Feb. 19th, 2017

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So, I made a small chocolate cake for a colleague, who is a very nice young woman (half my age, actually), to celebrate the fact that she's successfully faced a complicated (work-related) situation. I hope she'll like it. As she's allergic to lactose, I had to make a cake that had no dairy products in it and still tastes good.

Here it is, waiting in its box to be taken to school tomorrow:

On a side note: where is everyone? Granted, I mostly keep this journal to follow the events of my own life - and those of my online friends - but where have said friends gone? In these days Linda is the only one still around. :(

Also, I began to post my Tolkien fic to AO3. Very few people over there seem to be interested in Tolkienfic anymore. And even those seem to be completely uninterested in the stories I personally think are my best ones. Like "The Face of the Enemy", "The Last Stand" or the Halabor-related ones. Are people only interested in formulaic fic in these days?

I find that the most grateful readers are still in the Torchwood fandom. Go figure. They even comment in every leap year, unlike the others.


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