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Not as good as the cheesecake ones, but still delicious.

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Or, for the English-speaking among us: apricot muffins with vanilla cream filling. Yum!

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... with hidden raspberries. Aren't they lovely?

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Tried the recipe for the first time today. Aren't they yummy?

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Quick, simply and delicious. Holler, if you want the recipe, and I'll post it.

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In the morning Mum and I went to do some long overdue shopping; mostly groceries and cleaning stuff and so on. But at Deichmann's I got lucky: I finally found a pair of sandals/slippers/whatever that I can actually wear. Even if they are about 5 centimetres longer than my foot.

For those who don't know: I've got an inherited circulatory problem, meaning that I get swollen feet very easily, and having stood around on the school yard for the last decade didn't help. It doesn't hurt or anything, Granny lived 96 years with the same problem and it wasn't the thing that killed her, so I have hopes that it won't kill me, either. But finding shoes is a thing of near impossibility. When I'm extraordinary lucky, I might find shoes that are wide enough, but then they are several sizes larger than what I'd wear if my feet wouldn't swell up every day. At least these are fairly comfortable ones - meant for men, originally. Figures.

In any case, we went to one of the fancy cafés in the shopping centre to celebrate. Two Wiener Kapuziner cost almost 25% of what my new shoes did, but who cares? We decided that we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time, since nobody else ever does.

Coming home, I finished Chapter 17 of Enterprise - The Maiden Voyage, and made decent headway into Chapter 18. Now if I only could bring up the strength tomorrow to type up the whole thing! *fingers crossed* I also continued putting up the previous chapters of the same story to AO3. Currently, I'm at Chapter 9. So far the interest is underwhelming. *sigh*

Afterwards, I tried out a new recipe. Behold my amazing cherry pie:

It isn't just pretty, it tasted fantastic, too. And it's very easy to make, except of getting out all the kernels or stones or whatever they're called in English of the cherries. In the end I looked like some mass murderer, with my hands dark red from cherry juice, up to the elbows. I still haven't managed to get it out from under my fingernails. *g*

And then I had some decent entertainment, watching the 5th episode of Star Trek Continues. If you're a fan of the one and only Original Series and haven't seen it yet, go and watch it! You'll be delighted.
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Pretty and yummy - not bad for a first attempt, if I say so myself. ;))
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... I made an enormous strawberry-pineapple triffle, using the frozen remnants of a sponge cake, some vanilla pudding and some red jelly.

Well, at least it saved us the cooking today - and most likely tomorrow as well. *g*
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Because [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo is great, but there are other interesting things,too.

So, I've made my first pop-up box )

And now to the less successful activity of the week...

My first (rather pitiful) attempt to make a Battenberg cake )
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As the subject line above says, I had a very busy weekend, spent with baking, crafting and writing.
Yes, WRITING! Something I haven't been able to do for a very long time! Yay!

Details of baking disaster under the cut... )

Then I did some more crafting, working on the third wedding journal. Thank God the other two are already done, but those were envelope journals and therefore easy to make... well, once I've figured out which side is which and what the right direction is to put the dratted envelopes into each other. The third one, though, is a vintage journal, with proper binding, a brown felt cover and metal applications. The clasp I bought has screws, so it's probably meant for wooden boxes, but it has holes, so I'll simply sew onto the cover, once it's done. The pages are mostly finished, due about three weeks of very detailed work, decorations all made free hand and all that. Now if I don't screw up the binding completely, it will be stunning - or so I hope.

Yes, there will be pictures of the journals. Mum volunteered to hold them open at various places, so that I can take photographs. Have I already mentioned that she's a saint?

But the best piece of news is: I've actually finished "An Excellent Mystery"! Yeah! Took me only three years which, considering that some of my WIPs are over a decade and a half old, is fairly quick for me.

Of course, there are parts of the last chapter and the short epilogue that need to be cleaned up and rephrased, but I can do that while typing up the stuff. And if the wonderful and generous [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland is still willing to clean up my creative grammar, I might be able to post the rest of the story before [livejournal.com profile] picowrimo starts in earnest.

In spite of the baking disaster, I find this a successful weekend.
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Er, no, actually Beads 'n Roses ;))

The white felt was a different sort than the rest and incredibly hard to work with, but I like the porcelain-like quality the finished egg has.

Oh, and I've tried my hand on chocolate-zucchini muffins, too:

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Yeah, it was one of those weekends...

Yesterday, I typed up the rest of "Turn Left". Then I translated some stuff from German for a colleague who needed some literature for her exam. Then I baked a small cake for Mum, one that she actually can eat, despite her current digestive problems. It's a dark sponge cake (due to cocoa powder), filled with fresh, sliced bananas and lemon jelly.

Here it is:


Then I rearranged the pantry in the hope that I'll find my baking ingredients easier that way. We'll see. So far, it worked, even though - of course - today I needed the very things that have been put waaaaay in the back of the second-highest shelf. Ah, well.

Today, I did some test baking for the Rabbit Cup, which is a fun day at school right before Easter. I usually get the baking assignment (because few others would be able to bake with twenty-some kids without the whole thing ending in epic disaster), so I decided that we would bake carrot muffins this year because, well, Rabbit Cup, right? But one sort of carrot muffin would be boring, so I test-baked three different recipes, all of which turned out quite nice.

So, there were Carrot muffins with ground walnuts and pistachios:

Carrot muffins with lemon flavour and lemon icing:

and Carrot muffins with apples, coconuts and cinnamon:

They all taste delicious, and now I have half a cake and 34 muffins in the house (we already tested 2, Mum and I), so I'll have to take a lot of them to school with me tomorrow or else we'll keel over from sugar shock. *g*
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Walnut muffins with apples and cranberries

(By the way, the sign under the platter says: NO! - Any further questions? I love it!)

150 grams of white flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
150 grams of brown sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder
150 grams of ground walnuts
150 grams of butter or margarine
1/4 l yogurt (natural flavour)
1 large apple, grated
100 grams of cranberries, dried

How to make it:
- smear baking forms with butter or margarine;
- pre-heat oven to 180°C;
- mix flour, ground walnuts, baking powder and cinnamon;
- stir eggs with brown sugar and soft butter until smooth;
- add yogurt, grated apples, dried cranberries and the dry ingredients and stir thoroughly;
- fill the forms to 2/3rds;
- bake the muffins for 20, minutes;
- decorate them with icing sugar or walnut pieces while still warm.

Good appetite!
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My colleague and her fiancé were very happy with her cake. I'm pleased. She's such a nice girl; surrounded by young people like her makes me feel as if I had children, after all. (And grandkids, where the students are concerned.) :)

Also, I was selected to do the baking with the kids at this year's "Rabbit Cup" again. I'm thinking of making carrot muffins; have already downloaded and printed out several recipes from the German website http://www.chefkoch.de, but I'd gladly accept more suggestions, should someone have a really good recipe.

However, I'll be baking with 12-16 kids between the ages of 13-15, so the recipes should be quick and easy. I chose carrot muffins because that way I can include more kids in the work - grating carrots and all that stuff - and a bored teenager is a dangerous teenager. *g*
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Free thought: Eat dessert first today. Your tastebuds will thank you.

I couldn't agree more. See my special cake & cookie board on Pinterest for inspiration. *g*
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So, I made a small chocolate cake for a colleague, who is a very nice young woman (half my age, actually), to celebrate the fact that she's successfully faced a complicated (work-related) situation. I hope she'll like it. As she's allergic to lactose, I had to make a cake that had no dairy products in it and still tastes good.

Here it is, waiting in its box to be taken to school tomorrow:

On a side note: where is everyone? Granted, I mostly keep this journal to follow the events of my own life - and those of my online friends - but where have said friends gone? In these days Linda is the only one still around. :(

Also, I began to post my Tolkien fic to AO3. Very few people over there seem to be interested in Tolkienfic anymore. And even those seem to be completely uninterested in the stories I personally think are my best ones. Like "The Face of the Enemy", "The Last Stand" or the Halabor-related ones. Are people only interested in formulaic fic in these days?

I find that the most grateful readers are still in the Torchwood fandom. Go figure. They even comment in every leap year, unlike the others.
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Saturdays are wonderful. On Saturdays I always try to do things I enjoy. So, today I did a bit of crafting and baking, took photos of the felt stuff I did in the second half of the week and watched crap telly. I even managed to wash my hair, after having it postponed since Tuesday - I kid you not!

So, here are the results:

I made another one of the lovely vintage eggs and tried a bunny egg with glitter-y flowers:

Tulip variations:

More tulips, plus a feeble attempt to make a felt egg decorated with acrylic stones:

And on the baking front: walnut muffins with apples and cranberries. Holler if you want the recipe, they are delicious:

As always, clicking on the image will enlarge it, so that you can see all the mistakes better. *g*
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In other words: Saturday, which is my favourite day of the week. As I work permanent 2nd shifts (save for Mondays and Thursdays when I work all day), when I get home on Friday afternoon I'm usually brain-dead. Then I sleep in on Saturdays and afterwards do things I enjoy.

Today, I did a bit of crafting, making a little cardboard bag in which I'm planning to give away some of the homemade Christmas candies - I still have about a ton of them and don't intend to eat them alone!

I also managed to finish a lengthy felt project: the faraway gifts for my eight-term-class, consisting of 27 individual felt owls. Actually, I've finished them earlier in the week but only came to taking a photo of them this way.

Pretty, aren't they?

In the afternoon, I felt so tired that I actually made a three-hour-nap! Then I watched some TV, and afterwards baked some cheesy buns, to Mum's delight.

Sundays I don't like this much. They always remind me that work restarts on the next day.
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I did promise a picture, didn't I? Below my Bourbon vanilla/pineapple cake. The icing didn't turn out the way I hoped it would, these cake melts were meant for microwave melting, but since I don't own a microwave oven, I melted them over hot water. The whole thing is definitely not smooth enough, and I should have made more icing, so that the sides of the cake could have been covered, too, but, well, that's how it turned out.

It's a small cake, only 20 cm in diameter, but it will be enough for the two of us and the occasional visitor.
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So, since this year I made so many Christmas candies - a lot of which I gave away to friends and colleagues - I decided not to bake industrial amounts of cookies for Christmas, just one very refined cake. A truffle cake, to be more accurate, which is a sponge cake, the flour in which is mostly replaced by ground almonds, and the creme is dark chocolate boiled in sweet cream and cooled in the fridge.

So far so good... )

Other than that, Mum and I spent about an hour wallowing in childhood memories after breakfast while binding pieces of thread on the Christmas candies, so that we can hang them onto the Christmas tree. This year's tree has the theme "paper" - everything on it will be self-made, of different sorts of paper. *is excited* I'll post a pic when it's done.

Unfortunately, a great part of Christmas tree decorating will fall to poor Mum, since I'm sick like a dog again and am not allowed to spend much time on the balcony that doesn't have any heating.


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