Apr. 22nd, 2017

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I've started a short little side story to "An Excellent Mystery", in which Dr Sarah Sawyer (or rather her Victorian equivalent, who is the police pathologist in Birmingham, like Dr Ogden in "The Murdoch Mysteries") describes a certain aspect of her and Molly's trip to Paris in the company of Sherlock. She writes the story with "an illicit affair" (which is the story title) in a diary that's handed to her lady friend, Mrs Emily Holroyd, after her untimely death.

Now, by doing the background research on Victorian diaries for this story, I found this video on YouTube:

Which lead me to this other video, also on YouTube:

And now I feel the near unstoppable urge to make such a thing myself. As if I needed another craft to lose my heart to! As if I could get the right tools and materials! As if I could actually afford them, even if they were available! And yet I want to try my hand on it so much that it almost physically hurts! Yeah, I know, I'm a complete fool. A Depp, as the Germans would say.

But perhaps I can try to make the poor (wo)man's version of it, for the wedding of a beloved colleague. There is still time till July to hunt down ersatz material, eh?


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