Mar. 21st, 2017

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So... the thing is, that over here a woman can go into earlier retirement if she can prove she's worked 40 full years. For me, that would mean 2.5 years earlier than old age would allow. I got all the paperwork together for my service years in Hungary, and even the for the two years I worked in Germany. So far, so good.

I took the German paper to an official translating service - which is the only way they would be accepted - and paid an outrageous sum for the translating and validating of the three measly pages. Then I handed in all my papers to the department dealing with these things and waited. Again, so far, so good.

Last year, around the end of May, I got the official decree of my Hungarian service years and an informal piece of information that my two years in Germany will be accepted. I went to the customer's service and asked what am I supposed to do to get an official decree about that, because I won't be able to start the process of retirement without it. "Nothing", they said, "it will come automatically, just wait for it."

That was last June!

People in a similar situation told me that they complained and had been told that the department are overworked and we shouldn't expect anything before December. All right, I thought, let's wait until December. I waited. Nothing happened.

Of course, I couldn't go to them and turn over their frigging desks during winter break because I was sick like a dog for almost four weeks! The first such day when I wasn't working but they were was last Thursday. So Mum and I went to the department again, showed the paperwork and asked - very, very politely - what the problem was.

The lady behind the desk stared at her computer screen for about five minutes without saying a word. Then she told me: "I can recognize no reason why you haven't received the decree yet." Okay, I said, and now what? Naive soul as I am, I thought she would look up things and give a useful answer. Well, I was wrong. Instead, she asked me if I could come back on Monday. I told her no, I have to work on Mondays all day. (Some people actually have to work for their salary, right? Just not civil servants, obviously.)

So she gave me an appointment at Wednesday, 8.30 am. Which is tomorrow. Mum and I are going in again, and I hope that:
a) they will finally get their lazy rears in gear and frigging do something, because the retiring process lasts a year or so in itself, and
b) the bloody appointment won't take so long that I'd come late for work, as they couldn't call me back for last Friday, of course, when I didn't work and therefore would have the time to waste on them.

Back in the much-criticized previous regime people didn't have to do all this ridiculous running around to get their well-earned retirement. The department did the whole work automatically. Of course, that was before the time of computers and digital data processing that is supposed to make all this stuff simpler [/sarcasm]


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