Mar. 19th, 2017

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Finishing "Turn Left" apparently worked wonders for me. Yesterday I've managed to finish the long-ongoing latest chapter of "An Excellent Mystery", my Victorian Sherlock fic - even though it cost me a lot of research and I had to re-read certain parts of "The Count of Monte Cristo". In English. I last read that book in Hungarian translation some 40+ years ago. Heh.

Anyway, I needed Sherlock, Dr Sawyer and Molly to find Alice Spice and her partner-in-crime, Lord Adair, in Paris, and I thought that Auteuil would be just the right place for them to hide. I also introduced a French detective, Inspecteur Lescaut, modelled after a secondary character in the French police series "Julie Lescaut". Of course, in the 19th century there were no female detectives at the Sureté, so I had to take the husband instead of the wife, but, well, I hope it will work out.

I've also been watching "The Murdoch Mysteries", being on re-run in Hungarian TV, even though their methods are most likely not authentic. However, the atmosphere of the series is very helpful for this story. I hope that in two more chapters - three at the most - I'll be able to finish this sucker. If only I could make up my mind about what should happen to the guilty party...


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