Jan. 29th, 2017

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Mum is turning 85 tomorrow - it's hard to believe how fast time flew by! Since she didn't want me to get her anything - she keeps saying one should take things out of our flat instead of getting more stuff in - I decided to treat her to a celebratory meal in "The Four Seasons", a really nice little restaurant nearby. We've been there previously, several times, and it's still as pleasurable as always.

We invited Auntie Clara, who isn't really a relative, but her best friend since 1965 and had a great time. The atmosphere of the place is nice, the food is great and the old ladies don't see each other often enough, as Auntie Clara lives in a different, fairly distant part of the city. They had a grand old time and so had I, actually.

Yesterday, after the big flat cleaning act, I baked cheesy buns and a delicious little cake: a sponge cake with almonds and chocolate shards in the dough, filled with a cream made of vanilla pudding, butter and cinnamon. Yum! We decided against putting 85 candles on it, though - the whole thing isn't bigger in diameter than 20 centimetres, so it would have been a hopeless undertaking. Mum was very happy with it nonetheless.


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