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So, I made curd dumplings today. With vanilla sauce. Curd was on sale in the supermarket, and as it is usually shamelessly expensive, I jumped at the chance, since both Mum and I love just about everything made with curd.

Look at the results. Seems yummy, doesn't it?

The little starburst on the vanilla sauce is merely decoration - strawberry sauce. If anyone wants the recipe, holler and I'll post it. It is a light meal and really good.
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I made Nudelauflauf today. It is a layered dish made of boiled noodles, cubed bacon, grated cheese and a sauce made of Creme Freche stirred with an egg yolk and seasoned with black pepper. Then it goes into the oven for about half an hour. We ate it with mixed salad that was decorated with pieces of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and a dressing of sunflower oil, apple vinegar, lemon sauce and a bit of liquid sweetener. Usually, I add basil to the mix, it brings out the taste of tomatoes better, but today I simply forget it. Ah, well.

This is what the dish looked before baking:

This is the finished version:

(It should have a little more colour, but I was afraid that noodles would become too hard if I left it longer in the oven, and the idea was for Mum to be able to eat it. *g*)

And this is the - sadly - basil-free salad:

All in all, it was a very pleasant meal. And since I made so much, we won't have to cook tomorrow again. ;))
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Yesterday I took Mum to the rheumatologist (nothing serious, she just needed to refresh her prescriptions), and while she was there, I went to one of my favourite DIY shop in the nearby shopping centre. I received a few coupons as a gift for said shopping centre, and most of the shops in there accept them, so I decided that this time I won't save them for buying gifts for family and friends but will spend them on my hobby.

I bought two packages of brightly patterned patchwork cotton, which I want to use for combined felt and fabric works - a new technique I intend to try out this year. Then I find some very cute wooden buttons, shaped as little suns, flowers and pretzels and indulged. I also found tiny little red-chequered bowties with a tiny little wooden button in the middle and bought a few. They will look great on gingerbread men made of felt. Or teddy bears. Or Easter bunnies. And a sortiment of coloured marabou feathers, really small ones, which I might use as angel wings for little figures made of recycled Nespresso capsules.

Yeah, I am insane, haven't you known before?

Then, last evening I decided to bake something - watching the Great British Bake Off always has this effect on me. I had a box of baking mix for a lemon cake in the larder, so I dug it out and made it. As you can see, it is a bit lopsided and ugly, but it tastes great nonetheless. I put candied lemon peel cubes on the top of it to camouflage the ugliness a bit. *g*

Today we had abysmal weather. It rained all night and all day - well, at least there was no storm so the balcony didn't leak again. Today, I took upon me the cooking (yesterday we ate in the shopping centre) and made lemon and garlic chicken. I don't use coriander, so I put parsley into it, but Mum said it was great, and I liked it, too.

Considering that this is the first time I made this dish, it turned out well enough. We ate it with pasta and a salad.
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Sooo, my ham turned out absolutely delicious - it's good to return to omnivorous life after six weeks of vegetarism. We didn't do much today, didn't even cook, actually, just lazed around, which was great. I re-read some of my old stories in a narcistic bout and decided that I still enjoyed them a great deal.

I also got a wonderful e-card from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland. Thank you, my friend, I loved it - especially the music. We used to sing that with the choir, me and another woman singing the tenor voice. No kidding!

Hope you all had a great time.
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Ich habe heute zum ersten Mal Apfelmus gekocht. Nun ja... zum ersten Mal ganz alleine. Ich habe es schon einmal getan, im Noviziat, vor fast 30 Jahren, aber da hat mir Sr. Verena über die Schulter geguckt. Aber es is heute ganz gut gelungen, obwohl ich es ganz aus dem Stehgreif gemacht habe und nur im Internet nachgeguckt als alles schon gekocht hatte. Zu viel Kochwasser war auch kein Problem, ich habe den Überschuß abgeschöpft und als Apfellimonade verwendet. Und ich habe endlich mal die Chance gehabt, meinen Pürierstab zu benutzen, die mir meine Kolleginnen letztes Jahr zum Geburtstag geschenkt hatten! Oho!
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... when you're having fun. [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo's just ended two days ago and I'm already missing it. Those were two months of intense writing, exchange and companionship. I wish I had a writer's group somewhere, either in RL or online. I miss having the chance to discuss such stuff with similarly minded people.

Pico was very fruitful this summer. I've finished "Brothers-in-Arms" and "Terminus", made considerable headway with "A Matter of Time" and pushed "An Excellent Mystery" a bit forward, too. Yesterday I even dug out my original fantasy epos and typed up a tiny bit of it - by that speed, it will be posted to Fictionpress in half a century or so. And that without having rewritten the one-sixth in the middle that got lost.

I've picked up felt work this summer and had great delight in hand-sewing Christmas ornaments. I'm closing up to 50 pieces. The most beautiful ones will go to our Christmas tree, which promises to be spectcular this year, the rest I'll sell on the annual charity fair of our school in December. I'm planning to make Nespresso ornaments and embroidered cards with the kids, and perhaps even cork ornaments, should I get my hand on wine corks. I even brought a hot glue pistol!

Other than that, I'm just tired all the time. The heat wave is coming back next week, ruining the last few days of summer break, and then slave labour starts again. Too bad, I enjoyed so much being home, doing needlework, writing and occasionally cooking - I made Shepherd's Pie today, and Kaiserschmarrn mit Zwetschgengeröstl last week.
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Still no Norton update, which means I am still relying on my iPad. Which, in turn, means that I can not type up the stuff I wrote (and I did write a lot lately), unless I manage to command one of the shared computers at work. Not ideal, to put it mildly.

So I turned to other creative activities. My stitched card collection for the future pattern book grows very nicely - I managed to make some truly exceptional pieces, if I may say so myself. And I made Apfelküchlein for lunch. Those are, basically, thin apple slices, mixed under crepe batter and fried. Yum!

Still, I really wish I could use my PC again.
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As in roughly an hour ago. Go me! All I have to do is to type up the last half a dozen pages and post the last three chapters in a weekly rhythm.

Chapter 09 - in which things begin to heat up in earnest - has been freshly posted to FF.Net. Reviews are love; as always, PM me any mistakes you might find.

Mum and I had eggnog to celebrate, despite the ungodly heat. Some things are worth a little discomfort.

Also, I got a regional Swiss cookbook from a colleague today. I can barely wait for the heat to lessen a bit, so that I can experiment with honest to Earth Swiss recipes.
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... as long as it lasts. Unfortunately, it's a very short one, so I have to put it to good use.

Last week I cooked:
- asparagus soup
- asparagus ragout with mushrooms
- a Quiche Lorraine, filled with asparagus and ham
- rolls of chicken breast, filled with asparagus, ham and cheese

And for such newcomers to my LJ who like Bilbo Baggins and are fond of book-true Hobbits, I even have a story, inspired by asparagus: Elf-Root.

Tomorrow will be an asparagus-free day as I'm going to Vienna with my favourite colleague, the art teacher (she's really a wonderful person), but after that, I still have dozens of new recipes to try.

And the best thing is, asparagus is really low on calories. The only side effect is the tennis arm you develop while peeling it. *g*
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I baked lemony easter egg cookies today: http://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/1104001216385149/Zitronige-Ostereier-Kekse.html. It was a recipe I've wanted to try out for a while but never had the energy. They turned out quite nice, even though I used apricot jam instead of lemond curd, since I never made lemon curd in my life and didn't have the ingredients to face the challenge.

I also cooked Rösti today, which is in itself a complicated issue, since there are as many recipes for it as there are Swiss families. You can see a few possible methods here:

I made it from potatoes preboiled a day before in their skins and chilled in the fridge. Also, I used the family recipe of a Swiss colleague, with chopped onions and bacon and cheese melted on the top. Mum very much approved.

I also managed to type up the first part of "Outtakes" - series of semi-independent Season 3 AU one-shots, set in the Iceman-verse. It isn't entirely finished yet, but I felt the irresistible need to write some Season 3 fix-its, so there. As if I needed another new story - not! I've got more unfinished WIPs than the Swiss have Rösti recipes, and the stupid muses still come up with new ideas. But perhaps it's not entirely bad. I find it very hard to focus on any particular story at the moment. sighs
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This is the plan. Biscuits/cookies already baked will be linked to their respective recepies. Give them a try, most of them are easily made and all of them are very tasty.

1) Oatcakes with Dates
2) Weiße Pfeffernüsse
3) Chocolate-Peanut Cookies
4) Vanillekipferl
5) Eierbrezeln mit Marzipan
6) Hazelnut Hearts
7) Chocolate Chip Cookies
8) Orange Hearts
9) Walnut Cookies, filled with marzipan
10)Cinnamon Stars
11)Schwarz-Weiß Gebäck
12)Nougat Crescents
13)Karlsbader Krapferln mit Haselnusskrokant
14)Coconut Crescents
15)Chocolate-Almond Cookies
16)Hazelnut Wheels

As always, changes in the plan are possible (and likely). We'll see how the next weeks turn out.
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[livejournal.com profile] picowrimo started yesterday, so I'll be mostly over there for the next two months or so - save for the week in Hamburg, that is - as I've volunteered to organise he summer season. It's gonna be fun, as always. My inbox is never so full as during pico time, save for the virtual birthday party. A full inbox is fun. It makes me feel wanted.

Other than that, I made Hefewaffeln mit karamellisiertem Apfelmus today, which means that Mum and I can barely move, although we haven't even managed to eat half of it so far. It's very, very yummy. Tomorrow, there will be asparagus again. The season is short, and right now, the things are reasonably cheap, so we're having asparagus every other day. Also very yummy, with considerably less calories.
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Today was the second time that we had spargel (=asparagus) this year. Garlic chicken with spargel and sweetcorn, to be more accurate. God, I love spargel. It's the only thing that makes spring depressions better. Well, that and fresh strawberries, of course. Not the ones imported from some southern country - they all taste like water. The local ones, ripened under real sunlight. Mmmm.... You can't live on chocolate alone, after all!
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On a more positive note, we had some old apples left, so I made apple tart today. Mum was very pleased. Eating warm apple tart at ten o'clock in the evening is a noble thing; not to mention very comforting.
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First and foremost (and I'm really sorry I don't know how to make much, much bigger letters on LJ):
Yeah, baby, I have! Granted, I still have to type up the last part of Chapter 10 as well as the short epilogue, and then the beta still have to go through it with the fine-toothed comb, but IT'S DONE!!!

Erm. Yes, Sorry for the shouting. But finishing a long-ongoing story is an incredibly good feeling. I'd never have managed to get it done without [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo, so a great part of the credit goes to the incredibly nice and supportive people there, as well as to the folks at [livejournal.com profile] little_details, who helped out with a few, well, little details. *g*

Oh, ladies and the few guys on my flist, I feel like I'd won the World Cup. Or something like that. Now I can attack "Brothers-in-Arms" in peace. And I put the newly acquired Cadfael bunnies (all three of them) firmly back into the kennel. No new thing will be started before I've finished at least another ongoing WIP, and that's a fact!

*eyes plotbunnies warily*

In other news, I've pre-cooked three different dishes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so that only the finishing touches will be needed, half-decorated the Christmas tree (only final touches, etc. tomorrow), arranged my 12 sorts of Christmas cookies on a huge tray (made photos, will post them tomorrow, or at least soon) and went to the audiology examination. Go me!

Oh, and I got a shiny from [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000! Postal service must be congratulated this year. All my parcels, the ones I sent and the ones I received, arrived before Christmas Eve. That alone is reason for celebration, right?

Oh, and have I mentioned that I finished "Sparrows"?
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No, I'm not dead yet, just insanely busy. School's being, well... time-consuming at the moment, we are busily preparing for our Christmas concert, and in case I might have an afternoon free, I'm baking like crazy.

Thursday's production included:
1) Kokos-Butter-Plätzchen
2) Schoko-Kekse (mit Mandeln)
3) Maronistangerln
4) Zimtsterne
5) Schoko-Sterne (also mit Mandeln)

It was a bit much for one afternoon, even though Mum helped putting the crushed nuts and whatnot on the cookies, so we finished half of the decorating today. I took some cookies to school for the choir members, and so we had a really delightful choir practice. Singing is hard physical labour, after all, one needs to replenish one's energy. *g*
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Die Osterferien haben angefangen, und ich habe meinen sehr speziellen Kümmelschinken (mit viel, viel Knofi) bereits gestern Abend gekocht/gebraten - die Nachbarn waren vermutlich nicht sehr begeistert, aber ich rieche ihre Kochkünste ja jeden Tag, so können sie meine einmal im Jahr auch vertragen, oder?

Heute habe ich zum ersten Mal mein Glück mit Osterkonfekt versucht - ihr wißt ja, aus geriebenem Kochschokolade, Mandeln, Dörrobst und Zuckersyrup. Im Moment, das große Opus ruht noch in der Kastenform - ich bin gespannt, ob ich es morgen schaffen werde, das Ding heil rauszubekommen.

Morgen Karfreitag, also ein Spinattart ist auf dem Programm. Außerdem sollte ich eigentlich die Eier färben und schon mal mein Osterbrot mit Rosinen backen. Dann hätte ich am Karsamstag nur noch die experimentelle Orangentorte hinzukriegen. Und die rosa Muffins.

Yeah, aktive Ferien, kreativer Urlaub, was auch immer. Ja, ich weiß, ich sollte mich ausruhen, nach den vier verschiedenen gesundheitlichen Problemen die ich in den letzten Wochen bekriegt habe. Aber es macht mir Spaß, mal was Anderes zu machen.

My apologies, English-speaking friends. I can't talk about cooking and baking in English - well, not really well. For the rest of the world, there might be some Torchwood fic in the not too far future.
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Okay, on Tuesday I decided that it was time to bake something again. I found a very interesting - not to mention fairly expensive - recipe, which required 150 grams of ground hazelnuts (darn hard to get over here) and the same amount of ground dark chocolate, among other things. I followed the recipe religiously, rolled the little balls, shoved the baking tin into the oven and waited joyfully for the results.

Ten minutes later, the baking tin was filled with a homogenous mass that blubbered like lava before the eruption of a volcano. I yanked the tin out of the oven before the dangerously alive mass could in fact explode. It deflated at once. The result, instead of beautifully rounded Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies are flat biscuits that I cut from the cooled mass with a knife. They taste delicious, but it looks like shit. *is sad*

The other cookies, Husarenkrapferln, Maronenstangerln and Granny's special Todánfánk, which is made with walnuts, turned out great, though. So, seventeen sorts of cookies made, one ruined... actually, not that bad a result.
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Warning: there will be boooring stuff behind the tag!
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The season came a little later than usual, but finally it's there. Mum and I both love asparagus, and fortunately, so do the Germans in general. I think they relate to asparagus the same way Hobbits relate to mushrooms. Which is a good thing, because it means that you can find literally hundreds of fantastic recipes for asparagus dishes on the Net. If you're an asparagus lover, google for "Spargelrezepte". Google offers you the instant translation from German, so if you're not that fluent in the language you'll still be able to manage.

So far, we've had asparagus with ham, cheese sauce and baked potatoes three times and asparagus with melted butter and roast bread crumbs and scrambled eggs (also added ham and baked potatoes) once. I'm going to try the Asparagus Milanese next, or the Polnish art. Or the version with poultry stripes. Or the one with mozzarella. I'm not sure which one to try first.

Asparagus is not unreasonably expensive, it has valuable minerals in it and very few calories, aside from being the tastiest vegetable on this planet. It's also a good thing that there are so many ways to prepare it. The only bad thing is: you get a tennis arm in every asparagus season, from all the peeling. But we manage. *g*

Also, I had the weirdest plotcritters about Hobbits cooking asparagus and calling it "the Elf root", for obvious reasons. I think I'm a hopeless case where the mind-in-the-gutter aspect of life is considered. Still, I'm sure the Hobbits would forget all about mushrooms, should they get the chance to know asparagus.

Okay, shutting up now...
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... and for anyone who wants it.


125 gr soft butter or margarine
125 gr sugar
50 gr vanilla-favoured sugar
1 pinch of salt
4 eggs
150 gr flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
100 gr ground almonds
6 drops of almond oil
6 tablespoons of milk

And this is how it's made:

Stir the butter until it's really smooth. Add sugar, vanilla and salt and stir it some more. Add the eggs and - would you believe it? - stir again, until you get a smooth, light cream.

Add flour and backing powder. You're guessing it right: stir.

Add almond oil and milk. Yep, stir again.

Pre-heat the oven to 200 °C. Smear the baking tin (any shape you want) with butter and powder it with flour, or else your cake will bake to it.

Reduce heat in the oven and bake the cake for about 55 minutes. Stick it with a thin wooden or metal stick: if it comes back clean, the cake is finished. Let it rest in the baking tin for a few minutes, then free it carefully and sprinkle icing sugar over it.

Bon Appetite!


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