May. 27th, 2017

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I seriously doubt that I'll ever be technically savvy enough for making a proper video, but I wanted to share the results, hence the pics. They aren't very good, as always; my iPad tends to push the colours into the blue-ish region, especially the white pages, they all appear in pale blue, but that can't be changed.

For those with a Pinterest account who prefer to browse on their own, I've created a brand new board, just for my journals over there. Unfortunately, you can't embed subfolders into those boards, so the uploaded pictures appear in a somewhat random manner, without proper order. So I'll make 3 different posts right after this one, one for each wedding journal, so that you can easier recognise what belongs where.

Stay tuned!
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This one is a bit hipster, for the youngest of the three brides, and made entirely of envelopes. I'll put the pictures under the tag - I can't stand it myself when my Friend's page is swamped with huge photos, making commenting or simply reading the messages a pain.

So, here is MG's hipster journal )

So, that was Journal #1. I'll post the rest when you had time to absorb this one. ;))
Tell me what you think!
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This one is more on the romantic side, made of envelopes and double cards.

ZE's romantic wedding journal )

That was it, folks. The third wedding journal - the vintage one - is coming up tomorrow.


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