Today the balcony renovation started and it turned out that it won't be finished tomorrow - the workers won't even come during the entire weekend - and the whole thing will need at least three turns, altogether. Mum is beyond pissed, and that weighs down the atmosphere in the flat somewhat.

Nonetheless, I did some more typing up, and I also wrote a cast list for the insane plotbunny and figured out who The Zombie Worker actually is and how he fits into the whole story. It promises to be a very Miss Marple-like tale, only with Sherlock, and Mrs Hudson's sister and her friends in the background. Now I'm looking up descriptions of old houses in Agatha Christie novels to get an impression what John Watson's inherited haunted ruin might look like. Also, to steal the necessary vocabulary. *g*

I still don't have the right actress to cast Harriet Watson's divorced wife. I need a face, at least in my head, and it needs to be a British actress, as this is going to be a very British show. Suggestions are welcome.
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We had to work today, so I decided to celebrate my upcoming birthday (which will be in about 3 weeks, and yes, there will be a virtual party again, it's going to be a round year, after all) after work. I live close to my workplace, while my colleagues do not, and since they were already in the neighbourhood, we decided to throw the party today. There will be two other parties, one with family and one with Mum's friends, but this one was for me the most important one.

I had 6 guests, which, considering how small our flat is, is a lot. We had fun. I made Quiche Lorraine, both the classic and a vegetarian version, as two of my colleagues are vegetarians, zebra bread (crepes layered with spinach like a cake and then cut into small cubes), cheese cookies and a Sacher Torte. And Mum made a Salade de Boeuf, which, despite its name, is made of chicken that has been cooked in chicken soup, together with the vegetables. Those, too, come into the salad, diced, with hard-boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and small cucumbers. In the end, the whole thing gets mixed with home-made mayonnaise. Yum.

The party was a great success. We talked a lot, ate a lot, laughed a lot, and I got a beautiful sewing basket as my birthday gift. They thought I needed one, since I do so much felt work. I actually decided against buying one years ago, since I use more practical means to store my needlework utensils, but it is the thought that counts, and the thing is really pretty. I might end up using it, after all. *g*

Busy times

Sep. 17th, 2016 01:09 am
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I still haven't accommodated to the fact that school had restarted. It's getting harder and harder with each new term. And it eats my time in an increasingly worse way, even though my timetable is better than it was in the previous term.

And teaching is just the easiest part of it. )

God, I need sleep the worst way. But there are so many other things to do. And I managed to get myself a sinew problem in my right foot, so using it is a real pain, too.
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I started posting the "Birthright" series to AO3. The fandom seems pretty dead, I've had one single hit so far. But since this is mostly safety posting anyway, I can live with it. I've lowered my expectations where feedback is concerned. As long as there aren't any flames and malicious nitpicking, I'm content.

Of course, gushing praise would be even better, but I've come to accept that I never had and will never have the specific ATA-gene that makes someone wildly popular. Not in my day work and not in the writing world, either. Ah, well, there are worse fates.

On domestic news, the big annual carpet cleaning is scheduled for Monday. We've been packing things and moving things all day, cause clearer guy will need room to work. Plus, I unexpectedly lost half the filling in one of my wisdom teeth (isn't it a good thing that I only have two of those left?), so a visit at the dentist's will be necessary, too. Stupid tooth, couldn't it have spat out the filling early during summer break when I had actually time to bother with it? *sigh*
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Yesterday I took Mum to the rheumatologist (nothing serious, she just needed to refresh her prescriptions), and while she was there, I went to one of my favourite DIY shop in the nearby shopping centre. I received a few coupons as a gift for said shopping centre, and most of the shops in there accept them, so I decided that this time I won't save them for buying gifts for family and friends but will spend them on my hobby.

I bought two packages of brightly patterned patchwork cotton, which I want to use for combined felt and fabric works - a new technique I intend to try out this year. Then I find some very cute wooden buttons, shaped as little suns, flowers and pretzels and indulged. I also found tiny little red-chequered bowties with a tiny little wooden button in the middle and bought a few. They will look great on gingerbread men made of felt. Or teddy bears. Or Easter bunnies. And a sortiment of coloured marabou feathers, really small ones, which I might use as angel wings for little figures made of recycled Nespresso capsules.

Yeah, I am insane, haven't you known before?

Then, last evening I decided to bake something - watching the Great British Bake Off always has this effect on me. I had a box of baking mix for a lemon cake in the larder, so I dug it out and made it. As you can see, it is a bit lopsided and ugly, but it tastes great nonetheless. I put candied lemon peel cubes on the top of it to camouflage the ugliness a bit. *g*

Today we had abysmal weather. It rained all night and all day - well, at least there was no storm so the balcony didn't leak again. Today, I took upon me the cooking (yesterday we ate in the shopping centre) and made lemon and garlic chicken. I don't use coriander, so I put parsley into it, but Mum said it was great, and I liked it, too.

Considering that this is the first time I made this dish, it turned out well enough. We ate it with pasta and a salad.
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Mum's oldest friend (as an adult; schoolmates she sees once in every five years don't count) is turning 83 tomorrow. To celebrate the event, she invited us for lunch today - over here lunch is the main, cooked meal of the day, just so that you know what I'm talking about.
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Drat, is it July again? Where has all the time gone?
Well, at least it was well spent. I wore a lot, posted to new chapters to FF.Net (and forgot to put up an update alert here, due to my heat-addled brain), almost finished the little figures for both Advent calendars, so I'm not complaining... much.

The only thing I truly regret that it is too hot to do any baking, now that I'd have time to do more complicated things than just your basic Kastenkuchen. Since I'm religiously watching the Big British Bake Off on Hungarian TV (reruns from previous years), I had this mad urge to bake huge, beautiful, complicated things. Or small, beautiful, complicated things, for that matter, as I've fallen in undying love with petits-fours. But with temperatures over 32°C, in a concrete flat that swallows the heat during daytime and breathes it out during nighttime, it would be suicidal. *is crushed*

Other than that, I'm mostly over at [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo in these days, since I've accepted the responsibility for putting up the daily posts in the July session. Folks, if you haven't tried Pico yet, hop over and give it a chance, it's a great place.
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Tomorrow, Mum and I will be off to Transylvania, which means riding the train for a total of 28 hours in the next 3 days. I am scared witless. I pry to God that we survive the trip - at least Mum has something to look forward to, since this is her school reunion, a 65th-year graduation anniversary. Besides, she's amazingly tough. Compared with her daughter, at least. Of course, were I going to meet some of you, guys, I'll be probably excited, too.

In any case, wish us luck for the trip. I'll check in if we survive. *crosses fingers*
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But the heat wave is here, so it's fifty-fifty. Still, it's better to be hot and bothered at home where I can let the blinds down and suffer in peace.

I'm dreading the weekend when I'll have two 14-hour train rides within three days. *shudders*
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Or to eat deep-fried stuff.

Mum and I decided to do a 6-week meat-free cure, to detoxicate our system. That's nothing new; we've done so before. In the 5 weeks since then, we ate exactly 5 time some ready-made, frozen food, i.e. fish fingers, croquettes filled with spinach, baked cheese and so on. Mum hasn't experienced any problems, but my stomach has gone down the toilet. I have recurring heartburn, often the feeling as if I had a knot in my throat, and I don't want to eat at all in the late afternoon or in the evening. I never had those problems before.

Now, it is possible, that I simply can't deal with the breadcrumb coating the food factories use - I never get problems with it when we make Schnitzel at home - but it's very annoying, and I hope it will clean out of my system eventually. As practical as not eating after early afternoon is for the slim figure might be, I'm a Hobbit in the heart of my hearts and want my appetite back.
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Mum and I went to the Auchan supermarket today because the fridge was empty. So was the larder... or rather the kitchen cupboard we use as a larder. The idiots who planned these houses (men, obviously) didn't think that a larder would be necessary.
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A good one, though, in which I got done a great deal of things.

On Saturday, we went to Szeged, one of the larger towns in the South-east of Hungary, to visit the Christmas fair. We do this every year, with a few colleagues: we got on the train and visit a town or city that has a Christmas fair and can be visited within the day, buy some gifts, drink mulled wine, eat chimney cake, see the sights and gossip. This time, we were seven people, five regulars (including me) and two who were fairly new to the program. It's nice to spend time with one's colleagues without having to endure the idiotic ones by default and have some fun.

Today, I finally managed to pack away the paraphernalia needed to felt work, as I most likely won't do any of that until Easter time. Then I wrote a little, nothing significant, unfortunately, and suddenly realized that I'm waaay behind schedule with my Christmas baking. So I baked five different sorts of Christmas cookies today. Only three sorts had been originally planned, but I found myself with five egg whites (as the recipes required yolks only), and I hate to throw out perfectly good foodstuff, so I spontaneously baked two more sorts that require the whites only.

I've taken photos of the originally planned goodies (the rest needs to be decorated yet), which, as usual, you can see here.

The next week promises to be hectic, too, as we're having our Christmas concert on next Saturday, for which additional rehearsals will be required. Let's hope none of us will keel over from sheer exhaustion before the concert!
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[livejournal.com profile] picowrimo starts in a couple of hours, and I'm far from being ready. A good thing I've already finished "A Matter of Time", which was originally planned as my pico project, because November is usually a horrid time at school, and I even have the questionable honour of holding a so-called open lesson this year, which means the parents can come in and watch the lesson. I still don't have the faintest what I'll do.

Also, I've just ruined my lower back again with a pinched nerve or whatnot, and let me tell you, the pain is quite spectacular if I manage to move in the wrong angle. Nonetheless, we had the frantic, semi-annual flat cleaning today, and despite the hired help we have on such occasions. it was quite the ordeal. Considering that autumn break ends tomorrow, I don't look very optimistically forward to next week... writing-wise or otherwise.


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