May. 13th, 2017

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No, this has nothing to do with the similarly-named TV-series from the Stone Age, featuring Mark Lenard (which I, sadly, never saw and only read about it in the Star Trek novel titled "Ishmael"). It's about the wedding fever that's broken out at my school - namely, three young colleagues getting married during summer break.

So, first here is the front cover of the envelope journal I made for Gaby:

There will be more pics about the inside, perhaps even a video later (*crosses fingers*), I just wanted to show it off. It's a bit crooked and uneven, the poor thing, I still suck at using double-sided adhesive tape and other such stuff, but I'm quite happy with it.

Then I made plushies for the three brides. First the front view:

The back view is less spectacular, but there are a few lovely details, too, that would be a shame to miss:

The recipients are - from the left to the right - Edith, Alexandra and Gaby. I hope the girls are going to like the little felt dolls because I worked very hard on them. Considering that each one is small enough to fit into my palm, you can imagine the detail work they cost me. But again, no work of love is ever wasted, right? :)


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