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Tried the recipe for the first time today. Aren't they yummy?

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And the icon I chose for this post will go a long way to tell you which one I hate most passionately.
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Quick, simply and delicious. Holler, if you want the recipe, and I'll post it.

EMV update

Jul. 23rd, 2017 07:21 pm
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Chapter 19 - Secrets, Insults and Lies has been posted to FF.Net and to AO3.
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This one is rather simple but made with very much love.

Other than that, I finished the first chapter of my new ST:TNG story and baked some of Mum's favourite cheesy buns. Yes, in this heat. Yes, I'm slightly insane. But at least we've got something out of my madness. *g*
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Wow, I don't post for a week or so, and then I got on the roll and can't stop!

Anyway, I've finished the baby journal for the lady who helps us clean the flat (she's younger than me, actually, but is becoming a grandmother in September), and thought I'd show you the result:

It will be a boy, or so they say, so I chose mostly blue. It's just the front cover, I still need to put in some titles in the inside, but that won't be particularly decorated, so I thought this would be enough to show.
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I know it's probably my fault that I just can't watch American sitcoms. Try as I may, I just don't find them funny at all. I don't know what kind of audience they are meant for, but I'm most certainly not part of that group. I find these shows stupid, infantile, boring, annoying, verbose, un-lifelike and their protagonists are people I would never want to even meet in my life.

Unfortunately, both Hungarian and German channels are flooded with this crap. Pro7, once a channel with sarcastic, self-produced programmes, currently runs Two And A Half Men (my personal pet hate), The Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother and at least half a dozen other shows of the same irk. Now, it is possible that I miss a gene that would make me endure them, but that doesn't play any role for the results.

Come to think, I don't find American comedy movies all that funny, either. In fact, I find them boring, annoying... see the list above. Or American romantic movies that are so kitchy that they make holes in my teeth. I used to like action films while they still had a plot and contained anything else but people being killed onscreen in the dozens. And sci-fi movies, when they still had more than just overblown special effects.

Thank God for the German channel tele5. It only runs advertising for the entire morning, but at least in the afternoon there are sci-fi re-runs: Star Trek, mostly, but also Stargate and Andromeda at times.

Sorry for the rant. If, unlike me, you do like American sitcoms and movies, more power to you. I just wish we had a little more alternatives to choose from.

EMV update

Jul. 19th, 2017 11:34 am
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Chapter 18 - Guess Who's Coming For Dinner has been posted to FF.Net and to AO3.

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Several of my colleagues and relatives are having birthdays in the next couple of months, so I thought I ought to start with the crafting in time. Paper work isn't as time-consuming as felt work, but there are more opportunities to screw up the project, so haste isn't a good thing.

I made the birthday journal for KA, a young colleague first, because I had a fairly good idea what I wanted to do. I made the journal using 6 double cards and 6 envelopes, and mostly decorated it with funny cards that I had bought in Austria, oh, some 25 or so years ago. Hence the recycling part.

So, let's take a look at the results. First, the front cover:

Then the back cover:

The cardboard paper came ready-made with the inscriptions; I thought they were very fitting for a young person's birthday.

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I never thought I'd be able to use these cards for anything all those years ago; I just bought them because they were so funny. I'm glad that I could put them to good use and cheer someone up.
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They'll be behind the tag because I don't want to spoil [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland's surprise - assuming that postal services manage not to lose hers. *g*

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Making cards is fun; also, quicker and easier than making full journals, although that's fun, too. See my little travelling journal for Mum:

I made it out of 8 envelopes and some paper rests from previous journals. The envelopes proved very handy, she put all the receipts we got for the things we bought during our holidays into them, assigning a different envelope to each day. *g*
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Or rather St Pölten, since we hopped over right after breakfast and spent a couple of hours there before changing trains for home.

It was a lovely day, albeit a bit windy, and we had a grand old time. Went a round with the sightseeing "express", found insanely funny presents for our friends and been to the MU ice cream shop, where you can put together your own ice cream creation. We had little mishaps, too, like Mum sliding from the seat at the Thalia bookshop and knocking over her coffee at Hager's (a shame for the excellent double espresso of which she couldn't save a drop), but fortunately, nothing really bad happened.

We're home now - thank God it was everything in the best order with the flat, too - content but deadly tired. It was a really nice trip, I can recommend Krems/Stein an der Donau to everyone interested in lovely town with medieval cores. And the people are extremely friendly and helpful, even by Austrian measures.

Our souvenirs, little gifts, etc.

Little details for those who understand German:

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The penultimate day of our holiday began with a pleasant surprise. I found a bus stop near our hotel, which means we won't have to waste any money on a taxi tomorrow. We just have to walk 20 metres or so and we'll be at the railway station with in 10 minutes.

Today, we took the bus to the local shopping centre, just because we were curious what it was like. We spent a couple of hours with window shopping; all we actually bought were some rolls for supper and a pair of hand towels.

Then we took the bus again and went back to the city centre and had lunch at the Nordsee restaurant. These are very nice little self-serving restaurants, selling all sorts of fish. After that, we paid another visit the lovely little vinegar, oil and spirits shop and left it with a small bottle of strawberry liquor.

No other plans for today. We'll pack our suitcase and rest. Tomorrow we'll start our journey home, with a stop in St Pölten. We love that town, and since we have to change trains there anyway, we're planning to spend there a few hours before going home for good.
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On rather Stein, that is, which is part of Krems nowadays but a great deal older. Lovely medieval buildigs overall - admittedly, many of them rebuilt several times during the last century or five - and gorgeous iced coffee to have, which is a blessing in this heat.

We visited the shop of the Bailoni apricot distillery and bought various sorts of apricot liquor (in tiny little flasks) and apricot-filled chocolate that might not survibe tha journey home in this heat. If it melts, then sadly, we'll have to make the ultimate sacrifice and eat it ourselves, instead of giving it away. Life is hard sometimes...

Right now, a storm is brewing, but I hope to manage another short trip to the city centre before it breaks out in earnest.
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lhun_dweller! I hope you and the Beloved are having a wonderful day!

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Today was the day of epic climbings - being a town with a medieval core, Krems has been built on a hill, or perhaps on several hills, I'm not really sure. Mum was very tough about it, actually tougher tha I expected. But we were fairly done in in the end, do we decided to have lunch in a local eatery and return to our hotel early.

Lunch was a bombastic affair, though. We had Marillenknödel, that is apricot rolls with apricot compot. This us the Wachau, after all, a true apricot region. The things were delicious, but came in fist-sized dimensions, so that we could barely stand up afterwards. The Austrians clearly don't believe in small portions. ;))

Now we are resting a bit, as we still have three days to master, and neither of us is getting any younger. But it was a great day nonetheless.
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Again, we had a lovely day. In the morning, we saw some sights, during which my szandált died on me. Fortunately, this is a country where the shoe industry takes people with swollen feet under consideration, so I actually found some lovely new ones on sale.

Around mid-day, we returned to the hotel, ate some soup and slept about three hours. After that, we went back to the shops, trying - and failing - to find little presents for Mum's oldest friend, had coffee in a street café and made an epic bus tour. Not quite as long as the one we made with [livejournal.com profile] artemis10002000 in Hamburg a few years ago, but it was a lot faster, with the bus going up and down steep, crooked little streets at a suicidal speed, so it was quite adventurous.

I took some photos, but I need to upload them to my laptop first, as it used my camera instead the tablet, so you'll have to wait for them a little longer.
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Well, the first day of our holidays is almost over. We had a pleasant enough journey, even though everyone seems to think that air conditioners should always run at the highest possible setting, only God knows why. We actually froze on the train!

Krems is a lovely Austrian town, our first impressions are very positive. Mum managed the day surprisingly well; I hope and pray that it will last she deserves some fun in her life. Tomorrow, we'll start to work ourselves through the sights, little baby step by littlw baby step. All in all, it promises to be a nice experience.
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I never in my life had a shoe addiction - unlike a great many women. Due to my unfortunate feet, finding shoes was always a trial. But today. Today I walked into a different shop of Deichmann's, still in search for shoes that would actually fit, and I found these beauties:

I was instantly in love, although I didn't dare to believe that they would fit. I gave them a try nonetheless - and they fit like a glove! That is the first time in 15 years that I would find something that would fit immediately, looked good, feminine even, and had a price that I could afford. (Although in my current state of despair I would pay just any price for comfortable shoes.)

I bought them immediately. I even bought some spray that would apparently help keep them clean and wouldn't allow water to destroy them. Well, I don't really believe that part, but I think such lovely shoes deserve a bit of extra care.
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In the morning Mum and I went to do some long overdue shopping; mostly groceries and cleaning stuff and so on. But at Deichmann's I got lucky: I finally found a pair of sandals/slippers/whatever that I can actually wear. Even if they are about 5 centimetres longer than my foot.

For those who don't know: I've got an inherited circulatory problem, meaning that I get swollen feet very easily, and having stood around on the school yard for the last decade didn't help. It doesn't hurt or anything, Granny lived 96 years with the same problem and it wasn't the thing that killed her, so I have hopes that it won't kill me, either. But finding shoes is a thing of near impossibility. When I'm extraordinary lucky, I might find shoes that are wide enough, but then they are several sizes larger than what I'd wear if my feet wouldn't swell up every day. At least these are fairly comfortable ones - meant for men, originally. Figures.

In any case, we went to one of the fancy cafés in the shopping centre to celebrate. Two Wiener Kapuziner cost almost 25% of what my new shoes did, but who cares? We decided that we deserve to pamper ourselves from time to time, since nobody else ever does.

Coming home, I finished Chapter 17 of Enterprise - The Maiden Voyage, and made decent headway into Chapter 18. Now if I only could bring up the strength tomorrow to type up the whole thing! *fingers crossed* I also continued putting up the previous chapters of the same story to AO3. Currently, I'm at Chapter 9. So far the interest is underwhelming. *sigh*

Afterwards, I tried out a new recipe. Behold my amazing cherry pie:

It isn't just pretty, it tasted fantastic, too. And it's very easy to make, except of getting out all the kernels or stones or whatever they're called in English of the cherries. In the end I looked like some mass murderer, with my hands dark red from cherry juice, up to the elbows. I still haven't managed to get it out from under my fingernails. *g*

And then I had some decent entertainment, watching the 5th episode of Star Trek Continues. If you're a fan of the one and only Original Series and haven't seen it yet, go and watch it! You'll be delighted.
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The card below isn't really a new one, I just never came around to take a photo of it. It's shaped as a traditional German Fachwerkhaus, and I made it because it seemed so insanely complicated that I wanted to prove that I can. As you can see, it turned out more than a little uneven, although the stupid photography makes it worse than it really is - the sides actually are parallel, I just couldn't find the right angle to take the photo.

Anyway, here it is:

About the pictures: the one in the middle is Mum as a child, the other two are me at 6 and at 4 years, respectively. Also not very good photos; I was a chubby kid, sure, but not that fat - there are other, better photos to prove it, they were just all too large for the card. *g*

And an enlarged version of the middle pic, just so that you can see what a cute kid Mum was:


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