Mar. 5th, 2017

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My goddaughter came to visit us today, with her mother and little Theo, for a belated Christmas/birthday party as we were all down with one temporary illness or other in the last two months or so.

It was very pleasant. Little Theo, roughly a year and a half old by now, was toddling around in the flat and we took turns running after him, as our home isn't really suited for babies - nothing particularly dangerous, just a lot of breakable things where small children can reach them.

I made the usual cheesy buns, only much smaller ones, and the yogurt/lemon cake that can be put together in no time. They brought me ribbon sets for my needlework and baking ingredients, so that was a success. We gave them chocolate, a tin of gingerbread that had a music... thingie in it, playing Holy Night (as I said, it was a belated Christmas party, too), which Theo absolutely loved (he danced around to the music, can you believe it?) and some money to buy him clothes and stuff. He grows so fast!

All in all, we had a grand old time. They are the only branch of the family we still have contact with, and I hope we'll continue to do so for a long time yet.


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