Apr. 11th, 2017

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...watching Series 4 of Sherlock, that is. Granted, with Hungarian dubbing, which rarely helps, but still. At the behinning of The Six Thatchers there were a few scenes I actually liked (Sherlock and Mycroft snapping at each other, for one), although I found John's new hairdo horrible and Sherlock's deductions seemed closer to the ramblings of a mentally ill person than the brilliant thinking of the early seasons.

However, I draw the line when Sherlock went off investigating with Mary, leaving John be hint with the baby. I mean, WTF? Aside from the fact that Ms Abbington's acting fails to impress me - of course, playing such an idiotically written character must be a hard thing for an actress to do; she was magnitudes better in The Empty Hearse, when Mary still made sense - that was the moment when Sherlock stoppef to have anything to do with ACD's concept of a friendship based on mutual respect between Holmes and Watson. And don't tell me that the original Watson was merely a funny sidekick for comic relief. Because I read the original stories, nearly all of them, and I know he wasn't.

So, at that point I switched off my telly. And I don't intend to switch it on again when Ep 4.02 will be shown next week. From now on I'll stick to pre-series 3 fanfic - and AUs. Including my own ones.
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... I do have the shingles, after all. I'm officially on sick leave as from yesterday, and on the so-called good drugs. The rash emerged on Sunday morning (joy - NOT!), but it seems to be a somewhat milder case, fortunately. *touches wood* I still hurt all over, and it itches a bit, too, but I didn't have to take any painkillers so far. It is bearable.

I don't miss work, but I'm very sorry that I'm going to miss the Rabbit Cup tomorrow. I was sooo looking forward to bake all those carrot/zucchini muffins with the 7th and 8th term kids. :(


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