Mar. 27th, 2017

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In these days of very little feedback, I find it annoying like hell when people only read a story to find mistake - or what they believe is a mistake.

Just last night, someone left a comment for Random Fools, in which they told me, they believed that the surname of a completely insignificant one-time character was not what I wrote it was - that the word was merely a hint to some maneuver I never heard of.

Now, why is is that someone would read a 5-chapter-story - and the 9th part of a long series at that - and don't feel inclined to drop a single line of appreciation, but feel the necessity of correcting some possible mistake that they aren't even certain about, in what has been clearly labelled as an AU. Are people insane, totally self-absorbed and in need to show off, even if they make complete fools of themselves, or do they have way too much time on their hands?

I hoped I'd left that kind of behaviour behind me on FF.Net. Unfortunately, the idiots seem to be migrating to AO3 as well. A good thing that you can delete all kinds of comments on AO3; I don't feel like start an argument with someone on the review board. [/end rant]


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