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Did you think what you can make out of a used tin can? The sweet corn we ate would be sooo jealous!

Crafting is the only creative activity I'm capable of recently. I haven't written a word for ages - well for a fortnight, at the very least, which is eternity for me. Workplace situation, health problems and the stress regarding my retirement (hopefully not much longer than a years' time) are eating all my strength. I'm horribly exhausted and on the rather depressive side of things.
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... is good for the soul. No, it really is. So, see below the candle I've decorated for a beloved colleague (one of the three brides from summer) for her birthday:

It took me all the morning, but I'm quite pleased with the results.
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The last two Christmas ornaments based on recycled plastic saucers:

In other news, school has restarted, at least for us slaves. The kids are only coming next week. The fact that I won't be teaching anymore still depresses me - the sheer injustice of it! I like afternoon activities, too, but that isn't why I learned for six years and got two degrees and a couple of language proficiency exams.

Ah, well, not my responsibility if the kids won't learn any decent German, is it?
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I've reached the number 10, only two more to go:

And I've pasted Chapter 3 of the Primeval/Sherlock/Torchwood crossover fic to [livejournal.com profile] otherworlds_lib. Still looking for a proper title, as I've already used "Everything Changes" for the first episode of the 'Sleeping Dragons' series - a shame, as it would fit so nicely. Ah, well, suggestions are welcome.
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I'm up to 7 now, 5 more to go, and then I'll have to find more ugly saucers or whatever to use them as basis. *g*

So, what do you think? These are a bit too flashy, but I like them nonetheless.

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Mum bought a dozen of these really ugly brown plastic saucers with a side handle many, many years ago, for reasons she can't remember. They have been lying in the cupboard ever since, barely used. So I asked her to give them to me and she was happy to do so. I used them to make some Christmas decoration: see below.

As always, apologies for the quality of the pictures. I'm really not a good photographer.
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This one is rather simple but made with very much love.

Other than that, I finished the first chapter of my new ST:TNG story and baked some of Mum's favourite cheesy buns. Yes, in this heat. Yes, I'm slightly insane. But at least we've got something out of my madness. *g*
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Wow, I don't post for a week or so, and then I got on the roll and can't stop!

Anyway, I've finished the baby journal for the lady who helps us clean the flat (she's younger than me, actually, but is becoming a grandmother in September), and thought I'd show you the result:

It will be a boy, or so they say, so I chose mostly blue. It's just the front cover, I still need to put in some titles in the inside, but that won't be particularly decorated, so I thought this would be enough to show.
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Several of my colleagues and relatives are having birthdays in the next couple of months, so I thought I ought to start with the crafting in time. Paper work isn't as time-consuming as felt work, but there are more opportunities to screw up the project, so haste isn't a good thing.

I made the birthday journal for KA, a young colleague first, because I had a fairly good idea what I wanted to do. I made the journal using 6 double cards and 6 envelopes, and mostly decorated it with funny cards that I had bought in Austria, oh, some 25 or so years ago. Hence the recycling part.

So, let's take a look at the results. First, the front cover:

Then the back cover:

The cardboard paper came ready-made with the inscriptions; I thought they were very fitting for a young person's birthday.

More pics behind the tag because I don't want to clutter up everyone's Friends page )

I never thought I'd be able to use these cards for anything all those years ago; I just bought them because they were so funny. I'm glad that I could put them to good use and cheer someone up.
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They'll be behind the tag because I don't want to spoil [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland's surprise - assuming that postal services manage not to lose hers. *g*

Read more... )

Making cards is fun; also, quicker and easier than making full journals, although that's fun, too. See my little travelling journal for Mum:

I made it out of 8 envelopes and some paper rests from previous journals. The envelopes proved very handy, she put all the receipts we got for the things we bought during our holidays into them, assigning a different envelope to each day. *g*
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The card below isn't really a new one, I just never came around to take a photo of it. It's shaped as a traditional German Fachwerkhaus, and I made it because it seemed so insanely complicated that I wanted to prove that I can. As you can see, it turned out more than a little uneven, although the stupid photography makes it worse than it really is - the sides actually are parallel, I just couldn't find the right angle to take the photo.

Anyway, here it is:

About the pictures: the one in the middle is Mum as a child, the other two are me at 6 and at 4 years, respectively. Also not very good photos; I was a chubby kid, sure, but not that fat - there are other, better photos to prove it, they were just all too large for the card. *g*

And an enlarged version of the middle pic, just so that you can see what a cute kid Mum was:

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... but if it continues to be this hot, I can't guarantee anything!

Anyhow, I'm still around, just over at [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo most of the time. School's out - another hard proof for the existence of God - and I even managed to write a little today.

I did some crafting as well, this morning, commandeering the dining table in the kitchen, because I needed a lot of room for trying out stenciling - a technique I'm not likely to do much in the future. At least not with these self-adhesive flexible stencil strips. They don't keep their shape, don't last long (I made borders for 20 pages of a future journal and the thing already died on me) and cause an ungodly mess. I used acrylic paint, but I seriously doubt that I'd have had more luck with tempera or any other type of paint.

*le sigh* I so hoped to have found a quick and easy way to make lots of similarly decorated pages - well, this isn't it. I'll have to invest into some stamping equipment, but they are so frigging expensive, I always chicken out in the last minute.

Not much else to report. We are suffering from the heat and I'm missing my online friends. So many of them have vanished from cyberspace or wandered off to different sites and forums or are simply busy with Real Life. It is lonely out here.
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Sooo, I tried my hand on a somewhat complicated birthday/wedding/whatever card. It turned out horribly uneven in some places, but at least I've figured out what to do or what not to do when making one again. Just like with he Battenberg cake, really.

Here it is:

It isn't really as crappy as on the photo - for example, the sides are completely parallel. I was just having difficulties with bringing my capricious iPad into the right position.

Update )
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Because [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo is great, but there are other interesting things,too.

So, I've made my first pop-up box )

And now to the less successful activity of the week...

My first (rather pitiful) attempt to make a Battenberg cake )
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This is a vintage one and it cost me ungodly amounts of work and sweat. This time, I used real double-pages, which were then sewn to the cover spine, after having decorated every single one free-hand. Of course, when I was done I discovered that I'd somehow forgotten two double pages, so I had to cut them apart and glue them in separately with double-sided tape, with the result that some of them ended up a bit crooked, but, well, that can't be helped now.

TA's vintage wedding journal )

So, this is it, basically. I hope you like it, despite the glaring mistakes and the poor quality of the photos.

One word to the paper I used: the thick motif paper came either from a collection unexpectedly found in the ALDI supermarket or from a single sheet of scrapbook paper bought at Rayher's. For the pages I used simple copying paper in beige and light brown, cut the edges with motif scissors and painted the silver or gold trimming by hand.
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This one is more on the romantic side, made of envelopes and double cards.

ZE's romantic wedding journal )

That was it, folks. The third wedding journal - the vintage one - is coming up tomorrow.
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This one is a bit hipster, for the youngest of the three brides, and made entirely of envelopes. I'll put the pictures under the tag - I can't stand it myself when my Friend's page is swamped with huge photos, making commenting or simply reading the messages a pain.

So, here is MG's hipster journal )

So, that was Journal #1. I'll post the rest when you had time to absorb this one. ;))
Tell me what you think!
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I seriously doubt that I'll ever be technically savvy enough for making a proper video, but I wanted to share the results, hence the pics. They aren't very good, as always; my iPad tends to push the colours into the blue-ish region, especially the white pages, they all appear in pale blue, but that can't be changed.

For those with a Pinterest account who prefer to browse on their own, I've created a brand new board, just for my journals over there. Unfortunately, you can't embed subfolders into those boards, so the uploaded pictures appear in a somewhat random manner, without proper order. So I'll make 3 different posts right after this one, one for each wedding journal, so that you can easier recognise what belongs where.

Stay tuned!
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Time (and life) goes by way too quicky!

In any case, I've finished the third wedding journal which, IMO, turned out a real beauty, despite several mishaps along the way. Among other things I had to sew on the clasp, as the small screws won't hold it in paper and felt, and now my index finger hurts too much to type with it, hence the typos. My apologies - using all one's fingers to type does have its disadvantages, too. My middle finger automatically hits the assigned keys... it is a bit frustrating. But the results are worth the suffering.

Pictures will come, soon. Unfortunately, taking photos requires one's index finger, too. *g*
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As the subject line above says, I had a very busy weekend, spent with baking, crafting and writing.
Yes, WRITING! Something I haven't been able to do for a very long time! Yay!

Details of baking disaster under the cut... )

Then I did some more crafting, working on the third wedding journal. Thank God the other two are already done, but those were envelope journals and therefore easy to make... well, once I've figured out which side is which and what the right direction is to put the dratted envelopes into each other. The third one, though, is a vintage journal, with proper binding, a brown felt cover and metal applications. The clasp I bought has screws, so it's probably meant for wooden boxes, but it has holes, so I'll simply sew onto the cover, once it's done. The pages are mostly finished, due about three weeks of very detailed work, decorations all made free hand and all that. Now if I don't screw up the binding completely, it will be stunning - or so I hope.

Yes, there will be pictures of the journals. Mum volunteered to hold them open at various places, so that I can take photographs. Have I already mentioned that she's a saint?

But the best piece of news is: I've actually finished "An Excellent Mystery"! Yeah! Took me only three years which, considering that some of my WIPs are over a decade and a half old, is fairly quick for me.

Of course, there are parts of the last chapter and the short epilogue that need to be cleaned up and rephrased, but I can do that while typing up the stuff. And if the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland is still willing to clean up my creative grammar, I might be able to post the rest of the story before [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo starts in earnest.

In spite of the baking disaster, I find this a successful weekend.


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