Feb. 10th, 2017

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The original problem has improved very nicely. She is only mildly in pain - she says it isn't worse than it has been before the fall - and can get into bed and out of it on her own. She still uses the walking aid, just for safety reasons, though today she forgot about it and almost walked out of the kitchen without it. *g*

Tonight, however, her leg was alarmingly swollen and tight. Prone to panicking as I am, I was thinking the worst: thrombosis. Fortunately, only half an hour after going to bed, the swelling has gone down considerably. It's likely that sitting in that extra high armchair wasn't really good for her leg, so we're going to change it back to her usual chair with an extra pillow in it tomorrow.

It is really hard, not having a reliable doctor in the circles in which we move, whom we could ask in such moments. We both terribly miss our old family doctor who died a few years ago.


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